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 Arkansas Stampless covers after 7-1-1851 Minimize

When the postage rate dropped from the 5 cent-10 cent rates of the late 1840's to 3 cents on July 1, 1851, covers could still be mailed without stamps, since there were small post offices that did not get stamps.  However, a new "penalty" rate was assessed for letters mailed "Due" without postage.  Postmasters created 'Paid 3" hand-stamps and "Due 5" for the penalty rate of 5 cents.  Stampless covers in Arkansas are seen all the way to 1861, just before secession.

New covers added 2018-11-14. Oldham AR 1851-06-07 to Ohio. Helena 1854-09-19 to Nashville TN. Uniontown 1853 missent to and forwarded back to Charlottesville, VA               

2020-04-02 Champagnolle to Van Buren 5 penalty rate

2021-03-07 Cummins 1860 PM Free to New Orleans

2022-03-09 Little Rock 185x-08-01 to Arkadelphia

2022-10-19 Cummins 1859 Free to New Orleans

2023-11-05 Lamartine 1853 to Ohio

 Arkansas Stampless 1850's Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate MailedMarkings and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Arkadelphia10-7-1852CDS and 5 (Penalty Rate) both brownCamden, ArkansasArkadelphia 10-7-1852 penalty rate 5 brown hsps APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg
Arkadelphia2-5-1852Red CDS and Red 5 (penalty rate)Harellsville, South Carolinaarkadelphia 2-5-1852 5 cent penalty rate hsp.jpg
Arkadelphia185x-01-20Black CDS Black "PAID 3" in archBrush Creek, Randolph Co, North Carolinaarkadelphia AR 185x-01-20 PAID 3 arc JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Augusta7-20-185xManuscript townmark + Paid 3 Augusta 7-20-185x Paid 3 HSpellman_Sale31_Lot115.jpg
Augusta1851-07-12Manuscript town name and 5Athens, AlabamaAugusta AR 1851-07-12 5 penalty rate DoubleDay Stock 20131228.jpg
Benton185x-09-15Red CDS, Red 5 in Circle for Penalty RateSt Stuborn(?), MissouriBenton 185x-09-15 Red CDS Red 5 in Cirlcle BRoberts Collection.jpg
Benton misspelled BhNTON1854Bold Red CDS , red 5 in circleNot Given Auction text onlyBenton 1854 misspelled BHNTON red cds AZimmerman_Sale34_Lot670.jpg
Bentonville3-23-1853Manuscript Town name, (due) 5 rateKnox Co, TennesseeBentonville 3-23-1853 due 5 eBay 11-6-11.jpg
Boonsborough9-18-1855Black CDS + Manuscript "PO Business"Little Rock, Arkansasboonsboro 9-18-1855 rkaufmann_sale54_lot24.jpg
Camden 1854-06-04Black CDS and Black 5 in circle (penalty rate)Montasuma, Tennesseecamden 6-4-1854 5 cent penalty rate hsp.jpg
Camden1854-06-12Black CDS, Black '5' in circle handstampIrving, New YorkCamden AR 1854-06-12 5 cent penalty rate hsp BRoberts Coll.jpg
Camden1853-04-27Green CDS + Green 10 in ciiclePrinceton ArkansasCamden AR 1853-04-27 Green Stampless RSiegel_Sale_906_Lot_1282.doc
Camden1852-10-31Green CDS, Green 5 in CircleMontgomery AlabamaCamden AR 1852-10-31 Green CDS 5 in circle RSeigel_927_1215.jpg
Camden1853-09-18Green CDS CAMDEN/SEP/18/Ark. , Green PAID ms "3"New Orleans, LouisianaCamden AR 1853-09-18 Green CDS to NO eBay20231104.jpg
Camden forwarding letter from New Orleans, LA7-25-1854Black CDS manusript "forward 5" w/Orange New Orleans CDS and black 5 hand stampCamden, Arkansas forwarded to Princeton, Arkansasnew orleans to camden fwd to princeton 5 cents penalty rate.jpg
Canton4-6-1852Manuscript Townmark and dateNew Market, Alabamacanton 4-6-1852 amphilatelicbrokers_sale11_lot62.jpg
