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19th Century > State 1865-1899 > Columbian-Trans-Mississippi Usages
 Uses of the Columbian and Trans-Mississippi Commememoratives in Arkansas Minimize
In the 1890's two great American Commemorative sets were issued.  In 1893 the Columbian Exposition was celebrated, and in 1898 the Trans-Mississippi Exposition was celebrated.  As with many issues, the number of usages of these stamps in the Arkansas postal system is quite small, compared to usages in the more populous portion of the US.

Shown below are the covers I have seen over nearly 48 years of looking for Arkansas Postal History.  Only the 2 cent Columbian issue can be considered "common" on Arkansas mail.

Often the higher values were used to pay the Registration Rate.  On July 1, 1875 the registration rate was set at 10 cents.  On January 1, 1893 the rate was reduced to 8 cents, and remained so until 1909.  So a 10 cent Columbian( or 2x 5 cent) could pay the combination of the registry fee and the 1st class rate for 1.0 oz.  The 8 cent Columbian ( or 2 x 4 cents) could pay the registry fee.

No Columbian value higher than 10 cents has been seen on Arkansas mail.

 1893-The Columbian Exposition Issue Minimize
 Columbian Value UsedSorted By Columbian Value Used In Ascending OrderOrigin Post OfficeDate MailedDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1 centHamburg, Arkansas1894-03-03Memphis, Tennessee1 cent Columbian on first class letter, "Due 1 Cent" msHamburg AR 1894-03-03 1c Columbian to Memphis eBay20151104.jpg
1 centLittle Rock, Arkansas189x-04-04Little Rock, Arkansas1 cent Columbian pays drop letter rateLittle Rock AR 189x-04-01 1c Columbian on drop letter eBay20170702.jpg
1 centParis, ArkansasNot ClearMaryville, Tennessee1 cent Columbain + 1 cent Small Bank Note pay 1st class rateParis 1c Col plus 1c SBN on cover to Magazine Ark ebay 3-2-11.jpg
1 cent + 1 centUnknown, Arkansas1894-x-xSan Francisco, CaliforniaPair of 1 cent Columbians pays 1st class1cent pair unknown AR 1894 to San Francisco eBay20130525.jpg
1 cent + 1 centColt, Arkansas1894-x-07Knoxville, TennesseePair of 1 cent Columbians pays 1st classColt AR 1894-X-07 pair of 1c Columbian eBay20160708.jpg
1 cent + 1 centMarble, Arkansas1893-05-06Silica, MissouriPair of 1 cent Columbians pays 1st classMarble AR 1893-05-06 1 cent pair ebay 2-21-10.jpg
1 cent + 1 cent Columbian envelopeArkadelphia, ArkansasNot ClearSt Louis, Missouri1 cent Columbian uprates 1 cent Columbian envelope to first class rateArkadelphia AR 1893-11-18 1c Col 1c Env BRob Coll.jpg
1 cent + 1 cent Columbian envelopeHamburg, Arkansas1893-10-02St Louis, Missouri1 cent Columbian uprates 1 cent Columbian envelope to first class rateHamburg AR 1893-10-02 1c Columbian on 1c Colubian envelope to St Louis eBay20160827.jpg
1 cent + 1 cent Columbian envelopePine Bluff, Arkansas1894-11-28San Francisco, California1 cent Columbian uprates 1 cent Columbian envelope to first class ratePine Bluff AR 1894-11-28 1c Col on 1c envel eBay20190115.jpg
1 cent + 2 CentHelena, Arkansas1894-07-31London, England1c + 2c Columbians uprate 2c embossed envelope to UPU rate to England, Law office handstampHelena AR 1894-07-31 1c + 2c Columbian to London eBay20170304.jpg
