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Patriotic covers are often considered the aristocrats of Confederate Philately.  There are hundreds of designs known, and from many states they are not dramatically scarce.  This is not true in the case of Arkansas.  The small number of Arkansas Patriotic covers makes them expensive and prized.  Below are all the Patriotic covers I have seen, both mailed from within Arkansas and mailed from other states to Arkansas.

Updated 2-15-2010

 Arkansas Patriotic Covers Minimize
 Post Office of OriginSorted By Post Office of Origin In Ascending OrderDate MailedDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
Augusta7-15-1861Hillsboro, ArkansasBlack CDS PAID Hsp 5 ms on 11 star patrioticAugusta 7-15-1861 PAID Hsp 5 ms on 11-star patriotic.jpg
Cat Island, Arkansas1861-08-21Galveston, TexasJefferson Davis Medallion & Flags, Stampless cover Paid 10Cat Island Ark 8-12-1861 Davis Medallion Patriotic to Galviston TX Dean Briggs Collection.jpg
Dover, Arkansas1861-09-25Fayetteville, ArkansasJefferson Davis Medallion & flags, Stampless Paid 5 manuscriptDover AR 1861-09-23 Paid 5 Jeff Davis Patriotic LHarris Stock 20130914.jpg
Greensboro, Arkansas1861-11-17Buena Vista, Arkansas12 star flag with T in center, Ms townmark and Paid 5 msGreensboro 11-17-1861 12-star w T flag patriotic to Buena Vista RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1549.jpg
Helena, Arkansas1862-07-31Hillsboro, Arkansas10-Star Flag patriotic, PAID and 5 HandstampsHelena 1861-07-21 on 10-star patriotic to HillsboroRSiegel Sale1190Lot1588.jpg
Hickman's Bend, Arkansas1862-01-20Bowling Green, KY9-star Flag, CSA #1Hickmans Bend AR 1862-01-20 CSA #1 CSA Flag patriotic RSiegelSale1063Lot2212.jpg
Hix's Ferry, Arkansas (probably) Osceola or Mill's Bayou based on addresseeJefferson David Medallion & Flags, Hix's Ferry christies_sale6350_lot395 patriotic.jpg
Hot Springs, Arkansas1861-08-13Anderson, TexasFiring Cannon & 10 star flag, Paid 5 manuscriptHot Springs Paid 5 on cannon patriotic to Anderson TX RSiegel_Sale 737_Lot778.jpg
Little Rock, Arkansas Washington, Arkansas10 star flag, CSA #1 tied by dbl circle townmarkLittle Rock 10-star patriotic to Washington CSA No 1 srumsey_sale22_lot1796.jpg
Little Rock, Arkansas1861-12-23Richmond, VirginiaJefferson Davis Medallion, PAID 10 in circle HandstampLittle Rock AR 1861-12-23 Jef Davis Patriotic Due 10 RSiegel Sale 1190Lot1548.jpg
Mound City, Arkansas1861-05-14Trenton, Arkansas10 star in circle flag, Ms townmark on US #26Mound City 5-14-1861 Flag Patriotic to Trenton RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2514.jpg
Pine Bluff1861-11-11Richmond Virginia12 Star Flag, Dbl Circle CDS Black PAID ms Double 20cPine Bluff AR 1861-11-11 12 Star Flag Patriotic RSiegel Sale1190Lot1626.jpg
Pine Bluff, Arkansas1862-06-28DesArc, ArkansasFiring Cannon & 10 star flag, Dbl Circle townmark and DUE 5 HandstampsPine Bluff AR 1862-06-28 Due 5 Cannon Patrioric RSiegel Sale1190Lot1635 (1).jpg
Pocahontas1861-09-14South CarolinaBlack CDS, 11 Star flag on capped pole, Hds DUE 10 in Memphis w/enclosed stationaryPocahontas AR 1861-09-14 11 star Flag Memphis DUE 10 RSiegel Sale1190Lot1600.jpg
Washington1861-05-14New York New YorkJefferson Davis Patriotic US #26 tied by Washington CDS on yellow cover1861-05-14 Washington on Jeff Davis Medallion Patriotic amhistauctionssale4lot106.jpg

