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 US 1857 Adhesive Uses Minimize

In 1857 the US began issuing perforated stamps.  Initially the same designs and denominations that had appeared in 1851 in imperforate form made up the new issue.  However, with changes in rates and the need for higher values, this issue added a 24 cent, 30 cent and 90 cent issue.  The Scott catalog numbers included in this page listing are #24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 28A 29, 30, 30A, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,38, and 39.  Many of these stamps have never been reported used from Arkansas.

Note, most auction catalog images are too small or blurry to make distinctions between Scott #26 and Scott #26a possible.  So all references to Scott #26 cover both these issues.

With only 4 year's use available before Arkansas seceded from the Union, the number of these covers extant is not large, and they are considered scarce with any stamp other than the 3 cent values.

New Cover image added 2019-08-23. Batesville to New York, second in correspondence.

2020-10-06 Arkadelphia to Little Rock, South Carolina

2019-11-20 Grand Lake to New Orleans

2020-01-04 Little Rock to New Orleans

2020-06-28 Oakland Grove to Denmark TN 185x-02-06

2021-12-07 Little Rock to Lewisburg AR 185x-10-x

2022-03-23 Little Rock to Hartford, CN 1860-07-15

2023-01-28 La Grange to Ohio with #26 imperf vertically

2024-07-06 Selma to Pickensville, Alabama. If 1861, to Confederate Alabama

 1c Franklin (Scott #18-24) Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseScott #(s) on CoverDestinationCommentCover Image & Source
Arkadelphia185x-04-18#24 strip of 3 to make single letter rateLaFayette, GeorgiaBlack CDS ties strip to yellow coverArkadelphia April 15 185x Strip of 3 1 cent BRoberts Collection.jpg
Bentonville9-x-185x24Edgartown(?), MississippiBlack CDS ties #24, "1 paper" in manuscriptBentonville single 24 on wrapper Nutmeg_Sale128_Lot1239.jpg
Delaney7-20-185x18, 19, 20Not statedText only description from auction catalogDelany 7-20-185x strip of 3 #18-20 JFox_Sale315_Lot760.jpg
Hot SpringsX-11-185x22(2), 20 strip of 3Charelston, SCStrip of three on brown envelope tied by black CDSHot Springs x-11-185x Strip of 3 No 22 22 20 DKelleherman_Sale 626_Lot988.jpg
Lake Village5-29-1860#24 strip of 3Masona, ArkansasBlack CDS, pen cancelled strip of 3 to make single letter rate on yellow envelopeLake Village 5-29-1860 Strip of 3 1 cent BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little RockUnclearSingle and Pair of 24UnclearBlack Dbl Circle CDS, stamps tied with Black Target CancelLittle Rock 3x24 Nutmeg_Sale128_Lot1311.jpg
Napoleon1-5-1861#24Fort Smith, ArkansasBlack CDS, pen cancelled 1c on circular, Forwarding Merchants letter head insidenapoleon us mail agents 1 cent circular rate 1-5-1861 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Oakland Grove185x-12-16Not ClearDenmark, TennesseeStrip of 3 1c Franklins pays 0.5 oz up to 3000 miles. Large stain on coverOakland Grove AR 185x-12-16 Strip of 3 1c JForte Net Price 20140628.jpg
South BendX-X0-185XStrip of 3 #24 with inscriptionOn pieceLovely strip of three with inscription capture on leftSouth Bend 1c No24x3 w inscription on piece RSiegel_Sale1006_Lot1290.jpg
Tremont6-10-1860Strip of three #24New Orleans, LouisianaManuscript Town Name and date, pen cancel ties strip of #24Tremont 6-10-1860 No 24x3 DTocher_NetPrice_1-1-11.jpg
Unknown 24Helena, ArkansasBlack Cork cancel ties 24 on yellow circularHelena incoming 24 single Nutmeg_Sale128_Lot1277.jpg
Waverly2-26-185xStrip of three #24Little Rock, ArkansasManuscript Town Name and Date, pen canceled strip of three #24Waverly 3x24 Nutmeg_Sale128_Lot1384.jpg

