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 Uses of the DeLaRue and Archer-Daley 5 cents Minimize

The two 5 cent Blue Jefferson Davis issues, printed from the DeLaRue plates Scott (#6) and by Archer & Daly locally (Scott #7) are the most commonly seen CSA adhesives on covers to and from Arkansas.  Like all other issues, these arrived in Arkansas later than in the Eastern CSA, and most uses are pairs following the rate change to 10 cents everywhere on July 1, 1862.  Uses of the DeLaRue printing from Arkansas are scarce.

New Cover added 2019-02-25 Washington Ark to Belton TX pair of CSA 7 on adversity cover.

                                 2021-04-16 Memphis Tn CSA#7 pair to Hot Springs

 CSA Scott #6 DeLaRue London Print to and from Arkansas Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Austin, Texasx-21-186xDbl Circle Black ties vertical pairLittle Rock, ArkansasAustin TX pair CSA #6 to Little Rock SRumsey Sale81Lot1257.jpg
Bonham TX1862-03-13Black CDS ties pair of CSA #6Washington, Ark.Bonham TX 1862-03-13 pair CSA 6 to Washington Ark SRumseySale55 Lot 2170.jpg
Camden, Arkansas9-10-186xCDS Black ties pair to adversity cover made from insurance flyerFalcon, ArkansasRSiegel_Sale_940_Lot_509 Camden to Falcon.jpg
Camden, Arkansas9-16-186xCDS Black ties pairLiberty, TexasCamden on pair #6 To Liberty TX BRoberts Collection.jpg
Fort Smith, Arkansas10-01-1862Dbl Circle Bold Black on PairFayetteville, ArkansasFort Smith CSA 6 pair to Fayetteville.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 4 + CSA 6Little Rock, ArkansasLittle Rock CSA 4 + CSA 6 to Little Rock RKaufmann_Sale38_Lot19.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 6 pairGeorgetown, TexasLittle Rock CSA 6 pair to Georgetown TX RSiegel_Sale426_Lot1760.jpg
Pine Bluff1862-06-28Dbl Circle CDS Black Advertising CoverBenton ArkansasPine Bluff AR 1862-06-28 Ad Cover to Benton AR John Kimbrough stock 20190605.jpg
South Bend, Arkansas10-25-186xCDS Purple ties pair on coverAustin City, TexasSouth Bend 10-25-186x on pair #6 to texas SRumsey_Sale25_Lot1569.jpg
Willow Springs Texas1862-12-06ms Town Name. Has CSA 6 and 7 on coverLittle Rock Arkansas. Interior of turned cover from Little Rock back to Willow SpringsWillow Springs TX CSA 6 & 7 to LR 1862-12-06 turned CWinters Collection.jpg