1 cent + 2 CentOzark, Arkansas1894-02-16London, England1c + 2c Columbians uprate 2c embossed envelope to UPU rate to EnglandOzark 1894 to England.jpeg
10 centStuttgart, Arkansas1894-03-01Memphis, Tennessee10 cent Columbian pays 8 cent registry plus 2 cents 1st ClassStuttgart AR 1894-03-01 10c Col Registered BRob Coll.jpg
10 cent + 10 cent Special DeliveryChicago, Illinois1893-04-29Greenfield, Arkansas10 cent Columbian pays registry fee, 10 Special Delivery added and cancelled in GreenfieldGreenfield AR 193-05-10 incoming reg mail 10c Colum eBay20190126.jpg
10 cent + 2 centBeulah, Arkansas1894-03-14St Louis, Missouri10 cent Columbian pays registry fee, with 2 cent paying 1st classBeaulah AR 1894-03-16 10c+2c Col Reg No 12 eBay20151007.jpg
10 cent + 2 cent Columbian embossed envelopeSaint Vincent, Arkansas1893-11-03St Louis, Missouri10 cent Columbian pays registry fee, with 2 cent embossed envelope paying 1st classSaint Vincent AR 1893-11-03 10c Columbian Registered eBay20130511.jpg
10 cent + 2 cent Columbian embossed envelopeWoodlawn, Arkansas189xLouisville, Kentucky10 cent Columbian pays registry fee, with 2 cent embossed envelope paying 1st classWoodlawn AR 189x 10c Columbian on Registered Cover Reg No 3 eBay20170702.jpg
10 cent + 4 cent BanknoteSilver City, Arkansas1893-09-11Not shown10 cent Columbian plus 4 cent Carmine Banknote, registration plus 1 oz letter rateSilver City AR 1893-09-11 10c Columbian 4c carmine bball_sale438_lot174.pdf
2 CentAustin, ArkansasNot ClearMemphis, TennesseeCC for "T.J. Young/Groceries, Hardware and Queensware/Austin-Ark"Austin AR 1890s 2c Columbian Hardware ad eBay20131221.JPG
2 CentAustin, ArkansasNot ClearMemphis. TennesseeCC for "Dr. John T. Harston/Praticianer/and dealer in/Drugs, Medicines, etc./Austin, Ark"Austin AR 1890s 2c Columbian Medical Ad eBay20181129.jpg
2 CentBeeBe, Arkansas1894-04-xHuntington, IndianaCC for "J.K. Pickering/Attorney-at-law/Beebe - Ark"Beebe AR 1894-04-12 2c Col to Indiana eBay20221108.jpg
2 CentCabot, Arkansas1894-05-02Memphis, TennesseeCC for "Memphis Pharmacal Co./No. 345 2nd Street/Memphis, TennCabot AR 1894-05-02 2c Columbian on Ad cover to Memphis TN eBay20180216.jpg
2 CentCairo & Texark. RPO1894-05-xMemphis, TennesseeCC for "Edwin Pettit, Attn'y at Law/And Notary Public/Stuttgart, - Arkansas"Cairo & Texark. RPO 1894 2c Columbian eBay20131119.JPG
2 CentCamden, Arkansas189x-02-01Maysville, South CarolinaCC for "M'Gill and Carr/Grocers/Camden, Ark"Camden AR 189x-02-01 2 cent Columbian CC McGill & Carter Grocers ebay 5-3-09.jpg
2 CentCherry Valley, Arkansas1893-03-xMemphis, TennesseeCC for "C.P.Jones/PHYSICIAN and DRUGGIST/Cherry Valley, Ark."Cherry Valley AR 1894 2c Columbian eBay20131119.JPG
2 CentDes Arc, Arkansas1894-03-12Memphis, TennesseeCC for "EMMET VAUGHAN/Clerk of Prairie County/Des Arc, Arkansas"Des Arc AR 1894-03-12 2c Columbian Fancy Star Clerk of Prairie County cc eBay20151020.jpg
2 CentDes Arc, Arkansas1893-04-17Wilmore, Kentucky2 Cent pays 1st ClassDes Arc AR 1898-04-17 2c Columbian eBay20150714.JPG
2 CentEureka Springs, Arkansas1894-03-xEdwardsville, IllinoisCC for "Cresent Hotel/Eureka Springs/Arkansas"Eureka Springs AR 1894-03-25 2c Columbian Cresent Hotel ad.jpg