 3c Washington (Scott #25, 26) Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseScott #(s) on coverDestinationCommentCover Image & Source
Aberdeen8-18-185x26Athens, AlabamaBlack Balloon-size CDS ties #26Aberdeen 8-18-185x Nutmeg_Sale139_Lot1289.jpg
Aberdeen1860-03-0826Washington D.C.Huge Black CDS ties US 26, cover tornAberdeen AR 1860-03-08 eBay20150519.JPG
Arkadelphia@1858#26Not Given(Auction Text only)Arkadelphia AR 185x #26 EDoubleday 1984-01-16 Winter 84 list .jpg
Arkadelphia185x-06-1326Little Rock South CarolinaBlack CDS ties #26Arkadelphia AR 185x-06-13 to SC eBay20201005.jpg
Askew1858-10-2325FranceMourning cover short paid MS Town Name, pen cancelled 25Askew AR 1858-10-23 To France Doubleday 20120915.jpg
Askew1858-10-2326Mulhouse, FranceShort Paid. NY 3 cents CDS ties 26, 8 Centimes due in black crayon on front with French receiving HspAskew AR 1858-10-23 Mourning cover to france BRoberts Collection.jpg
Augusta2-12-185926Lilttle Rock, ArkansasManuscript Town Name and date, pen canceled #26Augusta 2-12-1859 to Sec of C&F RR ebay 6-12-10.jpg
Augusta7-10-185x26Deerfield, MichiganManuscript Town Name and date, pen canceled #26Augusta 7-10-185x ms.jpg
Batesville9-24-185x26Ballston, New YorkBlack CDS ties #26, ms "Via St Louis' for Butterfield StageBatesville 9-24-185x via St Louis to Ballston Spa NY BRoberts Collection.jpg
Batesville185x26ABalleston, New YorkPart of adjacent correspondence. Sheet margin copy of stamp tied by CDSBatesville AR 185x to New York eBay20190823.jpg
Camden185x-06-2526New Orleans, LouisianaBlack CDS ties No 26 on yellow coverCamden AR 185x-06-25 No 26 LHarris stock.jpg
Cat Island1859-06-2726Not shownManuscript town name and date, pen cancelled 26Cat Island AR 1859-06-27 Kover King 40 Lot23.jpg
Columbia185x-04-1026Summerfield, AlabamaBlack Balloon CDS ties #26 on white coverColumbia 4-10-185x No 26 Balloon Pmk to Summerfield AL BRoberts Collection.jpg
ColumbiaUnclear26New Orlean, LouisianaBlack CDS, pen canceled 26, Attorney at Law CCColumbia 185x JF Robinson Attny CC #26 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Crooked Creek6-16-185x26 Manuscript Town Name and date tie #26Crooked Creek 6-16-185x No 26.jpg
Dardanelle185x-09-0726Concord, New HampshireDateless Black CDS, ms date cancells No 26Dardanelle 185x-09-7 dateless CDS eBay 2012-02-17.jpg
Dardanelle185x-02-0326Concord, New Hampshire Dardanell 185x-02-03 eBay20240609.pdf
Des Arc1859-05-1226Nashville, TennesseeBlack Dbl Circle CDS ties US 26 on yellow coverDes Arc AR 1859-05-12 eBay 2012-08-27.jpg
Des Arc185x-05-2326 or 26AWashington, DCStamps tied by Black CDSDes Arc AR 185x-05-23 to DC eBay20200514.jpg
Dorcheat185x-11-0826Holly Square, AlabamaUS 26 on valentine like ladies cover, cover damaged at topDorcheat 11-8-185x BRoberts Collection.jpg
Eagle Creek2-3-185x26New OrleansManuscript Town Name and date tie #26Eagle Creek 2-3-185x PBansner_NetPrice_12-10-10.jpg
Evening Shade185x-03-0926Washington, DCms Town Name, and Date, pen cancelled #26 To the Pension OfficeEvening Shade 185x-03-09 #26 to Pension office eBay20191120.jpg
Fayetteville12-27-185x25New OrleansBlack CDS SON on #25fayetteville no 25 to new orleans alcocollectibles_sale97_lot.jpg
Fayetteville1859-06-0726AlabamaBlue Blurry Balloon sized CDS ties US 26 on brown envelopeFayetteville AR 1859-06-07 US 26 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Fayetteville1860-05-2226Cincinnati, OhioBalloon sized Black CDS ties US #26. Letter datelined Baptist Mission Cherokee NationFayetteville AR 1860-05-22 NutmegSale174 Lot2317.jpg
Fort Smith1-24-186126Huntington, New YorkBlack CDS ties 26, text-only auciton descriptionFort Smith 2-24-1861 No 26 no photo DKelleher_Sale578_Lot3055.jpg
Fort Smith10-17-185x26 Manuscript Town Name and date tie 26fort smith 10-17-185x number 26 dkelleher_sale578_lot3053.jpg
Fort Smith1861-02-2126Montgomery, ALTo Howell Cobb, President of the Southern CongressFort Smith AR 1861-02-21 to HCobb Montgomery AL TKaufmann stock.jpg
