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 Little Rock Territorial covers before & after the Shield Minimize

Little Rock was established in 1820. The first Territorial capital was at Arkansas Post, but was moved to Little Rock in 1820. Little Rock soon became the main center of postal communication and for any period in the 19th century, there are more Little Rock covers extant than from any other post office.

This page presents covers mailed from Little Rock before September 1830 and after June 1832.  See the seperate page that contains the Little Rock Shield Townmark used during this 9-1830 to 6-1832 period. 

New Cover added: 2019-12-13 Little Rock to Cincinnati 1829-05-08

                                2020-12-11 Letter datelined Little Rock August 25, 1820 mailed at Jackson, Missouri Terr.

                               2021-01-13 Little Rock 1833-10-31 to Cosetot courtesy of Jeff Dunn

 Little Rock Covers 1820-1830. All are manuscript town marks & rates Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderPaid/DueRateDestinationCommentsCover Image
1820-05-02Due25Cochester, ConnecticutLetter headed Little Rock, posted at "Arkansa" (later Arkansas Post)Little Rock AT 1820-05-02 JMilgram Collection.jpg
1820-08-25Due25 then 12.5 for ForwardingAndover Maine then Forwarded to Salisbury, ConnecticutPostmarked from Jackson, Missouri Territory Sept 5, Letter datelined Little RockJackson, Missouri Territory Ltr datelined Little Rock 1820-08-25 SRumsey Sale 94 Lot654 20201218.jpg
1821-10-20Due25Trenton, New Jersey Little Rock AT 1821-10-20 RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1211.jpg
1823-08-03Due25Augusta, Georgia  
1824-07-20Due25Lincolnton, North Carolina Little Rock AT 1825-09-25 rfrajolasale42lot155.jpg
1824-08-07Due25New Hartford, New YorkManuscript Townname and rate. No AT or A.T. after Little RockLittle Rock 1824-08-07 HarmerShau 98 Lot1018.jpg
1824-10-21Free PostmasterFreeNewport Rhode IslandManuscript, no "A.T" or "Arks" after Little RockLittle Rock 1824-10-21 HarmerShau20130808_Lot1017.jpg
1824-11-20Due25St. Genevive, Missouri Little Rock 1824- 11-20 to Missouri GKramer Collection.jpg
1825-09-27Due25Lincolnton, North Carolina Little Rock AT 1825-09-27 rfrajolasale42lot155.jpg
1826-01-22Due25Pervis, IllinoisLittle Rock ArkLittle Rock Ark 1826-01-22 Ms 25 ms ebay 3-20-2010.jpg
1826-10-10Due50Lincolnton, North Carolina Little Rock 1826-10-10 to NCarolina GKramer Collection.jpg
1826-11-12Due12.5Batesville Little Rock AT 1826-11-12 dphillips_salenov1983_lot1110.jpg
1827-10-09Due50Lincolnton, North CarolinaRed ms Townmark and rate, Addressed to John HokeLittle Rock A.T. 1827-10-09 Red Ink to Hoke RSiegle 906 Lot 1306.jpg
1827-10-09Due50Lincolnton, North CarolinaRed townmark and rate. Addressed to John GiffordsLittle Rock A.T. 1827-10-09 Red Ink to Scifford ChristiesRLSale7124 Lot51.jpg
1827-10-28Free St. Genievive, MissouriPM Free Frank Magenta Ink ms townmarkLittle Rock AT 1827-10-28 rfrajola_sale26_lot1048.jpg
1827-11-04Free St. Genevive, MissouriPM Free Frank. Magenta ink ms townmark Little Rock AT 1827-11-4 rfrajola_sale33_lot78.jpg
1828-01-26Due25Cincinnatti, Ohio Little Rock 01-26-1828 to Ohio GKramer Collection.jpg
1828-04-19Due18.75St. Genevive, Missouri Little Rock AT 1828-04-19 robert_kaufmann_sale68_lot104.jpg
1828-09-26Due50Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Little Rock AT 1828-09-26 rfrajolasale42lot156.jpg
1829-04-07Due12.5Dwight Mission Arkansas Territoryms town name date & rate Ark Hist Comm Refeld Family Papers MS000419Little Rock AR 1829-04-07 AHC MS000419 Correp 1821-29.jpg
1829-05-08Due25Cincinnati, Ohioms Town, Date, 25Little Rock A.T. 1829-05-08 ms town date 25 to Ohio eBay20191213.jpg
182x-08-07due25New Hartford, New Yorknote on cover says 1834, but must be before Sept 1830 since all cover after have hand stamped town marksLittle Rock 182x-08-07 HarmerShau 98 Lot1018.jpg
182x-10-03 No Rate markedCantonmont Gibson, A.T.Likely before 1830, but year not knownLittle Rock AT 18XX-10-03 RSiegel_Sale_845_Lot_397.jpg
1830-02-11FREEFreeNewport Rhode IslandManuscript town and date, "Free" w PM nameLittle Rock A.T. 1830-02-11 PM Free to Newport RI eBay20181023.jpg
1830-05-20Due25 + 10 forwarding feeFarmington, Connecticut forwarded to Amherst MassachutesettsLast Reported Cover before Shield use Sept 1830Little Rock AT 1830-05-20 JMilgram Collection.jpg

