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In 1851 the US Postage rate was reduced to 3 cents for 1/2 oz up to 3,000 miles and 6 cents for the same 3,000 miles or more.  this last rate was increased to 10 cents on April 1, 1855.
 The postal materials available in Arkansas varied considerably over this time.  Stampless covers continued to be mailed all the way into 1861.  Prepayment with stamps was "encouraged" when the 2nd Adhesive issue was distributed in 1851, and letters mailed "due" were from that point charged a 5 cent "Penalty Rate".  Embossed envelopes became available in 1853.  By the time the 1851-1861 ended with secession, Arkansans had the chance to use two difference adhesive issues and the first issue of embossed envelopes.

 A second event of postal history significance was the awarding of a mail contract to the Butterfield Stage company.  The Butterfield carried mail from Eastern Termini in St. Louis and Memphis to Southern California.  One leg of the stage journey traversed North West Arkansas, with stage stations located at Fayetteville and Fort Smith.  A sub page shows the covers I have seen that originated in Arkansas or were addressed to Arkansas and carried on the Butterfield stage.  

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     * Stampless Covers
     * 2nd US Adhesive Issue uses (Scott 9-17)
     * 1st Embossed Envelope Issue uses (Scott U1-U18)
     * 3rd US Adhesive Issue uses (Scott 18-39)
     *Butterfield Stage covers
     * Foreign Destination covers.

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