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 1851-61 Inland Waterways covers to/from Arkansas Minimize
This page presents covers mailed to or from Arkansas between July 1, 1851 and May 6, 1861. This was the period when covers were more often mailed within the US postal system. The covers are often franked with postage stamps. There were still no railroads in Arkansas at the beginning of this period, and only one short stretch of line from Little Rock to Devall's Bluff at the end. So the rivers were still the main highways for moving freight, people and mail.

New Cover added 2014-12-25 Julia Dean to Searcy Arkansas on White River
                                 2023-08-08 Buffington to Pilot Hill Arkansas

 IW covers to/from Arkansas July 1851-May 1861 Minimize
 Boat NameSorted By Boat Name In Ascending OrderDateOrigin/DestinationRiver(s)CommentCover Image & Source
AH Sevier, US Mail Packet 1860-12-21Pine Bluff AR to PhiladelphiaArkansasEmbossed cc has the boat name, US 26 tied by Dbl Circl CDSA.H.Sevier US Mail Packet embossed cc Pine Bluff 1860-12-21 rfrajolasale44lo193t.jpg
Alice Vivian1859-09-XProbably New Orleans, Desitination Helena ArkansasMississippi"Bill of Bagging & Rope", ms "per Alice Vivian" on Nesbitt envelope1859 per Alice Vivian on cover to Helena BRoberts Collection.jpg
Buffington (probably Dr. Buffington)not ShownOrigin not known, mailled to Pilot Hill, ArkansasOuachitaStrip of 3x 1 cent perforated not cancelledBuffington ms on cover to Pilot Hill Ark 3x1c 1857 eBay20230808.jpg
Cora No 2, Steamer Champagnolle AR to Boston MassacusettsOuachitaOval Red hsp in upper left WAY 1 red hsp red NO CDS, black target ties US No 11(Champagnolle) to Boston Cora No 2 Way 1 NO CDS Boston Grid on No 11 TCrumbley_NetPrice_112510.jpg
Cora No 2, Steamer1852-03Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed oval in upper left corner, red WAY 6, red NO CDS ms "Cora 2"Cora 2 Steamer 1852-03 Camden to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot618.jpg
Cora No 2, Steamer1853-04Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaOval w Boat Name WAY 5 hsps, New Orleans CDS and ms "Paid 3"Steamer CORA No 2 Camden AR 1853-04 to NO SPB S-49 Lot1131.jpg
Dr. Buffington, Regular Ouachita Passenger Packet Steamer to Camden AROuachitaBold Blue Oval with boat name ties US 26 on yellow coverDr Buffington Regular Passenger Packet to Camden SRumsey_Sale26_Lot643.jpg
Emma Dean, Regular Packet to Van Buren ARArkansasBold Black circular hsp with Boat Name on stampless coverEmma Dean Regular Packet to Van BurenRfrajolaWebSite.jpg
HRW HIll, Memphis & NO Packet Steamer Napoleon AR to Memphis TNMississippiBlack Napoleon CDS ties US 11. Boat info in corner cardHRW Hill Memphis & NO Packet Steamer Napoleon AR rsiegel_sale_174_lot_482.jpg
HRW Hill, Nashville & NO Packet Steamer From Point Comfort ARArkansasOval hs with scroll work and boat name, Hsp STEAM and New Orleans CDSNashville & NO Packet H.R.Hill Point Comfort AR 1853-06 to Natchez SPB S-49 Lot1299.jpg
Ingomar, Steamer Mailed to Helena ArkansasMississippi"Sth Ingomar" manuscrip on Uncancelled Nesbit envelope1850s steamer Ingomar on cover to Helena BRoberts Collection.jpg