Fort Smith185x-01-31Pair 26New Town Long Island New YorkBlack CDS ties pair of 26; "chg Box No 10"Fort Smith AR 185x-01-31 pair 26 Auktionen-gaertner Sale 23 Lot 6346.jpg
Fort Smith1861-01-1726Huntington, New YorkDbl Circle CDS, Black Target ties #26Fort Smith AR 1861-01-17 to NY No 26 eBay20160613.jpg
Galley Creek5-16-185x26Marlboro, VermontManuscript Town Name and date, 26 not tied by "16" msGalley Creek 5-16-1858 PBansner_NetPrice_1-11-2002.jpg
Gastens Landing185x-02-2326Brookline MassachusettsRed CDS, pen cancelled US 26 tied to coverGastens Landing AR US 26 Red CDS BRoberts Collection.jpg
Grand Lake10-1-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaFull inscription capture on left side of #26Grand Lake 10-1-185x No 26 w inscription capture.jpg
Grand Lake185x-08-0226 or 26ANew OrleansMs Town Name and date, pen cancel on stampGrand Lake AR 185x-08-02 Dean Briggs Coll.jpg
Grand Lake185x-x-x26New Orleans, LouisianaBlack CDS GRAND LAKE///ARK. no dates visable CDS ties #26 to coverGrand Lake AR 185x-x-x #26 to NO eBay20191120.jpg
Helena2-18-185926 Lake Village, ArkansasBlack year-dated CDS ties #26 with partial inscription captureHelena 2-18-1859 Dated CDS to Lake Village BRoberts Collection.jpg
Helena1858-04-0226New Orleans, LouisianaBlack year-dated CDS ties #26Helena 4-2-1858 Dated CDS to New Orleans BRoberts Collection.jpg
Helena4-1-185926South Butler, New YorkBlack year-dated CDS ties 26Helena 4-1-1859 w26.jpg
Helena5-23-185926New OrleansBlack year-dated CDS ties 26, CP King Dry Goods ccHelena CP King CC Nutmeg_Sale128_Lot1279.jpg
Helena12-X-185826Masion, New YorkBlack Year-dated CDS ties No 26 on yellow coverHelena 12-X- 1858 Dated cancel on No 26 eBay 9-18-11.jpg
Helena1858-04-0226Not ShownYear Dated CDS ties US 26Helena 1858-04-02 Kover King 40 Lot 24.jpg
Helena1859-06-2326Memphis, TennesseeUS 26 tied by two strikes of dated CDS on gray coverHelena AR 1859-06-23 dated cds to Memphis BRoberts Collection.jpg
Helena185x-05-1226Newark OhioBlack CDS ties US 26. Plate flaw on neck of WashingtonHelena AR 185x-05-12 US 26 plate flaw BRoberts Collection.jpg
Hickmans Bend7-24-185926Osceola, ArkansasManuscript Town Name and date, pen cancelled #26Hickmans Bend 7-24-1859 No 26 to Osceola BRoberts Collection.jpg
Hickory11-10-185726Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaManuscript Town Name and date tie Hickory 11-10-1857 No 26 Amberman_NetPrice_Dec1996.jpg
Hot Springs8-27-185726New Orleans, LousianaBlack CDS ties #26, Carroll Chase notes on front about early Plate 10 useHot Springs 8-27-1857 No 26 Amberman_NetPrice_Dec1996.jpg
Hot Springs185x-09-1026Little RockBlack CDS ties US 26Hot Springs AR 185x-09-10 US 26 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Jacksonport8-3-185x26Norwich Town, ConnecticutBlack Balloon CDS ties #26 on ladies coverJacksonport 8-3-185x Balloon Pmk to Norwich Conn BRoberts Collection.jpg
La Grange185x-10-2526 imperf verticallyOhioVery Scarce on cover usage of the imperfLa Grange AR 185x-10-25 US 26 imperf on sides Schyler Rumsey Sale 106 Lot 198 2022.pdf
Laconia2-5-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaManuscript Town Name and date, pen canceled #26Laconia 2-5-185x 3c 26 APS Richmond 2010.jpg
Laconia10-23-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaBlack CDS ties #26Laconia Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2498.jpg
Leake's Store5-3-185x26Mount Olive, North CarolinaManuscript Town Name and date tie #26Leakes Store 5-3-5x.jpg
Lewisburg4-18-185x25Leesburg, VirginiaManuscript Town Name and date tie #25Lewsiburg 4-18-185x No 26 TCrumbley_NetPrice 3-5-11.jpg
Lewisville1-3-185x26Washington, ArkansasBlack Balloon-size CDS ties #26Lewisville 1-3-185x Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2501.jpg
Lewisville9-20-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaBlack Balloon-size CDS ties #26Lewisville 9-20-185x Balloon No 25 Amberman_NetPrice_1996.jpg