2 CentFort Smith, Arkansas1893-09-29Berlin, Germany2 Cent Columbian combined with 2c embossed envelope, 1 cent and 5 cent small banknotes pay 10 cent dbll rate to GermanyFort Smith 9-29-1892 2c Columbian + others to Germany ebay 3-20-10.jpg
2 CentConway, Arkansas1894-03-07Chattanooga, TennesseeCC for "Pence & Slade/Undertakers/and dealers in/Chamber Suits, Beadsteads, Sash Doors, and Blinds/Conway, Ark.Conway AR 1894-03-07 2c Col BRob Coll.jpg
2 CentGillette, Arkansas1894-03-05Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st ClassGillett AR 1984-03-05 2c Columbian to Memphis TN eBay20151114.jpg
2 CentHelena, Arkansas1894-07-11Memphis, TennesseeCC for "Dr. M.B.Corrigam/Dealer in/Drugs Druggist Sundries/and Toilet Articles/Prescriptions Carefully Compounded/Helena, Ark."Helena AR 1894-07-11 2c Columbian on Druggist ad eBay20200628.jpg
2 centHot Springs, Arkansas1893-02-22Hot Springs, Arkansas then Forwarded to New Orleans, Lousiana2 Cent pays 1st ClassHot Springs AR 1893-02-22 forwarder on 2c Columbian eBay20130801.JPG
2 centJonesboro, Arkansas1894-05-03Memphis, TennesseeCC for "Brown & Lamb/Attorney's At Law/Jonesboro, Ark.Jonesboro AR 1894-05-03 2c Columbian eBay20151114.jpg
2 centJonesboro, Arkansas1894-05-06Memphis, TennesseeCC for "Brown & Lamb/Attorney's At Law/Jonesboro, Ark.", Typewritten addressJonesboro AR 1894-05-06 2c Columbian eBay20151020.jpg
2 centJonesboro, Arkansas1894-06-13Memphis, TennesseeCC for "J.H. Snyder's Bitters/No Cure, No Pay/We Mean What We Say/J.H.Snyder Med. Co. Proprietors/Jonesboro, Ark.Jonesboro AR 1894-06-13 Snyders Bitters ad 2c Col eBay 11-19-11.jpg
2 CentLaconia, Arkansas1894-04-04Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class, CC For "W.P.Smith/Laconia, Ark" "Use Plantation Chill Cure/Price 50c per bottle/If it doesn't cure your chills we will/REFUND YOUR MONEY"Laconia AR 1894-04-04 Plantation Pills eBay 2012-9-20.jpg
2 CentLittle Rock, Arkansas189x-03-19Boston, Massachusetts2 Cent pays 1st Class on Life Insurance return envelopeLittle Rock AR 189x-03-19 2c Col to Mass eBay20191017.jpg
2 CentMarianna, Arkansas1894-04-18Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class CC for "Thomas & Turner/Druggist/Marianna, Ark,/PLANTATION CHILL CURE/Sold, Urged and Guaranteed"Marianna AR 1894-04-18 2c Col Drug Ad BRob Coll.jpg
2 CentMarked Tree, Arkansas1893-04-15Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st ClassMarked Tree AR 1895-04-15 2c Columbian eBay20140128.JPG
2 centMarvell, Arkansas1894-03-20Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st ClassMarvell AR 1894-03-20 2c Columbian eBay20151020.jpg
2 centMonet & Paris RPO1894-07-24Carthage, Missouri2 Cent pays 1st Class on illustrated ad cover, "Archais Seed Store/SEEDS, PLANTS, BULBS and/Garden Supplies/L.E.Arachitas & Bro./Fayetteville, ARKANSASMonet & Paris RPO 1894-07-02 Fayetteville Garden store ad.jpg
2 CentMonticello, Arkansas1894-05-25Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class, CC for "Plantation Pharmacal Co./No. 345 Second Street/Memphis, Tenn"Monticello AR 1894-05-25 2c Columbian on memphis ad cc eBay20130620.jpg
2 centMonticello, Arkansas1894-06-14Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class CC for "Harper & Wilson/Dealers in General Merchandise"Paragould AR 1894-x-x All over ad with 2c Columbian eBay20150919.JPG