 Little Rock Covers 1832-1836. All CDS. Arkansas became a state June 15, 1836. Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderPaid/DueRateDestinationCommentsCover Image
1832-07-26Due18.75St. Louis, MissouriFirst reported Circular CDS usage, first cover after ShieldLittle Rock ARKs 1832-07-26 BRoberts Collection.jpg
1832-08-16FreeFreeWashington City, D.C."via Memphis" to Acting Sec of War. May be the 8-19-1832 cover cited below for which no picture has bee seenLittle Rock ARKs 1832-08-16 BRoberts Coll..jpg
1832-08-19FREE Washington, DCFREE Handstamp 
1832-11-29FREE Gettysburg, PennsylvaniaSuperb Black CDS + FREE strikesLittle Rock ARKs 1832-11-29 DKelleher_Sale632_Lot12.jpg
1832-12-20FREE + 12.5 forwarding Not clearMailed to Springfiled, ?, forwarded to Harrisburg so Prob PennsylvaniaLittle Rock ARKs 1832-12-20 GManning 1981-11-12 Lot 1232.jpg
1832-12-20Due25Lincolnton, North Carolina Little Rock 1832-12-20 to NCarolina GKramer Collection.jpg
1833-02-21Due25Washington, DC  
1833-04-18Due25Martinsburg, VirginiaStrong Black CDS, ms rateLittle Rock ARKs 1833-04-18 to Martinsburg VA eBay 20130114.jpg
1833-06-06Due75New York, New YorkBold Black StrikeLittle Rock ARKs 1833-06-06 eBay 2012-07-29.jpg
1833-09-20Due25New York, New YorkPerfect Red CDS, fantastic strike!Little Rock ARKs 183x-09-20 Red CDS Siegel_906_Lot1309.jpg
1833-09-22Due25Virginia Little Rock ARKs 183x-09-22 rfrajola_sale33_lot79.jpg
1833-10-31(due)18.75Cosetot, Sevier Co. Arkansas TerritoryCDS (color unknown), date from interior of folded letter, Clark Family CorrespondenceLittle Rock ARKs 1833-10-31 Courtesy Jeff Dunn 20210113.jpeg
1833-12-20Due25Lincolnton, North CarolinaBold Black CDS, red ms 25Little Rock ARKs 1833-12-20 GKramer Coll.JPG
1834-02-10Due18.75St. Louis, MissouriSmeary CDS ms rateLittle Rock ARKs 183x-02-10 rfrajola_sale46_lot34.jpg
1834-02-17Due25Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaSmeary Black CDSLittle Rock ARKs 1834-02-17 robert_kaufmann_sale68_lot105.jpg
1834-05-30FreePM Free FrankWest Port, KentuckyFree manuscript, CDS half of "3" in "30" missingLittle Rock ARKs 1834-05-30 free frank ghendershott_sale25_lot80.jpg
1834-06-13Due$1.50Philadelphiams "1 oz 1/2" "$1.50". "Three Sheets"Little Rock 1834-06-13 to Pennsylvania GKramer Collection.jpg
1835-01-16FREE Washington, DC"On Service Free" ms, Military Contents 
1835-05-27Due25Covington, Tipton Co, ? Little Rock ARKs 1835-05-27 bball_sale34_lot13.jpg
1836-04-30FREE Washington, DC"On Service" ms, FREE HSP, from BrigGen ArbuckleLittle Rock Ar 1836-04-30 to Washington DC GKramer Collection.jpg