 CSA Scott #7 Archer-Daley Print To & From Arkansas Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Aberdeen Mississippi1863-04-29Black CDSMonticello ArkanasAberdeen MS 1863-04-29 to Monticello Pair CSA 7 eBay20200304.jpg
Arkadelphia7-25-186xCDS Black ties pair Little Rock, Arkansasarkadelphia pair of 7 to little rock ghendershott_sale61_lot8.jpg
Bonham, Texas8-9-186xCDS Black ties CSA 7 pair over US U-10 envelopeHillsborough, ArkansasBonham TX CSA 7 pair to Hillsborough RSiegel_Sale787_Lot3892.jpg
Camden3-22-186xCDS Black ties CSA 7 single on cover frontParis, TexasCamden 5 cent single March 22 Camden to Paris TX ebay 5-24-09.jpg
Camden2-2-186xCDS ties pair to adversity coverLewisvilleCamden CSA 7 pair to Lewisville on Adversity cover RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1642.jpg
Camden7-20-186xCDS ties pairFalcon, ArkansasCamden to Falcon CSA7 pair ebay 4-4-08.jpg
Camden7-2-1862CDS Black ties CSA 7 plus CSA 4 pen cancel not tiedMt Holly, ArkansasCamden CSA 7 + CSA 4 to Mt Holly RSiegel_Sale927_Lot1636.jpg
Camden CDS Black ties CSA 7 pairTexana, TexasCamden CSA 7 Pair to Texana TX JKaufmann_Sale38_Lot676.jpg
Camden1-25-1864CDS Black ties CSA 7 pairWashington, ArkansasCamden CSA 7 Pair to Washington JKaufmann_Sale38_Lot675.jpg
Champagnolle4-28-186xmanuscript black, pair pen cancelled not tied on beautiful adversity cover Champagnolle CSA 7 pair 4-28-186x adversity cover Bostick Collection.jpg
Chap......, South Carolina11-4-1862Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 7 pair on Flag Patriotic CoverRondo, ArkansasSouth Carolina 13 start patriotic to Rondo mbennett_sale248_lot449.jpg
Clarksville CDS Black ties CSA 7 pairLittle RockClarksville CSA 7 pair to Little Rock JKaufmann_Sale38_Lot674.jpg
Fort Smith7-31-1863Dbl Circle Black ties pair with right marginHillsboro, Arkansasfort smith pair 7 july 1863 ghendershott_sale56_lot5.jpg
Fort Smith6-19-1863Dbl Circle Black on CSA #1 + CSA #7Hillsborough, ArkansasFort Smith CSA 4 + CSA 7 RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1628.jpg
Fort Smith10-1-1862Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 7 pairFayetteville, ArkansasFort Smith 10-1-1862 CSA 7 pair to Fayetteville Ark RSiegel_Sale940_Lot419.jpg
Hamilton12-9-1862Manuscript Black Two strips of 3 to make 30 centsLittle RockHamilton CSA 7 12-9-1862 Strip of 6 to Little Rock.jpg
Hillsboro8-x0-1862CDS BlackGainesville, AlabamaHillsboro 8-x0-186x CSA 7 pair to Gainesville Ala robert_kaufmann_sale64_lot495.jpg
Hillsboro8-10-1862CDS BlackCamden, Arkansashillsboro CSA 7 pair 8-10-1862 nutmeg_sale17_lot4326.jpg
Hot Springs1-10-1863Black CDS ties Pair of CSA #7Monticello, ArkansasHot Springs 1-10-1863 Pair of CSA #7 LBaum Collection.jpg
Jefferson, Texas7-x-1863CDS Black ties CSA 7 pairWashington, ArkansasJefferson TX CSA 7 to Little Rock RSiegel_Sale787_Lot3898.jpg
Little Rock1863-07-09Dbl Circle CDS Black ties stamps Little Rock 7-9-1862 CSA 7 pair jkaufmann_sale137_lot399.jpg
Little Rock1863-07-10Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pair Little Rock AR 1862-07-10 Pair CSA 7 CWinters Collection.jpg
Little Rock7-29-1862Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pairMonticello, ArkansasLittle Rock 7-29-1862 SRumsey_Sale25_Lot1577_Large.JPG
Little Rock11-23-1862Dbl Circle Black on vertical CSA 7 pairRichmond, VirginiaLittle Rock 11-23-1862 CSA 7 pari to Virginia robert_kaufmann_sale_58_lot_1172.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pair-Wallpaper CoverJefferson, TexasLittle Rock CSA 7 pair on wallpaper robert_kaufmann_sale69_lot500.jpg
Little Rock3-5-1863Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pairRichmond, VirginiaLittle Rock CSA 7 pair 3-5-1863 amphilbrokers_sale9_lot395.jpg
Little Rock8-18-1863Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7pairBatesville, ArkansasLittle Rock CSA 7 pair 8-18-1863 to batesville ghendershott_sale14_lot11.jpg
Little Rockx-24-186xDbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pair Little Rock x-24-186x CSA 7 pair jkaufmann_sale137_lot403.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 7 pairVan Buren, ArkansasLittle Rock pair CSA 7 to Van Buren.jpg
Little Rock11-4-1862Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 single off cover Little Rock 11-4-1862 CSA 7 single off cover.jpg
Little Rock6-10-1863Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 7 pairUnknownLittle Rock CSA 7 pair 6-10-1863 ebay.jpg