2 centNewport & Cushman RPO1894-07-20Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class, CC for "Eugene R. Goodwin/DRUGGIST/Batesville--ArkansasNewport &Cushman RPO 1894-x-20 2c Columbian eBay20131119.JPG
2 centOseola, Arkansas1894-03-06Memphis. Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st ClassOsceola AR 1894-03-06 2c Columbian eBay20151020.jpg
2 centParagould, Arkansas1894-07-26Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class, CC for "Bandy &Taylor"/Attorneys-at-Law/Paragould, ArkansasParagould AR 1894-07-26 2c Columbian eBay20151020.jpg
2 centParagould, Arkansas1894-x-xLowell, Massachutsetts2 Cent pays 1st Class, ad covers half of coverParagould AR 1894-x-x All over ad with 2c Columbian eBay20150919.JPG
2 centParis, Arkansas1893-09-25Magazine, Arkansas2 Cent pays 1st ClassParis 9-25-92 2c Col to Magazine ebay 3-1-11.jpg
2 centParkdale, Arkansas1893-12-30New Haven, Connecticut2 Cent pays 1st Class, Straight Line Town Name and DateParkdale AR 1893-12-30 straight line Attrny ad eBay20210223.jpg
2 centPerryville, Arkansas1893-11-25New Haven, Connecticut2 Cent pays 1st Class, CC for "J.A.McBath/Drugs and Groceries/Perryville, Ark."Perryville AR 1893-11-25 Grocery Ad to Conn eBay20200518.jpg
2 centPine Bluff, Arkansas1894-02-24New York, New York2 Cent pays 1st Class, CC for "Johnson & Roberts/Real Estate Brokers and Rental Agents/Rooms 4 & 5 over M. and P. Bank/Pine Bluff, Arkansas"Pine Bluff AR 1894-02-24 2c Col Real Estate ad BRob Coll.jpg
2 centRavenden Springs, Arkansas1894-03-02Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class CC for "Wm. T. FRY/General Merchant/Ravenden Springs, Ark."Ravenden Springs AR 1894-03-02 2c Col eBay20131119.JPG
2 centTurner, Arkansas1894-03-16Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class CC for "J.C.R. Davis/General Mechandise/Rose Bud, Ark."Rosebud AR 1894-03-15 2c Col eBay20131119.JPG
2 centSearcy, Arkansas1894-03-22Little Rock, Arkansas2 Cent pays 1st Class CC for "J.J. Crow/Searcy, Ark./Special Agent Mutual Life Insurance Co.,/of New York"Searcy 3-24-1894 2c Columbian on Life Insurance CC eBay 8-25-11.jpg
2 centSearcy, Arkansas1894-05-02Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class CC for "J.A. SNIPES & CO./Searcy , Ark."Searcy AR 1894-05-02 JA Snipes Co eBay20160125.jpg
2 centSpielerville, Arkansas1894-04-26Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class CC for "L.C.Spieler/Dealer in/General Merchandise/Drugs, Groceries and Hardware/Spielerville, Arkansas"Spielerville AR 1894-04-26 2c Columbian eBay21051020.jpg
2 centUnknown, Arkansas1894-x-20Lynchburg, Virginia2 Cent pays 1st ClassUnknown AR 1894-x-20 to Lynchburg VA eBay20150701.JPG
2 centVan Buren, Arkansas1894-06-28Detroit, Michigan2 Cent pays 1st Class, Pictoral Ad "Shibley and Wood/Grocery CompanyWholesale Grocers/and/Commision Merchants/Van Buren, Ark."Van Buren 1894-06-28 2c Columbian w drugist cachet ad eBay 2012-01-15.jpg
2 centWashington, Arkansas1894-03-29Hope, Arkansas2 Cent pays 1st ClassWashington AR 1894-01-29 2c Columbian eBay20181129.jpg
2 centWashington, Arkansas1894-03-31Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st ClassWashington AR 1894-03-31 2c Columbian eBay20131119.JPG