Little Rock1859-10-1526Paris, TexasBlack year-dated CDS ties 26 to yellow coverLittle Rock 10-15-1859 Dated CDS to Paris TX BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little RockUnclear26Clarksville, ArkansasBlack Dbl Circle CDS, black target ties #26Little Rock Dbl Circle CDS #26 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock9-2x-185926Batesville, ArkansasBlack CDS ties #26 on legal size envelope, ms "due 3 cts" for extra weightLittle Rock 9-2x-1859 #26 plus due 3 cents.jpg
Little Rock8-30-185626Newburyport, MassachusettsBlack Year-dated CDS ties #26Little Rock Year Dated CDS 8-30-56.jpg
Little Rock11-26-185726Helena, ArkansasBlack Year-dated CDS ties #26Little Rock Year Dated CDS 11-26-57.jpg
Little Rock06-03-185x26Little Rock Arkansas fowarded to Pekin ArkansasDue 3 in manuscriptLittle Rock 06-23-185x US 26 + Due 3 DKelleher_Sale628_Lot5.jpg
Little Rock185x-x-x26Roseville, ArkansasDbl Circle CDS ties US 26Little Rock AR 185x-x-x Dbl Ring CDS to Roseville eBay 20120924.jpg
Little Rock185x-01-1026Baltimore MarylandBlack CDS ties 26 to yellow coverLittle Rock AR 185x-01-10 US 26 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock185x-03-0826HelenaBlack CDS ties #26Little Rock AR 185x-03-08 to Helena eBay20140406.JPG
Little Rock(prob)1860-03-2326Fayetteville Arkansastorn 26 tied by single circle CDS, addressed to militia Major 2nd Btl Regt 20 Ark MilitiaLittle Rock AR 186x-03-23 to Fayetteville with Militia address JCrosby Collection 20141110.jpg
Little Rock1860-05-X26Hartford Connecticut Little Rock AR 1860-05-X to Hartford CN eBay20141202.JPG
Little Rock1859-09-1x26Batesville ArkansasDue 3 in ms, on legal sized envelope, Black Year dated CDS ties #26Little Rock AR 1859-09-1x Due 3 cents legal size to Batesville eBay20160810.jpg
Little Rock185x-08-0926 or 26AFayetteville ArkansasAll over ad cover "Arkansas State Gazette"Little Rock AR 185x-08-09 Ark State Gazette all over ad SRumsey Sale 82Lot3439.jpg
Little Rock1859-07-18Block of 8 #26London, EnglandIrregular block of 8 stamps tied by Black 1859 dated CDSLittle Rock AR 1859-07-18 Block of 8 #26 to England RSiegel Sale 906Lot1690.jpg
Little Rock185x-x-1326ANew Orleans, LouisianaDbl Circle CDS, torn 26A on Yellow Envelope to NOLittle Rock AR 185x-x-13 Dbl Circle CDS to NO eBay20200104.jpg
Little Rock185x-10-x 26Lewisburg, ArkansasBlack CDS ties Scott 26, ms Land Office upper leftLittle Rock AR 185x-10-x to Lewisburg AR eBAy20211207.jpg
Little Rock1860-07-1526Hartford, ConnecticutBlack CDS ties Scott 26Little Rock AR 1860-07-15 to Hartford CN eBay20141103.JPG
Midway2-8-186026Lancaster, OhioManuscript Town Name and date, pen canceled #26 on blue lined FLMidway 2-8-1860 Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2513.jpg
MonticelloUnclear26New Orleans, LouisianaBlack CDS ties #26, Book Sellers CCAd cover from Monticello 26 from Rod Kelly 5-4-08.jpg
Mount Elbe1-6-186126New York, New YorkManuscript Town Name and date, pen canceled #26Mount Elbe 1-6-1861 No 26 PBansner_NetPrice_12-10-2010.jpg
Mount Holly185x-02-2026New Orleans, Louisiannams town and date, pen cancelled 26Mount Holly 185x-02-20 US 26 to NO BRoberts Collection.jpg
NapoleonX-X-186026?, KentuckyBlurry Black CDS ties #26Napoleon 1860 on 26.jpg
Napoleon1857-11-1126Albany New YorkBold Black CDS ties #26Napoleon 1857-11-11 eBay20141208.JPG
New London185x-07-0526 or 26ACorly, LouisianaMs Town Name and date, pen cancel on stampNew London AR 85x-07-05 #26 to LA eBay20181114.jpg
North Creek7-26-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaManuscript Town Name and date tie #26, cc of "CP King Dry Goods Helena"North Creek 7-26-185x No 26 Helena CC to New Orleans BRoberts Collection.jpg
North Creek6-09-185926Leighton, AlabamaC.P.King Dry Goods Helena Ark AdNorth Creek AR 1859-06-09 Helena Ad eBay 2012-07-05.jpg
Oakland Grove2-26-185x26Greensburg, New JerseyManuscript Town Name and date, pen cancel does not tie #26Oakland Grove 2-26-185x Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2516.jpg
Oakland Grove185x-02-0626 or 26ADenmark, TennesseeMs town name and date, pen cancelled #26Oakland Grove AR 185x-02-06 #26 to Tenn eBay20200628.jpg
