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 2005 Reserve Grand-Frame 6-1861 mail to Seceded states, Independent state & Confederate state Minimize
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1Mail to Seceded States: Ind state of Mississippi 1-26-1861; Confederate State of Mississippi 2-11-1861f06p01.jpg
2Mail to Seceded states: Independent State of Alabamaf06p02.jpg
3Mail to Seceded States: Independent State of Lousiana: Confederate State of Louisianaf06p03.jpg
4Star Dies, late State usage: Black's Ferry 4-28-61; Galley Creek 5-1-61f06p04.jpg
51st Day of Independent State, May 6 1861, Strip of 6x1 cent. A jewel of the exhibitf06p05.jpg
6Independent State: Princeton May 15, 1861; Confederate State in US Mail System, Hot Springs, May 28, 1861f06p06.jpg
7Last Day of Federal Mail Service: Pine Bluff, May 31, 1861. A jewel of the exhibitf06p07.jpg
8Suspension of mail from the Union to Arkansas after May 31, 1861. A jewel of the exhibit.f06p08.jpg
9Non-recognition of US postage in Confederate Arkansasf06p09.jpg
10New Orleans Postmaster Provisonals used to Arkansas & Indian Territoryf06p10.jpg
11Memphis' importance to the Confederate Arkansas postal system.f06p11.jpg
12Confederacy-Stampless: Arkadelphia PAID 10; Black's Ferry Paid 5 cents Flag of Trucef06p12.jpg
13Stampless : Barkada Paid 10 ms & Camden Due 10 Hspf06p13.jpg
14Stampless: Florence PAID Hsp + 10 ms & Ft Smith PAID Hsp +10 msf06p14.jpg
15Stampless: Helena PAID Hsp +10 ms & Hillsboro PAID 10 Hspf06p15.jpg
16Stampless: Lake Village PAID 5 cents; Little Rock (due) 10 Hspf06p16.jpg