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The Lake Village type set PAID 5 is the only Arkansas stampless item ever considered for the possibiltiy that this was a Postmaster's Provisional.  So far, no unused example has been found.  However, the uprated PAID 5 with 10 ms over the top suggestes that the envelope with PAID 5 was already in the hands of the user.  Otherwise, why stamp PAID 5 and then immediately change the rating to 10?  At any rate, the Lake Village markings are some of the most spectacular extant from Arkansas.

February 24 1862 Lake Village usage found October 2008 in Bruce Ball auction from 1976.

Table Updated 2013-12-22

 Arkansas Stampless "L" Post Offices excluding Little Rock Minimize
 Post OfficeSorted By Post Office In Ascending OrderDate MailedMarkingsDestinationCover Link
Laconia PAID Hsp 5 Hsp with due 5 Manuscript addedNew Orleans, Louisianashreves_sale46_lot1108.jpg
Lake VillageJuly 1, 1861PAID/5 CENTS Hsp on US Embossed EnvelopeNew Orleans, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1551 lake village July 1 1861.jpg
Lake VillageJuly 31, 1861PAID/5 CENTS HspNew Orleans, Louisianaamhistoricalauctionssale4lot148 lake village July 31 1861.jpg
Lake VillageAugust 8, 1861PAID/5 CENTS HspNew Orleans, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1554 Lake Village Aug 8 1861.jpg
Lake VillageAugust 29, 1861PAID/5 CENTS HspNew Orleans, Louisianarkaufman_sale71_lot89 Lake Village Aug 29 1861.jpg
Lake VillageOctober 2, 1861PAID/5 CENTS Hsp plus Paid 5 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale_940_Lot231 lake Village Paid 5+ms 5 Lake Village Oct 2 1861.jpg
Lake VillageJanuary 15, 1862PAID/5 CENTS HspNew Orleans, Louisianajkaufmann_sale137_lot47 lake village jan 15 1862.jpg
Lake VillageJanuary 29, 1862PAID/5 CENTS Hsp plus 5c ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaSRumsey_Sale29_Lot3082 lake village Paid 5 + ms 5 Lake Village Jan 29 1862.jpg
Lake VillageMarch 17, 1862PAID/5 CENTS Hsp plus Paid 5 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaTrsh Kaufmann Net 1-18-08 Lake Village Mar 17 1862.jpg
Lake VillageJuly 10, 1861PAID/5 CENTS Hsp upgrated to 10 (cents) with manuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1555.jpg
Lake VillageFebruary 24 1862 PAID 5 CENTS HspNew Orleans, Louisianabball_sale31_lot163 lake village 2-24-62 paid 5 cents.jpg
LeatonAugust 9, 186xPaid 10 ManuscriptNorfolk, VirginiaRSiegel_sale940_lot232 Leaton Paid 10.jpg
Lehi1862-08-19ms townname and rate due 10Pine Bluff ArkansasLehi AR 1862-08-19 RSiegelSale1063 Lot2165.jpg
Lewisburg PAID (oval) Hsp, Paid 5 cts ManuscriptHillsboro, ArkansasRFrajola_Sale51_Lot638 Lewisburg PAID HSP 5cts Manuscript.jpg
LewisvilleJuly 16, 186xPAID Hsp, 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Louisianarkaufmann_sale71_lot91 lewisville paid 10 July 16.jpg
LewisvilleAugust 21, 186xPAID Hsp, 10 ManuscriptJacksonville, TexasRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1556 Aug 21.jpg
LewisvilleAugust 31, 186xPAID Hsp, 10 ManuscriptJonisville, TexasRSegel_Sale907_Lot2545 Lewisville PAID 10 Aug 31.jpg
LewisvilleOctober 4, 186xPAID Hsp, 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Louisianarsiegel_sale619_lot54 lewisville paid 10 oct 4.jpg
LewisvilleApril 23, 186xPAID no rate, on US StationaryNew Orleans, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale907_Lot2512 Lewisville Apr 23.jpg
LewisvilleOctober 13, 1864Due 10 ManuscriptSan Felipe, Texassrumsey_sale32_lot903 lewisville ms due 10 10-13-1864.jpg
LewisvilleJanuary 7, 1865Manuscript townmark and "Due 10"Winsburgh, TexasLewisville 1-7-1865 Due 10 to TX interior of turned cover BiRCollection.jpg
LewisvilleSeptember 29 1862Black CDS, Black PAID, manuscript 10Cokesbury, South CarolinaLewisville 9-29-1862 PKaufmann Stock 20240315.jpg
LisbonMay 30, 186xPaid 10 c Manuscript on US Star Die stamped envelopePrattville, Alabamarkaufmann_sale71_lot92 lisbon paid 10 ms.jpg
LongviewJuly 2, 1861Paid 5 cts ManuscriptMonticello, ArkansasLongview AR Paid 5 jkaufmann_sale137_lot50.jpg
LudaJune 24, 186xPaid 10 Manuscript on US stamped envelopeMulberry, AlabamaRKaufmann_Sale71_Lot100 Luda Paid 10 ms on US Envel.jpg