Pekin185x-06-2426Little Rock, Forwarded w 3 cent due back to Pekinmourning coverPekin AR 185x-06-24 mourning cvr forwarded eBay 2012-07-22.jpg
Perryville185x-12-0526Danville, KentuckyManuscript Town Name and date, pen cancelled #26perryville dec 5 185x 3c 1857 to danville ky.jpg
Petersburg8-22-185926Mount Olive, North CarolinaManuscript Town Name and Date, pen cancel does not tie #26Petersburg 8-22-1859 Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2519.jpg
Pine Bluff185x-01-03-26Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaBlack CDS ties #26, straddle copy w/ part of adjacent stampPine Bluff Jan 3 185x No 26 with adjacent stamp piece.jpg
Pine Bluff2-28-186126New Orleans, LouisianaBlack Dbl Circle CDS ties #26Pine Bluff 2-28-1861 No 26.jpg
Pine Bluff7-2-186026New Orleans, LouisianaBlack Dbl Circle CDS, #26 tied with black target handstampPine Bluff-7-2-1860 to NO.jpg
Pine Bluff1860-07-0226 or 26aNew OrleansDbl Circle 1860-dated CDS ties US 26 or 26aPine Bluff AR 1860-07-01 No 26 eBay 2012-07-15.jpg
Pine Bluff1861-03-0426New Orleans, LouisianaDbl Circle CDS ties 26 on white cover. 2 months 2 days before secession.Pine Bluff AR 1861-03-04 To NO JWells Collection 20160627.jpg
Planters11-24-185826New Orleans, LouisianaManuscript Town Name and date, pen cancel does not tie #26Planters 11-24-1858 PBansner-NetPrice_12-10-2010.jpg
Plum Bayou1-29-185926Shiloh, TennesseeManuscript Town Name and date, pen canceled #26Plum Bayou 1-29-1859 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Powhatan185x-12-08Pair 26Batesville, ArkansasManuscript town name and date, Pair of No 26 pen cancelled not tiedPowhatan AR 185x-12-08 Pair 26 eBay 2012-07-30.jpg
Princeton4-21-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaBrown CDS ties #26Princeton 4-21-185x Brown Ink to New Orleans BRoberts Collection.jpg
Princeton7-15-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaBrown CDS two strikes, one ties #26Princeton 7-15-185x Brown Ink to New Orleans BRoberts Collection.jpg
Princeton8-11-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaBrown CDS ties #26Princeton 8-11-185x brown ink rfrajola_sale20_lot434.jpg
Princeton12-27-185726New Orleans, LouisianaManscript Town Name and Date, pen cancel ties #26Princeton 12-27-1857 ms.jpg
Princeton185x-03-1526New OrleansBrown CDS ties US 26 on yellow coverPrinceton AR 185x-03-15 eBay 20130225.jpg
Princeton185x-11-x26New Orleans LouisianaGreenish to Brownish CDS, #26 pen cancelled, not tiedPrinceton AR 185x-11-x Green Ink eBay20160810.jpg
Selma186x-04-0926Pickensville, AlabamaIf mailed in 1861 this is to the Confederate State of AlabamaSelma AR 186x-04-09 to Alabama eBay20240706.jpg
Taylors Creek1858-09-0626Greensboro, North CarolinaMs Town Name and date, pen cancelled #26Taylors Creek AR 1858-09-06 eBay20231105.jpg
Taylor's Creek8-6-185x26Greensboro, North CarolinaBlack Balloon-size CDS ties 26Taylors Creek 8-6-185x eBay 10-9-11.jpg
Tulip2-4-185x26New Orleans, LouisianaBlack CDS ties 326Tulip AR 185x-02-04 26 ebay 9-4-09.jpg
Tulip185x-01-0126New Orleans, LouisiannaBlack CDS ties 1857 3cent to yellow envelopeTulip AR 185x-01-01 eBay20150415.JPG
Tulip185x-10-2826 or 26AHazelwood, South CarolinaBlack CDS TULIP/OCT/28/ARK. ties #26 or 26ATulip AR 185x-10-28 to SC eBay20200706.jpg
Van Buren185x-01-3126Clarksville, ArkansasBlack CDS ties 326Van Buren 185x-01-31 No 26 brobertscollection.jpg
Van Buren185x-12-2126Tahlequah, C.N.Black CDS ties 26 on yellow cover to Indian TerritoryVan Buren AR 185x-12-21 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Van Buren185x-X-0125Tahlequah, C.N.Black CDS ties US 25 to white cover to Indian TerritoryVan Buren AR 185x-X-01 US 25 to CN BRoberts Collection.jpg
Warm Springs11-X-185926Taylor's Creek, ArkansasDate determined from enclosed letterWarm Springs 11-x-1859 No 26 to Taylors Creek eBay 7-22-11.jpg
Washington3-12-185x26Plano, TexasBlack CDS ties #26Washington 3-12-185x 26 to Plano TX.jpg