Little Rock7-11-186xDbl Circle ties CSA 7 pair on Black & Tan Wallpaper coverVan BurenLittle Rock 7-11-186x CSA 7 pair to Van Buren on Wallpaper PKaufman Stock 2024-03-15.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 7 vert Pair to cover made from schoolmaster pic Little Rock CSA 7 vert pair on letter made from schoolmaster pic RKaufmann_Sale49_Lot338.jpg
Little Rock4-x-1863Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pair off cover Little Rock 4-x-1863 CSA 7 Pair off cover.jpg
Little Rock8-13-186xDbl Circle Black ties CSA 7 vert pairWashington, ArkansasLittle Rock 8-13-186x CSA 7 vert pair to Washington RSiegel_Sale927_Lot1663.jpg
Little Rock186x-07-06Black Dbl Circle ties Block of 4 CSA 7Pine Bluff, ArkansasLittle Rock AR 186x-07-06 CSA 7 Blk of 4 w Due 10 to Pine Bluff RSiegelSale1071 Lot4696.jpg
Little Rock1863-07-08Dbl Circle Black ties vertical pair of CSA 7Monticello ArkansasLittle Rock AR 1863-07-08 CSA 7 Pair to Monticello Harmer ShauSale94 Lot2060.jpg
Mayesville, South Carolina Manuscript black CSA 7 single not tied, second stamp removed, turned coverHickory Plains, ArkansasMaysville SC CSA 7 to Hickory Plains ebay 12-6-05.jpg
Maysville6-3-1863Manuscript Brown ties CSA 7 pairLittle Rock, ArkansasMaysville AR CSA 7 pair to Little Rock JKaufmann_Sale137_Lot400.jpg
Memphis, TennesseeNot ClearBlack CDS ties pair of CSA #7Hot Springs, ArkansasMemphis TN to Hot Springs eBay20210416.jpg
Pine Bluff11-3-1862Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pairGrand View, TexasPine Bluff 11-3-1862 pair #7 to Grand View Tx SRumsey_Sale35_Lot2685.jpg
Pine Bluff Dbl Circle Black on CSA 7 pairCentersville, GeorgiaPine Bluff CSA 7 pair robert_kaufmann_sale67_lot2150.jpg
Port Hudson, Louisiana12-25-1862Black CDS ties pair of CSA #7Liddesdale, ArkansasPort Hudson LA to Columbia 12-25-1862 ebay 11-12-10.jpg
Post Oak11-8-1862Manuscript brown ink CSA 7 PairAlbany, GeorgiaPost Oak 11-8-1862 CSA 7 Pair robert_kaufmann_sale64_lot489.jpg
Rocky Comfort9-23-186x first seen GHendershott Sale 22 Lot 43Manuscript Black on CSA 7 pairHillsborough, ArkansasRocky Comfort CSA 7 pair to Hillsborogh RSeigel Sale 1182 Lot 419 20180522.jpg
Roseville11-28-1862Manuscript Black CSA 7 pair not tied by pen cancelsLittle Rock, ArkansasRoseville 11-28-1862 CSA 7 Pair to Little Rock.jpg
Sherman, Texas12-11-186xCDS Black CSA 7 pair pen cancel does not tieLittle Rock, ArkansasSherman TX 12-11-186x CSA 7 Pair to Little Rock APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg
Shreveport, Louisiana4-28-1863Dbl Circle ties pair, interior of cover turned from Little Rock back to LouisianaPine Bluff, ArkansasCSA 7 Pair to Pine Bluff turned from LR to LA RSiegel_Sale980_Lot2935.jpg
Tullahoma, Tennessee4-6-1863CDS Black ties CSA 7 pairArkadelphia, ArkansasTullahoma TN CSA 7 pair to Arkadelphia RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2881.jpg
Unknown No town mark, CSA 7 single with pen cancelLittle Rock, ArkansasUnknown Origin to Little Rock CSA 7 single to Little Rock BRoberts Collection.jpg
Unknown Uncancelled CSA 7 pair used over US star dieLewisville, ArkansasUnknown Origin to Lewisville CSA 7 pair used over star Die BRoberts Collection.jpg
Unknown186x-04-16IndistictTulip Arkansas Pair of CSA #7 pen cancelledUnknown to Tulip AR pair of CSA #7 eBay20150402.JPG
UnknownUnknownNoneWashington Arkansas Uncancelled pair of CSA #7Unknown Origin to Washington AR Pair of CSA #7 eBay20150719.JPG
UnknownNot ClearBlack single circle ties pair of #7Monticello, ARVertical Pair #7 on cover w indistict PM to Monticello AR eBay20220512.jpg
Washington11-14-1863CDS Black ties CSA 7 pair Washington11-14-1863 CSA 7 pair on adversity envelope ghendershott_sale31_lot24.jpg
Washington9-27-186xCDS Black ties CSA 7 pair on envelope made from a Steamboat documentCamden, ArkansasWashington CSA 7 pair 11-14-186x PKaufmann Stock 20240315.jpg
Washington11-7-1864CDS Black ties CSA 7 pair on red rose wallpaper coverSan Antonio, TexasWashington CSA 7 pair wallpaper to San Antonio Texas ghendershott_sale56_lot28.jpg
Washington12-8-186xCDS Black ties CSA 7 pair to military addressCamden, ArkansasWashington 12-8-186x CSA 7 pair to Camden RKaufmann_Sale71_lot130.jpg
Washington5-7-186xCDS Black ties CSA 7 pairSpringfield, TexasWashington CSA 7 pair to Springfield TX RSiegel_Sale787_Lot3882.jpg
Washington186xBlack CDS WASHINGTON//ARK ties vertical pair of CSA 7Belton TexasWashington AR 186x CSA7 pair to TX Dean Briggs Coll.jpg