Champagnolle185x-11-01Ms Town Name and Date "5" (due) penalty rate on an envelopeVan Buren ArkansasChampagnolle AR 185x-11-01 5 due penalty rate to Van Buren eBay20200402.jpg
Cold Water8-12-1858Black manuscript townmark and Paid 3Fair Grove, North Carolinacold water 8-12-1858 paid 3.jpg
Columbia7-4-1855Red CDS + black manuscript Paid 3. Blue manuscript Due 6 addedNatchez, Mississippicolumbia 7-4-1855 paid 3 due 6.jpg
Columbia185x-10-18Red CDS, Red PAID 3 in circle, advertizement on back flapSherwood North CarolinaColumbia AR 185x-10-18 Red CDS red PAID 3 in circle with ad on backflap APS show 21111.jpg
Cummins1856-12-13Manuscript Townmark + Free PM EndorsementPine Bluff, Arkansascummins 12-13-1856 dphillips_sale113_lot356.jpg
Cummins1860-06-28Ms Townmark, date, PM Free endorsementNew Orleans LouisianaCummins AR 1860-06-28 PM Free eBay20210303.jpg
Cummins1859-04-20Ms Town Name and Date PM FreeNew Orleans, LouisianaCummins AR 1859-04-29 PM Free eBay20221019.jpg
Eagle Creek1855manuscript town and PM Free FrankWashington, DCEagle Creek 1855 antebellumcovers_sale26_lot1 pm free text only.jpg
Evansville2-16-1855Manuscript town name and 5 rateWesley, ArkansasEvansville 2-26-1855 eBay 5-19-11.jpg
Fayetteville8-12-1853Black CDS+PAID hsp, manuscript 3Ozark, ArkansasFayetteville_paid_3 ebay_1400673890458_.jpg
Fayetteville forwarding a letter from Castillian Springs TN185x-07-13 probably 1853Black CDS. Black Fayetteville AR CDS forwarding to Ozark ARFayetteville AR forwarded to OzarkCastillian Springs TN to Fayetteville AR 185x forwarded to Ozark SEdmonson Collection.jpg
Fort Smith1851-11-12Black CDS, Manuscript "Official Business"New Orleans, Louisianafort Smith 11-12-1851 Official Business to New Orleans ebay 5-11-09.jpg
Fort Smith185xBlack CDS and Black PAID, manuscript "Paid 3c"Tahlequah, Cherokee NationFort Smith Paid 3 in color rfrajolasale42lot152.jpg
Fort Smith5-12-185xBlack CDS + Black FREE Hsp, "Official Business" manuscriptWashington, DCFt Smith FREE Offical Business to Washignton DC Nutmeg_Sale171_Lot2361.jpg
Fort Smith185x-12-01Black CDS, Black PAID, ms 3Eagletown, Choctaw NationFort Smith AR 185x-12-01 paid 3 to Eagletown eBay 2012-07-30.jpg
Fort Smith185x-x-16Black CDS Black PAID ms 3Not givenFort Smith 185x-X-16 Paid 3 DPhillipsSale95 Lot31.jpg
Fort Smith1851-04-02Black CDS, Black PAID, ms 10Hartford, ConnecticutFort Smith AR 1851-04-02 to Hartford CN KPitt Stock 20151010.jpg
Fort Smith1851-11-21Black CDS on Tan Envelope (due) 5 manuscriptNew Orelans LA Part of Lear CorrespondenceFort Smith 1851-11-21 to NO Lear Correspondence SRumseySale55 Lot13.jpg
Gaines Landing10-21-1852Manuscript townmark and manuscript 5 (penalty rate)Madison, Indianagaines landing 10-21-1852 gmchenry net price 3-9-1.jpg
Grand Glaize10-13-185xBlack manuscript townmark and 3, Handstamp PAIDHuntsville, North Carolinagrand glaze paid 3 10-13-185x.jpg
Grand Lake5-5-185xBlack CDS and Black PAID 3 in Circle handstamps Grand Lake Paid 3 rkaufman_sale71_lot29.jpg
Grand Lake185x-09-09Manuscript town name and date, ms Paid 3Van Buren, ArkansasGrand Lake AR 185x-09-09 to Van Buren eBay20131228.JPG
Greenock4-17-185xManuscript townmark and Paid 3Gustavus, Ohiogreenock paid 3 4-17-185x.jpg
Greenock185x-02-13ms town name date Paid 3Gustaovia OhioGreenock AR 185x-02-13 to Ohio eBay20141020.JPG
Hamburg7-8-1852Manuscript townmark and 5 + "Forwarded 5", Lamar, Miss CDS Lamar, Mississippihamburg 7-8-1852 stampless ms chris winters md collection.jpg