 Other Values Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseScott #(s) on CoverDestinationCommentCover Image & Source
Fort Smith185x-09-0728 Block of 4Off CoverOff cover block with bold Fort Smith CDS in centerFort Smith 185x-09-07 off cover block of US 28 RSiegel Sale835Lot96 .jpg
Little Rock1861-04-0238Saxony, GermanyBlack Dbl Circle CDS and Black Target tie #38Little Rock AR 1861-04-02-1861 30 cent US 38 to Germany Michael Aldridge Sale 91 Lot 46.jpg
Little Rock1861-03-2038Saxony, GermanyBlack Dbl Circle CDS, #38 tied by black target, 1st cover in correspondenceLittle Rock AR 1861-03-20 to Leipzig Saxony RKaufman Sale 54 Lot 74.jpg
Little Rock1860-07-x26, 36Batesville3c + 12 c paying 5x rate, 1860 docketingLittle Rock 1860-07-1x 12c & 3c to Batesville eBay 2012-02-26.jpg
Little Rock 38Saxony, GermanyThird of this correspondence. Little Rock 30c US 38 to Germany Sothebys S-51 Lot 194.jpg
Marysville, California6-13-185x33Carrolton, ArkansasBlue CDS, #33 tied by Blue Grid Handstamp, "via St Joseph" in pencilMarysville Cal to Carrollotn 10 cent via St Joseph ebay 12-20-09.jpg
Santa Cruz California185710c green perfLittle Rock ArkansasBlack CDS ties 1857 10c Green to J.M.Weaver, Little RockSanta Cruz CA 1857 10c green to Little Rock Rodney Kelly Coll 21080928.jpg
Three Creeks1859-06-2131Big Bear, CaliforniaBlack CDS, manuscript "via Overland Mail"RSiegel_Sale908_Lot4040.pdf