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The following is a compilation of references to Arkansas and Indian Territory Postal History as know to the web site author.

Auction Sales of Major Arkansas Postal History Collections
"The Judge Harry J. Lemley Collection"-John W. Kaufmann, Inc., Sale 38, October22, 1977.  Largest accumulation of Confederate military covers related to Arkansas and Indian Nations plus much other Arkansas PH, including reprints of articles from The Confederate Philatelist.

"US Postal History featuring Arkansas & Indian Territory and Arkansas in the Confederacy"-Robert Kaufmann Auction Galleries, Sale 71, December 10, 1990. Over 100 lots of Arkansas and Indian Territory.

"United States Postal History including the Chris Winter's Collection of Arkansas Postal History"-Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Sale 906, March 13, 2006.  Sale of Dr. Chris Winter's huge collection of Arkansas PH including many of the key items for major exhibits.

Cancellations and Postmarks
"19th Century United States Fancy Cancellations", Third Revised Edition, Herst, Herman, Jr. (Published by the Author, New York, 1963).

"20th Century United States Fancy Cancellations", Loso, Foster W. and deWindt, Heyliger (Published by the Authors, 1952).  Principly covers the thematic cancellations produced by stamp collectors and postmasters for use as registration cancellations between 1928 and 1936.  Arkansas has a relatively large number of these because many of the post office names lended themselves to this type of cancellation.

"United States Cancellations, 1845-1869", Skinner, Hubert and Eno, Amos.(Am.Philatelic Society & Louisiana Heritage Press, 1980).

Confederate Arkansas
"A List of Establishments, Discontinuances, and Changes in Name of the Post Offices in the Confederate States Since 1861"-Reproduction of a document in the National Archives (Confederate Stamp Alliance, 2002). Arkansas PO list pp 7-8. Lists 10 post offices established, 45 discontinued (including some in the Indian Nations) and 7 with name changes.

"Confederate Patriotic Covers and Their Usages", Wishnietsky, Benjamin (David Phillips Publishing Co.,1991). Arkansas Patriotics illustrated on pages 83,103 and 123.

"Confederate Postal System in the Indian Territory", Shirk, George H. The Chronicles of Oklahoma Vol XLI, #2, pp160-218 (1963).

"Confederate States of America Philatelic Subject Index and Bibliography, 1862-1984", Byne, Richard H.(Leonard H. Hartmann, 1986)
"Confederate States of America Philatelic Subject Index and Biblography, 1862-1999, Volume II", Byne, Richard H.(Leonard H. Hartmann, 2001).  These two volumes contain a hundred or more citations to published works about Confederate Arkansas.

"Confederate States of America Stampless Cover Catalog", First Edition, Wishnietsky, Benjamin, editor (David Phillips Publishing Co., 1980). Arkansas section pp19-21.

"Post Office Mail Sent Across the Lines at the Start of the American Civil War: May to July, 1861", Walske, Steven C. (Leonard H. Hartmann, 2003) p 14.  Illustrates and describes a cover from Washington, Ark to Connecticut sent May 23, 1861.

"Rugged and Sublime: The Civil War in Arkansas", Christ, Mark K., ed.(University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, Ark, 1994). Good summary of the battles, and living conditions including communications and economic problems in the state.

"The New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook",Skinner, Hubert, Gunter, Erin, and Sanders, Warren, eds.(Bogg & Lawrence Publishing, Florida, 1986). The last comprehensive catalog of all things Confederate, including Arkansas.

"The Postal Service of the Confederate States of America", Dietz, August, (original published in 1929, reprint by Kenneth R. Laurence publishing, 1989).

"The Trans-Mississippi Mails After The Fall of Vicksburg", Krieger, Richard. (The Philatelic Foundation, 1984). Lists the know Trans-Mississippi covers to and from all points including Arkansas.
Addendum to same, 1986.

"War Between The States: Autographs and Biographical Sketches", Hayes, Jim(Published by the Author, 1989).  Great place to look up names on covers.  There are also tracings of hundreds of signatures.

Doane Cancels
See Gary Anderson's Website at this link. ARKANSAS DOANE CANCELS

General History
"Hempstead's School History of ARKANSAS",Hempstead, Fay (F.F.Hansell & Bro., New Orleans,1889).  A good history close to the early years of the state that covers much in detail that later histories do not even include.

Post Office Lists and Locations
"From Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory of Arkansas Post Offices: 1832-1971", Baker, Russell P. (Arkansas Geneological Society, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1988).

"United States Post Offices, VolumeVII-The Lower Mississippi Valley", Helbock, Richard W. (La Posta Publications, Scappoose, Oregon, 2005).

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