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 US 1847 Issue: Arkansas & Indian Territory Minimize

Uses of the US 1847 adhesive issues to and from Arkansas. 

The only shipment of the 1847 adhesive issues was sent to Arkansas on August 9, 1849.

The first adhesive issue was demonetized and no longer valid for postage after July 1, 1851.

Arkansas received a very small number of the 1st Adhesive issues, compared to other states
 or major cities in the East.  Stamps shipped to Arkansas Post Offices were:

                   Post Office           5 cent  10 cent 

 Arkadelphia                              200      100
Doaksville, Choctaw Nation     300      200
Little Rock                                 600    1300
Arkansas Totals                       1100    1600

In comparison, combined totals of the stamps sent to Alabama equaled 57,000
and to Bridgeport, Connecticut, 7300.

The following are the reported covers mailed from and to Arkansas.

Updated 8/26/2011

 US 1847 10 cent used from Little Rock Minimize

 1847 References Minimize
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 From Arkansas Minimize
 DateDenominationOriginating POSorted By Originating PO In Ascending OrderDestinationCover Scan & Source
2-14-18515 centHolly PointNew Orleans, Louisianaus #1 from holley point ark my cover.jpg
 10 centHot Springs  
9-3-185010 centLittle RockCincinnati, OhioRSiegel_Sale906_Lot1511.jpg
2-22-185110 centLittle RockCincinnati, OhioRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1283.jpg
3-26-185x10 centLittle RockLynchburg, Virginiaus #2 little rock to lynchburg my cover.jpg

 From Indian Territory Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDenominationOriginatiing PODestinationCover image & Source
1850-05-3010 centDoakesvilleNew Orleans, LouisianaDoakesville AR 1850-05-30 US 2 to NO Siegel Sale 1217 Lot 73.jpg
1850-06-1310 cent +"due 10" msDoakesvilleNew Orleans, Louisianahrharmer_sale2914_lot488.jpg
1850-06-2010 centDoakesvilleNew Orleans, LouisianaDoaksville 1850-06-20 Chronicle No 72(Nov 1971).png
1850-06-2410 centDoakesvilleNew Orleans, LouisianaDoaksville 1850-06-24.png
1850-06-3010 centDoakesvilleNew Orleans, Louisianadoaksville us 2 june 30 185x to no mbennett_sale330_lot1035.jpg
1850-07-0110 centDoakesvilleNew Orleans, LouisianaDoaksville 1850-07-01 10 cent RKaufmann_Sale66_Lot183.jpg
1851-12-025 centDoakesvilleEagletown, CNdoaksville us 1 azimmerman_sale34_lot243.jpg
1854-07-145 centEagletownWashington, D.C. Note Demonitized useEagletown Ark 7-14-1854 to Washington DC MBennet_Sale266_Lot1133.pdf
185x-10-0410 centDoakesville  

 To Arkansas Minimize

 Via Arkansas Minimize
 DateDenominationOriginatiing POSorted By Originatiing PO In Ascending OrderDestinationCover Image & Source
7-10-185010 centBonham, TexasNew Orleans, Louisiana "via Doaksville & Little Rock" Lear CorrespondenceBonham TX 1850-07-10 US 2 via Doaksville and Little Rock rfrajola_sale20_lot364.jpg