Helena2-12-1859CDS and PAID 3 handstamps, color unknown helena 2-12-1859 stampless yeardate rkaufmann_sale54_lot58.jpg
Helena3-29-1854Black CDS and Black PAID 3 HandstampsNashville, TennesseeHelena PAID 3 3-29-1854 ebay 4-6-08 .jpg
Helena8-14-185xBlack CDS and Black PAID 3Henderson, KentuckyHelena PAID 3 8-14-185x.jpg
Helena2-16-1854Black CDS and Black PAID 3Nashville, TennesseeHelena PAID 3 to Tenn 2-16-1854.jpg
Helena3-11-1854Black CDS and Black PAID 3Nashville, TennesseeHelena PAID 3 to Tenn 3-11-1854 ebay 5-25-09.jpg
Helena1-25-1855Black CDS and PAID 3 handstampsNashville, Tennesseehelena 1-25-1855 paid 3 black.jpg
Helena10-1-1851Orange CDS and Orange PAID and 3 hand stampsCharleston, Mississippihelena 10-1-1851 paid 3 orange.jpg
Helena1853-08-14Black CDS, Black PAID + 3Nashville, TNHelena AR 185x-08-14 PAID 3 to Tenn eBay 2012-07-17.jpg
Helena1857Green CDS & handstamp PAID 3Not stated, no photoHelena AR 1857 Green CDS & PAID 3 Triple S List 4 LotA82.jpg
Helena1854-01-17Black CDS Black PAID and 3New Orleans, LouisianaHelena AR 1854-01-17 PAID 3 Black BRoberts Collection.jpg
Helena1860-03-24Black CDS Black PAID 3 HspNew Orleans LouisianaHelena AR 1860-03-24 PAID 3 hsp RSiegelSale1063 Lot2140.jpg
Helena185x-02-27Black CDS Black HSP PAID 3Nashville, TennesseeHelena AR 185x-02-27 PAID 3 to Tenn eBay20160125.jpg
Helena1854-09-19Black CDS, Back PAID and 3 in circleNashville, TennesseeHelena AR 1854-09-19 PAID 3 Black Kelleher_Sale4012_Lot4.jpg
Huntsville1854-03-11Black CDS Black 5 in circleRockland, TennesseeHuntsville AR 1854-03-11 5 in circle eBay20141020.JPG
Jacksonport1-18-1853Manuscript townmark and 5 (due)Stewart Town, Virginiajacksonport 1853 stampless nutmeg_sale162_lot1066.jpg
Jenny Lind1854-06-06ms town name, date and rate (penalty rate 5 due)Church Grove, Knox Co, TennesseeJenny Lind AR 1854-06-06 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
LaGrange2-22-185xManuscript townmarkOhiolagrange 2-22-185x to ohio paid 3 ghendershott_sale33_lot77.jpg
Lamartine1853-09-05Manuscript town name and "5" penalty rateMillersburg, OhioLamartine AR 1853-09-05 eBay20231105.jpg
Lawrenceville1853-04-06ms town name date PaidLittle Rock Ark HIst Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonLawrenceville AR 1853-04-06 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Little Rock1853-03-02Homemade CDS Blue after Little Rock Postoffice fire destroyed regular CDSDrenon Springs, Kentuckylittle rock homemade cds to omar rose ebay_5542208.jpg
Little Rock1853-07-16Blue CDS with 3 PAID in CDS "Registered No 237" manuscriptDrenanon Springs, Kentuckylittle rock registered 7-16-1853.jpg
Little Rock185x-07-13Black CDS w 3 PAID in CDS+Blue PAID HspVan Buren, ArkansasLittle Rock 07-13-185x Paid 3 CDS + PAID GKramer Collection.jpg
Little Rock06-05-185xBlue CDS with 5 in the CDSNewburgport, MassachusettsLittle Rock 06-05-185x Blue CDS with 5 in CDS GKramer Collection.jpg
Little Rock185x-X-Xblue CDS ties Nesbitt envelopeLake Village, ArkansasLittle Rock AR 185x-X-X Blue CDS BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock1851-12-23CDS, color unknown Ark Hist Comm microfilm C.C.Scott SMC.16.3Camden ArkansasLittle Rock AR 1851-12-23 AHC C.C.Scott SMC.16.3.jpg
Little Rock1853-01-18Blue CDS Blue Hsp 5 (penalty rate)Scottville KentuckyLittle Rock AR 1853 01-18 Blue CDS 5 penalty rate eBay20150116.JPG
Little Rock185x-06-05Blue CDS LITTLE ROCK Ark/Jun/6/5 penalty rate enclosed in CDSNewburg Point MassachusettsLittle Rock 185x-06-05 Blue CDS with 5 in CDS GKramer Collection.jpg