2 centVanndale1893-05-23Minneapolis, MinnesotaCC for "D.C. Cole & Co./Hardwood Lumber.Vanndale AR 1893-05-23 2c Columbian cc Lumber Co eBay20230113.jpg
2 CentRoland Arkansas1893-07-15Little Rock, ArkansasBlack CDS, stamp cancelled with corkRoland AR 2c Columbian 1893-07-15 eBay20230212.jpg
2 centRoland Arkansas1893-07-25Little Rock, ArkansasBlack CDS, stamp cancelled with corkRoland AR 2c Columbian 1893-07-25 eBay20230212.jpg
2 centOzark1894-04-22Memphis, Tennessee2 Cent pays 1st Class ad, for Pharmacal company in MemphisOzark AR 1894-04-22 Pharmaceutical ad eBay20230502.jpg
2 CentDes Arc, Arkansas1894-04-03Memphis, Tennessee2c Columbian pays 1st class-cc on envelope from merchant in Hickory Plains ArkDes Arc AR 1894-04-03 2c Colum with ad eBay20230509.jpg
2 centMarvell, Arkansas1894-03-04Knoxville, TennesseeLegal Size envelope, cross hatched cancelMarvell, AR 1894-03-04 Broberts Coll.jpeg
2 centNewport, Arkansas1894-03-08Knoxville, Tennessee2c Columbian pays 1st Class on Legal Size envelopeNewport AR 1894-03-08 BRoberts Coll.jpeg
2 centSmithville, Arkansas1894-03-07Knoxville, Tennessee2c Columbian pays 1st Class on Legal Size envelopeSmithville AR 1894-03-07 BRoberts Coll.jpeg
2 centRocky Comfort1893-08-xEvansville, IndianaOctagonal PostMark ties 2c Columbian, pictorial ad for Merchant in Rocky ComfortRocky Comfort AR 1893-08-x Octagonal PM on 2c Columbian eBay20240209.jpg
2 cent + 2 centFort Smith, Arkansas1893-03-03Leipzig, GermanyPair of 2 cent Columbians plus 1c small banknot pay UPU rate to Germany CC shows PianoFort Smith AR 1895-03-03 Pair 2c Col plus 1c SB to Germany Piano ad Don Tocer 20130510.jpg
2 cent + 2 centHope, Arkansas1893-09-25Lausamme, SwitzerlandTwo 2 cent Columbian uprate a One cent embossed Wrapper to UPU rate to SwitzerlandHope AR 1893-09-25 pair of 2c Columbians uprating 1c wrapper to Switerland eBay20161028.jpg
4 cent + 4 cent on 2c embossed envelopeWilton, Arkansas1893Knoxville, TennesseeTwo 4 cent Columbians pay the registry fee on a 2c embossed envelopeWilton AR 1893 4 cent Columbian x2 registered cover.jpg
5 CentArkadelphia, Arkansas1894-08-xShanghi, ChinaSingle 5 cent pays UPU rate to ChinaArkadelphia AR 1894-08-11 5 cent Columbian to China.jpg
5 CentLittle Rock, Arkansas1895-09-09France via England5 cent Columbian + 4 x 2c Bureaus pay 15 cent registry fee to FranceLittle Rock 5 cent Columbian + 4x2c Buearu to France via England.jpeg
5 Cent + 5 centClifton, Arkansas1895-04-05Floral Park, New YorkPair of 5 cent Columbians pays registry feeClifton AR 1895-04-15 Pair of 5c Columbians on Reg No 14 to New York eBay20160904.jpg
5 cent + 5 cent + 2 centBig Flat, Arkansas1893-06-20St Louis, MissouriPair of 5 cent Columbians pays registry fee, CC for "A.N.Davies & Co./Dealers in/General Merchandise/Big Flat, Ark."Big Flat 6-20-1893 2x5c+2c Registered JWright_netprice_4-13-1993.jpg
5 cent +2 Cent +2 CentMarvell, Arkansas1893-06-28Germany5 cent Columbian, pair of 2 cent Columbians uprate 2c embossed envelope to 10 cent 2xUPU rateMarvell 6-26-1893 Mute Precancels on 2c +5c Columbians ebay 11-13-10.jpg
6 cent + 6 centBaker, Arkansas1894-03-01St Louis, MissouriPair of 6 cent Columbians pays 2 cents 1st class plus 10c registryBarker 3-1-94 pair of 6c ebay 7-19-08.jpg
8 CentBald Knob, Arkansas1894-05-19St Louis, Missouri8 cent on 2 cent Columbian envelope pays registry feeBald Knob 1894-05-10 8c Columbian LHarris Stock 20130914.jpg
8 CentGid, Arkansas1893-01-06St Louis, Missouri8 cent on 2 cent envelope pays registry feeGid AR 1893-01-06 8c Columbian Registered eBay20201012.jpg
8 CentSt Louis, Missouri1895-07-18Hot Springs, Arkansas, then forwarded to Nashville, TNRegistered in St Louis with 10 cent small Banknote on 2c embossed envelope, registered again in Hot Springs using 8 cent ColumbianSt Louis MO 1895-07-13 to Hot Springs AR forwarded to Nashville TN 8c Columbian eBay20151202.jpg

 1898 Trans-Mississippii Exposition Issue Minimize
 Transmississippi value on coverSorted By Transmississippi value on cover In Ascending OrderOriginating Post OfficeDate mailedDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1 cent TMEureka Springs, Arkansas1898-09-30Farmington, Missouri1 cent TM pays unsealed circular rateEureka Springs AR 1898-09-30 1c TM unsealed rate BRob Coll.jpg
1 cent TM + 1 cent embossed envelopeDewitt, Arkansas1898-10-xChicago, Illinois1 cent TM uprates 1 cent embossed envelope to pay 0.5 0z 1st class rateDeWitt AR 1898 1c Transmis uprating 1c envelope to Chicago JForte Stock 20161230.jpg
2 centsGarnett, Arkansas1899-01-21Harrisville, Missouri2 cent TM pays first class rateGarnett 1-21-1899 2c Transmiss ebay 3-11-11.jpg
2 centsHeth, Arkansas1898-11-29Greenfield, Indiana2 cent TM pays first class rateHeth AR 1898-11-29 2c Transm BRob Coll.jpg
2 centsLittle Rock, Arkansas1898-11-09Pasadena, California2 cent TM pays first class rate, Little Rock Flag CancelLittle Rock AR 1898-11-09 Flag cancel on 2c Trans Miss eBay20220313.jpg
2 centsMemphis & Little Rock RPO1898-10-17Richmond, Virginia2 cent TM pays first class rate, CC for "Belser Hotel/Forrest City-Arkansas"Memphis & Little Rock RPO 1898-10-17 2c Transmiss Forrest City hotel ad eBay20150405.JPG
2 centsSiloam Springs, Arkansas1898-08-18Audilusia, Illinois2 cent TM pays first class rate on Spanish American War Patriotic coverSiloam Springs 2c 8-8-1898 SpAm war patriotic Amberman_NetPrice_Dec1996.jpg
2 centsTraskwood, Arkansas1898-12-19New York, New York2 cent TM pays first class rate CC for "T.WINTERS/General Merchandise/Traskwood, Ark."Traskwood AR 1898-12-19 2c TM on Gen Merchant cc eBay20161117.jpg
4 cent + 2 centLittle Rock, Arkansas1898-12-07Saxony, Germany4 cent and 2 cent transmiss with 2x 6 c #282 registered cover to SaxonyLittle Rock 1898-12-07 Registered #287+#286 to Saxony Germany.jpeg
5 centSearcy, Arkansas1898-10-17Dresden, GermanyBlack CDS ties 5 cent transmis paying UPU rate to GermanySearcy 1898 to Dresden Germany 5c Transmiss pays UPU rate.jpeg
8 cent + 2 cent embossed envelopeLagrange, Arkansas1900-07-10Louisville, Kentucky8 cent TM pays registry rate, 2 cent embossed envelope pays 1st class rateLaGrange AR 1900-07-10 8c TM Registered BRob Coll.jpg
8 cent + 2 x 2 cent TMBarling, Arkansas1899-01-20St Louis, Missouri8 cent TM pays registry rate, 2 x 2c TM pays 1 oz 1st classBarling 1-20-1899 two 2c plus 8c transmiss.jpg
8 cent TM + 2x 2 cent Buerau issuesCorinth, Arkansas1900-10-05Concord Junction, Massachutesetts8 cent TM pays registry rate, 2 x 2c buearu's pay 2 oz first classCorinth, AR 1900-10-06 8c TransM Reg#3 to Mass eBay20210413.jpg