 Patriotics Mailed into Arkansas Minimize
 Post Office of OriginDate MailedDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
Bowling Green, Kentucky1861-12-21Monticello, ArkansasDavis Medallion on yellow cover, CDS & "Paid 10" ms Bowling Green KY 12-21-1861 to Monticello on Davis Medallion Patriotic srumsey_sale22_lot1813.jpg
Charleston, South Carolina1862-11-4Rondo, ArkansasStars & Bars flag, CSA #7 tied by Dbl Circle townmarkCharleston SC CSA 7 on Flag Patriotic to Rondo RSiegel_Sale927_Lot1637.jpg
Charlotte, Virginia186x-07-17Velvet Ridge, Arkansas7 stars in circle with 8th in middle flag, CDS and PAID w/5 in circle x 2 HspCharlotte VA 7-17-186x to Velot Ridge flag patriotic stampless jkaufmann_sale104_lot248.jpg
Charlotte, Virginia1861-08-05Pleasent Plains, Arkansas7stars in circle around 8th flag, CDS +PAID and 2x 5 in circle handstampsCharlotte VA Aug 5 1861 to Pleasent Plains flag patriotic stampless jkaufmann_sale104_lot249.jpg
Dandrige, Tennessee1861-05-31Osceola, Arkansas7 stars in circle around 8th star, furled flag with US #26Dandridge TN 1861-05-31 Flag Patriotic to Osceola RSiegle Sale 1167Lot2459.jpg
Huntsville, Alabama1861-05-08Spring Hill, Arkansas7-star flag, dbl circle town mark & US #26Huntsville AL 5-6-1861 7-star patriotic to Arkansas w no 26 rsiegel_sale_776A_lot_1597.jpg
Jackson, Mississippi186x-02-11Fulton, ArkansasCaptured Union Patiotic, 14th Reg Wisconsin, pair CSA#7 tied by townmarkJackson Miss 2-11-186x to Fulton Patriotic w pair CSA 7 amhistoricalauctionssale4lot404.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee1862-01-12Nashville, ArkansasFlag & Verse, CDS ties CSA #1Memphis 1-12-1862 Flag Patriotic to Nashville Ark w No 1 RSiegel_Sale_940_Lot_477.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee1861-08-24Marion, Arkansas12 star flag with M in center, CDS and DUE/5 HspsMemphis 8-24-1861 to Marion Ark 12 star flag with M SRumsey_Sale35_Lot3141.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee Helena, Arkansas7-star flag, CDS ties US #26Memphis to Helena Flag Patriotic w No 26 amhistoricalauctionssale4lot115.jpg
Social Circle, Georgia186x-09-xArkadelphia, ArkansasSmall furled 11-star flag, CDS and PAID 10 HspSocial Circle GA 9-x-186x 11star Flag Patriotic to Arkadelphia source unknown.jpg
Unkown Fort Smith, ArkansasAll-Over Stars & Bars, no postal markings so hand carried(?)Unknown PO to Ft Smith overall 7-star flag patriotic RSiegel_Sale619_Lot74.jpg
Unknown Warren, ArkansasJefferson Davis Medallion & Flags PAID in oval Hsp, ms 5Unknown PO to Warren on Davis Medallion Patriotic rfrajola_sale6_lot490.jpg
Vicksburg, Mississippi186x-x-27Fort Smith, ArkansasJefferson David Medallion & Flags, dbl Circle townmark, US #26Vicksburg Mis x-27-186x patriotic to Fort Smith w No 26 RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1539.jpg
San Antonio Texas186x-11-23"Army of Arkansas" "via Shreveport""The Sunny Side of our Country" Hsp PAID 10 Black CDS to General Forneys DivisionSan Antonio TX 186x-11-23 Patriotic PAID 10 to Army of Arks RSiegle Sale 1186 Lot559 20180628.jpg