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 CSA Little Rock Due 10 markings Minimize

The majority of Little Rock Covers are rated "Due 10" although most simply have the "10" numerals handstamped.

 CSA Little Rock "DUE 10 CTS" Handstamp Minimize

 CSA Little Rock "10 (due)" Hand Stamp Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderMarkingsDestinationCover Link
 10 Hand StampBelton, TexasLittle Rock AR 186x Due 10 to Belton TX eBay20200607.jpg
 10 Hand StampMarshall, Texasjkaufman_sale38_lot684 lr 8-x-186x due 10.jpg
 Black Dbl Circle illegible date Black 10 handstampJefferson TexasLittle Rock AR 186x due 10 to Jefferson TX DKelleher Sale659Lot1393.jpg
8/7/186210 Hand Stamp plus "Due" manuscriptBeeville, TexasLittle Rock (Due 10) amphilbrokerssale7lot406.jpg
11/20/186210 Hand StampAustin City, Texasjkaufmann_sale38_lot688 lr due 10 11-20-6x.jpg
11/21/186210 Hand StampVine Grove, Texasrkaufman_sale71_lot94.jpg
11/26/186210 Hand StampNavasoto Depot, Grimes Co., Texasamphilbrokers_sale34_lot141 lr 10 to texas nov 26 1862.jpg
12/10/186210 Hand StampRusk, Texasrobert_kaufmann_sale64_lot199.jpg
12/17/186210 Hand StampRusk, TexasRSiegel_Sale907_Lot2552 LR Due 10 12-17-62.jpg
12/22/186210 Hand Stamp on Adversity cover, US Costal SurveyAustin City, TexasLittle Rock 12-22-1862 Due 10 Adversity Cover RSiegel_Sale960_Lot2886.jpg
1/24/1863Dbl Circle Little Rock, Black 10, Receiving Rusk TX Feb 10 Black CDSRusk TxLittle Rock AR 1863-01-x (Due) 10 to Rusk TX RSeigel Sale 1182 Lot 195 20180522.jpg
1/27/186310 Hand StampNavasota Depot, TexasRSiegel_Sale_907_Lot_2546.jpg
1/29/186310 Hand Stamp on Wallpaper CoverRusk, TexasRSiegel_Sale_940_Lot_486 LR due 10 Wallpaper Feb 63.jpg
2/11/186310 Hand Stamp on adversity cover made from conscription exemptionCollingsburg, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1559.jpg
3/4/186310 Hand StampKy Town, TexasLittle Rock AR 1863-03-04 (due) 10 to Kentuckytown TX srumsey53 Lot4066.jpg
3/20/1863Dbl Circle Townmark, Black and 10 on Grey & Blue Wall paper Little Rock 5-20-1863 (Due) 10 grey & blue wallpaper JFox_Sale182_Lot653.jpg
4/1/186310 Hand StampVan Buren, ArkansasRSiegel_Sale_907_Lot_2547.jpg
4/3/186310 Hand Stamp on Wall Paper CoverBurkeville, TexasRSiegel_Sale_940_Lot_487 LR due 10 Wallpaper LR to texas.jpg
4/4/186310 Hand StampCaldwell, Texas April date, day uncertainrkaufman_sale16_lot116 lr due 10- april 1862.jpg
4/25/1863Black Double Circle CDS plus Black 10 hdspCollingsburg, LouisianaLittle Rock Due 10 1863 to Collingsburg LA turned RKimbrough Stock 20151010.jpg
5/4/186310 Hand StampVan Buren, Arkansasjkaufman_sale38_lot687 lr due 10 5-4-63.jpg
5/6/186310 Hand StampRichmond, VirginiaMBennett_Sale326_Lot1073 LR 10 to Richmand Va.jpg
5/9/186310 Hand StampMarshall, Texasrkaufman_sale71_lot98.jpg
5/12/186310 Hand Stamp on Wall Paper CoverEagle Lake, Texasrobert_kaufmann_sale64_lot606.jpg
5/16/186310 Hand StampCamden, Arkansasjkaufman_sale66_lot1302 lr 5-16-1863 due 10.jpg
5/29/186310 HandstampVan Buren, Ark.Little Rock 5-29-1863 (Due) 10 to Van Buren SRumsey_Sale35_Lot2684.jpg

 CSA Little Rock Due 10 Manuscript Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderMarkingsDestinationCover Link
 No Town Mark Due 10 in manuscript. Origin from letter enclosedArkadelphia, ArkansasLittle Rock due 10 ms no date to Arkadelphia RSiegel_Sale810_Lot2413.jpg
4/3/1863Due 10 Manuscript x 2Saint Martinsville, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale907_Lot2551 LR Due 10 ms 04-3-6x.jpg
4/27/1863Due 10 Manuscript on adversity cover, Post Office Ledger SheetNew Salem, TexasRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1560.jpg
7/24/1863Due 10 ManuscriptMarshall, Texasjkaufman_sale29_lot.jpg