Ingomar, Steamer Probably New Orleans, to Helena ArkansasMississippims "Nebraska" scratched out and "Ingomar" written instead on Nesbitt envelopeSteamer Nebraska marked out Ingomar instead to Helena BRoberts Coll.jpg
John Simmons1858-11-XProbably New Orleans to Helena ArkansasMississippi"p Jno Simmons" manscript "Sale of 36 Bales Nov 58" ms on Nesbitt envelope1858 per John Simons on cover to Helena BRoberts Collection.jpg
Johnson & Peay's New Warf Boat Napoleon Ark.185x-02-xNew Albany IN/Napoleon ArkMississippiBold Black CDS on Nesbitt coverJohnson & Peays New Warf Boat Napoleon Ark 185x SRumseySale13 Lot260.jpg
Julia Dean, S.B. Memphis & White River Packet1854-05-01Unknown/Searcy ArkansasWhiteBeautiful Red strike Date from Interior AHC Wassell Family MS.000201Julia Dean, S.B. Memphis & White River Packet AHC Wassell Family MS.000201.jpg
Julia Roane, New Orleans and Arkansas River Packet1861-04-05New Orleans/Grand Lake Landing ArkansasMississippiIllustrated in The Confederate Philatelist 59 #4 Page 15Julia Roane NO & Arkansas River Packet JMilgarm Collection 20141201.jpg
Latona, Steamer1852-04-10Pine Bluff AR to New OrleansArkansas, MississippiRed rounded corner box with STEAMER LATONA partly covered by STEAM/5 in circle. New Orleans Red CDSSteamer Latona from Pine Bluf to NO 1852-04-10 eBay 20121119.jpg
Memphis & Napoleon River Mail185x-05-17Not Given/Blairsville South CarolinaMississippiBold huge CDS ties US #11Mempis & Napoleon River Mail 185x-05-17 MBennettSale206 Lot686.jpg
Memphis & Napoleon River Mail1857-11-11Helena Ark/Osceola ArkMississippiManuscript markings, pen cancelled untied US #26Memphis & Napoleon Riv Mail 1857-11-11 Helena to Osceola SRumseySale13 Lot223.jpg
Memphis & Napoleon River Mail185x-02-03Not Given/New Orleans LAMississippiBold Black CDS + PAID 3 in circleMemphis & Napoleon Riv Mail 185x-02-03 SRumseySale13 Lot224.jpg
Moro, New Orleans & Camden Packet1859to Camden AROuachitaLarge well struck Oval Hsp with boat name on cover with uncancelled US 26Moro NO & Camden Packet to Camden 1859 SRumsey_Sale26_Lot736.jpg
New World, Ouachita Packet1851-03Champagnolle AR to New York City NYOuachitaOval hsp with boat name plus WAY 11 Cents and New Orleans CDSNew World Ouachita Packet 1851 Champagnolle to NY rfrajolasale39lot460.jpg
New World, Ouachita Packet1851Holly Springs Ark/New Orleans LAOuachitaWay/11/Cents centered on envelope, Large Packet OvalOuachita Packet New World 1851 Holly Springs AR to NO SPB Sale4090 Lot306.jpg
Niagara185xNot Known/Helena ArkansasMississippiManuscript "Niagara" on Nesbit envelope1850s Niagra on cover to Helena BRoberts Collection.jpg
Peerless, Steamer1860-01-09Camden to New OrleansOuachitaBlack Dbl Circle enclosed boat name and ties US No 26Peerles Steamer 1860-01-09 from Camden RfrajolaWebSit.jpg
Simmons1860-61Probably New OrleansMississippiManuscript "Simmons" Manuscript "12 lbs Molassas, Star Die obliterated, poss Confederate1860-1 Simmons on 3c star die to Helena BRoberts Collection 20181226.jpg
Storm, Steamer1853Camden Ark/New Orleans LAOuachitams Paid 3, Hsp WAY and 5Steamer Storm 1853 Camden to New Orleans ms Paid 3 Hsp WAY +5 DKelleherSale659Lot1227.jpg
TA Kendig Warf Boat Napoleon AR to Chicago ILArkansas, MississippiBold Blue Oval with FORWARDED BY T.A.KENDIG & Co. From their MAMMOTH WHARF BOAT Napoleon ARKS."Napoleon AR 185x-05-12 TA Kennedy Warf Boad JMilgram Collection 2012-06-04.jpg