Little Rock185x-08-01Blue 5 (Due)Handstamp Penalty RateArkadelphia, ArkansasLittle Rock AR 185x-08-01 Blue CDS to Arkadelphia eBay20220309.jpg
Maysville3-18-1854Black CDS and Black 5 in Circle handstampLeeatune(?), Tennesseemaysville 5 cent penalty 3-18-1854 amphilatelicbrokers_sale12_lot28.jpg
Maysville1-21-1853Manscript postmark and manuscript 5Tennesseemaysville 5 cent penalty rate amphilatelicbrokers_sale12_lot27.jpg
Maysville185x-02-13Black CDS w/ ms date, Black 5 in circle handstampSycamore, IllinoisMaysville AR 185x-02-13 Hsp 5 LHarris Stock 20130914.JPG
Mount Vernon185x-06-05ms Town Name, date, and Paid 3Petersburg, VirginiaMount Vernon AR 185x-06-18 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Napoleon11-18-1853Manscript townmark and 5 (due, penalty rate)Pine Bluff, ArkansasNapoleon AR 1853-11-18 penalty rate 5 eBay 2012-04-18.jpg
Napoleon12-1-1858Black CDS, Black PAID, NY and European transit markingsFlourence, Italynapoloeon cds 1858 stampless letter to italy dphillips_nov1980_lot.jpg
Napoleon1858-X-25CDS year dated 1858 PAID no rateArkansas Post Ark Hist Comm MS000419 Refeld Family SupplNapoleon AR 1858-X-25 AHC MS000419 Refeld Family Suppl No date.jpg
Oldham1851-06-07Manuscript (due) 10Syon, OhiloOldham AR 1851-06-07 due 10 to Ohio eBay20181114.jpg
Orion1853-01-10Manuscript townmark and Paid 3Little Rock, Arkansasorion 1-10-1853 chris winters collection.jpg
Orion1852-01-16Ms town name, date and rate Paid 3Little Rock, ArkansasOrion AR 1852-01-16 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Osage Mills12-27-185xManscript townmark and rateFort Smith, ArkansasOsage Mills 12-27-185x ebay 10-27-10.jpg
Osceola1852-06-03Ms Townmark, date, and rate 5(due) penalty rateNashville, TennesseeOsceola AR 1852-06-03 5 due penalty rate eBay20210106.jpg
Ozark1853-03-06MS blue town name, date, and rate (Penalty 5)Van Buren, ArkansasOzark AR 1853-03-06 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Pea Ridge1855-10-22Manuscript Town Name and date, ms Paid 3Church Grove, TennesseePea Ridge AR 1855-10-21 Paid 3 ms eBay 2012-02-24.jpg
Pea Ridge1853-06-24Black Dbl Circle CDS with ms date inside, black ms 20 rateChurch Grove, Knox County, TennesseePea Ridge AR 1853-06-24 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Pine Bluff1-4-1861Black Dbl Circle CDS and PAID handstamp, manuscript Due 3 addedPrinceton, ArkansasPine Bluff 1-4-1862 paid but due 3 to Princeton BRobrets Collection.jpg
Pine Bluff6-6-185xBlack CDS and PAID hand stamp, manuscript 6Jamestown, Kentuckypine bluff 6-6-185x paid 6.jpg
Pine Bluff1853-06-21Black CDS and Black 5 HspDuncans Falls OhioPine Bluff AR 1853-06-21 hsp 5 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Pine Bluff185x-09-25Black CDS and Black 5 Hsmp, Penalty RateRichmond VirginiaPine Bluff AR 185x-09-25 Black CDS penalty 5 to Richmond VA ebay 8-19-10.jpg
Pine Bluff185x-10-01CDS, ms Postmaster FrankArkansas Post, AR Ark Hist Comm MS000419 Refeld Family SupplPine Bluff AR 185x-10-01 AHC MS000419 Refeld Family Suppl No date.jpg
Pleasent Hill1852-10-18MS town name, date and rate (5 cents due)Rock Island, TennesseePleasant Hill AR 1852-10-18 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Princeton185x-05-31Green CDS, manuscript Paid 3New Orleans, LouisianaPrinceton 185x-05-31 Green BRoberts Collection.jpg
Red Fork11-16-1852Manuscript Townmark red fork 1852 antebellumcovers_sale26_lot63.jpg
Relfs Bluff1855-01-03Ms town name, date, and rate (penalty due 5)Helena, ArkansasRelfs Bluff AR 1855-01-03 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Rob Roy1852-09-01Ms town, date, and "3 Paid" rateBenton, KentuckyRob Roy AR 1852-09-01 Paid 3 eBay20141020.JPG
Rock Port185x-04-19Ms Black town name, date and Paid 3Smith Grove, North CarolinaRock Port AR 185x-04-19 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Rock Port1859-02-13ms Town name, date and rate. AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonLittle Rock, ArkansasRock Port AR 1859-02-13 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Searcy1854Black CDS, Black 5 in circle (penalty rate) searcy due 5 1854 cover text only antebellumcovers_sale26_lot62.jpg
South Bend1-26-1854Manuscript town mark and 5 (penalty rate)Brownsville, TennesseeSouth Bend 1854 penalty 5 rate stampless.jpg
South Bend1-31-185xManuscript town mark and 5 (penalty rate)Osceola, Arkansassouth bend stampless nutmeg_sale93_lot29.jpg
South Bend185x-05-01Black CDS with ms Paid 3Nashville, TennesseeSouth Bend AR 185x-05-01 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Sumpter9-12-1859Manuscript town mark and Free PMMacon, MississippiSumpter 9-12-1859 PM Free DTocher_NetPrice_1-1-11.jpg
Tulip7-31-1854Manuscript townmark and 5 (penalty rate)Knoxville, Tennesseetulip 7-31-1854 5 due.jpg
Ultima Thule11-4-1853Manuscript townmark and "Free, W K McKean, PM"Jackson, Mississippiultima thule 11-4-1853 postmaster free.jpg
Uniontown1853-07-06Charlottesville VA July 11 Blue CDS, Uniontown CDS forwarding, Paid 3 marked out, due 5 Blue Handstampmissent to Uniontown, originally Charlottesville VAUniontown AR 1853-07-06 eBay20161114.jpg
Valley Grove11-5-1851Black manuscript townmark and Paid 3Frankford, KYvalley grove 11-5-1851 gordon mchenry net price 1.jpg
Valley Grove12-14-185xBlack Townmark and Paid 3Nashville, TennesseeValley Grove 12-14-185x eBay20141119.JPG
Van Buren12-12-1853Black CDS and Black PAID hand stamp Van Buren 12-12-1853 PAID DPhilips_Sale9251982_Lot41.jpg
Van Buren1-1-1852Black CDS and Black PAID + manuscript "6" 3000 mile rateSonora, Californiavan buren 1-1-1852-5 6 cent rate for over 3000 miles.jpg
Van Buren3-24-1855Black CDS and Free HspMorning Sun, Tennesseevan buren 3-24-1855 postmaster free frank.jpg
Van Buren9-1-1851Black CDS Black PAID and 3 hand stampsConcord, New Hampshirevan buren 9-1-1851 paid 3.jpg
Walnut Hill1854-06-22Manuscript town name and "10"Centerville, MississippiWalnut Hill AR 1854-01-22 eBay20231029.jpg
Walnut Hills1854-06-30Manuscript Town and Date, ms "5" penalty rateCenterville, MississippiWalnut HIlls AR 1854-06-30 SRumsey Sale 88 Lot 1851 20191004.jpg
War Eagle5-10-1856Manuscript townmarkBrockland, TennesseeWar Eagle May 10 1856 Ebay 5-20-09.jpg
White River9-1-1852Black Manuscript townmark and (due) 5Valley Town, North Carolinawhite river 9-2-1852 amphilbrokers_sale6_lot9.jpg
White River1851-07-28Ms Town Name and Date ms 5 (due)Valleytown, New YorkWhite River AR 1851-07-28 eBay20140428.JPG
Wild Haus5-12-1853Manuscript townmark and Paid 3 on Advertising coverNashville, Tennesseewild haus 5-12-1853 w cc broberts collection.jpg
Wileyville7-31-185xBlack manuscript townmark and PaidSalem, IowaWileyville 7-31-18xx PAID.jpg
Yellville8-16-1856Black manuscript townmark and Paid 3 yellville 8-16-1856 dphillips_sale25_lot52.jpg
Yellville1853-10-04ms town name, dateLittle Rock ArkansasYellville AR 1853-10-04 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg