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 Originating POSorted By Originating PO In Ascending OrderDate mailedPAID/DUERateDestinationCommentCover Picture
Antoin1839-04-02Due25Mardisvill, Taladega Co, Alabamams Town name and date and rateantoin AR 2april1839 001.jpg
Arkadelphia1843-01-03Due10 centsLittle RockTo Gov. Archibald Yellarkadelphia 1-3-1843 gmchenry 3-9-1989.jpg
Arkadelphia1844--01-03due10Little Rock Arkansas to Governor YellManuscript Town and date Manuscript 10Arkadelphia AR 1844-01-03 George Kramer Coll.jpg
Arkansas Post1841-04-06Due25 cents manuscriptHallowell MaineAll in manuscriptArkansas Post 1841-4-6 25 due to Hallowell Maine ebay 9-3-09.jpg
Arkansas Post1839-01-24due25Hollowell, Kennebec County, Mainems Town Name, date, and rateArkansas Post AR 1839-01-24 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Arkansas Post1838-04-22Due25St. Louis, MissouriMS Town, date, and rate Ark.History Commission files John Knight MS000136Arkansas Post AR 1838-04-22 AHC MS.000136 1822-45.jpg
Arkansas Post1838-05-02Due25St Louis MissouriMs town, date, and rate Ark History Commission John Knight Papers MS000136Arkansas Post AR 1838-05-02 AHC MS000136 1822-45.jpg
Arkansas Post1840-09-08Due25St. Louis, MissouriMs town, date, rate Ark. History Commission Files John Knight Papers MS000136Arkansas Post AR 1840-09-08.jpg
Arkansas Post1841-01-12Due25St. Louis, MissouriMs town, date, rate Ark. History Commission Files John Knight Papers MS000136Arkansas Post AR 1841-01-12 AHC MS.000136 1822-1845.jpg
Arkansas Post1844-05-06Due25St. Louis, Missouri"Post of Arkansas" town name, Ark. History Commission Files John Knight Papers MS000136Post of Arkansas AR 1844-05-06 AHC MS.000136 1822-1845.jpg
Arkansas Post1842-08-25Paid25St. Louis, MissouriMs town, date, rate Ark. History Commission Files John Knight Papers MS000136Arkansas Post AR 1842-08-25 AHC MS000136 1822-1845.jpg
Arkansas Post1840-08-18Due50St. Louis, Missourims town, date, rate Ark. History Commission files John Knight MS000136Arkansas Post AR 1840-08-18 AHC MS000136 FC1840-44.jpg
Arkansas Post1842-11-17Due25St. Louis, MissouriMs town, date, rate Ark. History Commission files John Knight MS000136Arkansas Post AR 1842-11-17 AHC MS000136 FC1840-44.jpg
Arkansas Post1848-12-24due5Little Rock Arkansasms town name date and rate Ark Hist Comm MS000419 Refeld Family SupplArkansas Post AR 1848-12-24 AHC MS000419 Refeld Family Suppl Dec 1848.jpg
Arkansas Post1849-06-27Paid10Lebanon Kentuckyms town name, date and rate Ark Hist Comm MS000419 Refeld Family SupplArkansas Post AR 1849-06-27 AHC MS000419 Refeld Family Suppl Mar-Dec 1849.jpg
Arkansas Post1839-04-11due25Madison, IndianaManuscript Town and date Manuscript 25Arkansas Post AR 1839-04-11 George Kramer Coll.jpg
Barfields Point1837-01-03due18.75Dillies Bottom, Belmont Co, OhioAll manuscript. Date from contentsBarfields Point AR 1837-01-03 eBay20130606.jpg
Batesville1841-03-08 FREEWashington, DCTo Secretary of Warbatesville 1841 free.jpg
Batesville184x-03-28Due25Washington, DCTo a Midshipman in the US NavyBatesville Black CDS due 25 Nutmeg_BabySale_48_Lot_30022.jpg
Batesville1851-04-05Due10Lexington, MissouriRed CDS and Red "10" on SFLBatesville AR 1851-04-05 Red CDS to Mo eBay 20130208.jpg
Batesville1840-07-06FREEFREEWashington, DCBlack CDS ms FreeBatesville AR 1840-07-08 (docket) JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Batesville1844-01-31Due10Smithfield ARBlack Bold CDS, ms 10Batesville AR 1844-01-31 CWinters Collection.jpg
Batesville1839-12-21due25Washington, DCBlack CDS ms 25Batesville AR 1839-12-21 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Batesville1843-09-02 FREELittle Rock ArkansasArk. History Commission FilesBatesville AR 1843-09-02 Red CDS Red FREE AHC MS.000066 1843-1890.jpg
Batesville1837-06-23Due75 centsKentuckyAuction text Only 
Batesville1844-07-27Due75 centsRichland County OhioBlue CDS ms 75Batesville AR 1844-07-27 Blue CDS BRoberts Collection.jpg
Batesville1843-02-18Paid$1Richland Co. OhioRed CDS BATESVILLE/FEB (18 in ms)/Ark. Red Hdsp PAIDBatesville AR 1843-02-18 to court in Ohio eBay20211205.jpg
Benton1845-03-01 FREEPhiladelphia, PAPM Free Frankbenton 1845 free rate.jpg
Benton1842-06-12due6Little Rock ArkansasArk History Commission filesBenton AR 1842-06-12 AHC MS00044.jpg
Brussels Belgium1850-08-03Paid Arkansas Post2nd letter from Belgium in Refeld Papers Ark Hist Comm MS000419Europe to Ark Post Sept 1835 Cropped Refield_Family_Supplement_Box1Folder3 jpg.jpg
Cabeen184x-04-xDue25 + 12.5 forwardingFrom Mississippi, forwarded from Cabeen to Monroe LAOnly letter from Cabeen i have seenCabeen Arkansas forwarding from Miss to La eBay 6-30-11.jpg
Camden1844-05-23Paid37.5 centsLittle Rock, ArkansasTown and rate in ManuscriptCamden 5-23-1844 ms paid 37.5 APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg
Cane Hill1839-04-04due18.75Little Rock Arkansasms town name date rate Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonCane Hill AR 1839-04-04 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Clark CH183x-10-13Paid 18.75 centsArkansas County clark ch 18 3-4 rate to arkansas post 1838.jpg
Columbia1839-03-08Paid25 centsPhiladelphia, PA columbia cds 1839 25 rate.jpg
Columbia12-4-1843Due18.75 ms, Rodney, MississippiCDS in bright red 
Columbia1838-03-07Due6Hempstead Court House ArkansasEarliest reported Columbia cover. 6 cent rate is extremely scarce on Arkanas coversColumbia AR 1838-03-07 6 cent rate.jpeg
ColumbusDecember 5, 1841Due25 centsPetersburg, IL columbus 1841 ms nutmeg_sale93_lot19.jpg
Columbus1838-03-07due6Hempstead Co Clerk, Washington Distric ARAll manuscript markings. 6 cent rate is scarce in ArkansasColumbus AR 1838-03-7 6c rate eBay 20130205.jpg
Conway1839-10-05Paid25 centsChapel Hill, NCCover is in the North Carolina archivesconway 10-5-1839 north carolina archives.jpg
Core A Fabre1838-03-30Due25Woodsville, ?? core-a-fabre3-30-1838 dphillips_salenov87_lot59.jpg
Dardanelle1837-03-28 FREEZainesville, OHPostmaster's Free Frankdardanelle 3-28-1837 rsiegel_sale490_lot.jpg
Dardanelle 1839-04-05 FreeZanesville, OhioFree/J.W. Beasly/P.M. all in ms. as is the town nameDardanelle_18390405_PamOwenCollection.jpg
Dardanelle1841-06-12FREEFree signed by PMZanesville, OhioFree/J.W. Beasly/P.M. all in ms. as is the town nameDardanelle AR 1841-06-12 Free PM LHarris Stock 20130914.JPG
Dardanelle1843FreePostmaster SignatureZanesville, OhioYear Date from Auction DescriptionDardanelle 1843 Free to Ohio ebay 2-7-10.jpg
Dwight184x-10-11due25 centsZainesville, OH dwight 10-11-184x srumsey_sale19_lot.jpg
Elizabeth1840-07-30due25New York, NYAll in manuscriptElizabeth 7-30-1840 ebay 2-7-11.jpg
Elizabeth1842-01-03Due25Plymouth, MassAll in Manuscript-Nutmeg Sale 93 Lot 20 12-16-2004Elizabeth 1842 ms Nutmeg_Sale93_Lot20.pdf
Elizabeth1843-08-15(Due)12.5 centsLittle RockAll manuscripteliazbeth 1843 12.5 rate nutmeg_sale162_lot1.jpg
Elizabeth1839-10-12Due12.5 centsLittle Rock Arkansas ms town name, date, rate Ark Hist Comm John Saylors SMC.17.1Elizabeth AR 1839-10-12 AHC SMC.17.1 John Saylors.jpg
Fayetteville1843-09-01Due$1.50Adams County, Mass fayettevill 1843 1-50 rate.jpg
Fayetteville1843-04-13Due25New York, New YorkBlack CDS FAYETTEVILLE/APR/13/Ark, ms "25"Fayetteville AR 1843-04-13 to NY eBay20231104.jpg
Fort Adams, Mississippi then Forwarded from Cabeen, ArkansasApril 8, 1841Due 25 then 12.5 cents added for forwarding total 37.5 centsCabeen, Arkansas, then forwarded to Monroe, LouisianaAll Manuscript markings on folded letterCabeen Arkansas forwarding from Miss to La eBay 6-30-11.jpg
Fort Smith1844-03-20Paid25 centsDelhi, NYBrown Ink CDS and PAID Hspfort smith brown cds 1844 25 rate.jpg
Fort Smith1844-03-06 Free Postmaster Free Frankfort smith 3-6-1844 dkelleher_sale578_lot3208.jpg
Fort Smith1837-10-24Due6 centsVan BurenA rare rate on Arkansas coversFt Smith to Van Buren 6 cents 1837 CWinters Coll.jpg
Fort Smith1842-01-24 On Public ServiceWashington, DCTo Nathanal Towson, Paymaster General of the ArmyFort Smith ms rfrajolasale42lot150.jpg
Fort Smith1842-02-18Due25 centsHamilton, OH Fort Smith AR 1842-02-18.JPG
Fort Smith1844-04-20due10 centsFort Gibson, ArkansasBlue Manuscript townmark and rateFort Smith AR 1844-04-20 JPalazolo Coll 20130914.JPG
Fort Smith183x-03-23Paid25Bangor, MaineManuscript town name and rate on pink paper coverFort Smith AR 184x-03-23 Paid 25 LHarris Stock 20130914.JPG
Fort Smith1843FreeJohn Rogers, PM SignatureNapoleon ArkansasAuction Text OnlyFort Smith 1843 Free John Rogers PM no pmk no photo DKelleher_Sale578_Lot3049.jpg
Fort Smith1841-12-10Paid25Not GivenAuction Text Only. Letter written in GermanFort Smith AR 1841-12-10 paid 25 ASiegel_Sale157_Lot188.jpg
Fort Smith1843-03-12Due25Fort Stausbury, Indian NationsBrown CDS, super coverFort Smith AR 1843-03-12 Brown CDS DKelleher_Sale20120812.jpg
Fort Smith183x-01-26FreeOn Public ServiceWashington DCManscript town name and date. To General Towson, Army PaymasterFort Smith AR 183x-01-26 ms rfrajolasale42lot150.jpg
Fort Smith183x-03-23Paid25Bangor MaineMs Town name, date and rate.Fort Smith AR 183x-03-23 Paid 25 to Bangor MA eBay20150415.JPG
Fort Smith1842-02-18Due25Hamilton, Ohioms Town Name, Date and rate, brown file fold through rateFort Smith AR 1842-02-18 KPitt Stock 20151010.jpg
Fulton1840-12-11Due25 centsVirginia Fulton1840 ebay_200046427313_.jpg
Greenville1841-08-19Paid, then Free25 struck out, Free, then $1.50 added in TexasZaralla, TexasWm Bryant New Orleans agent of Texas HSPGreenville Ark 1841-08-19 ms rkaufman_sale71_lot41.jpg
Hadad1844-01-21FreeFreeHartford Connecticutms town date and free. Ark Hist Comm MS.00044Hadad AR 1844-01-21 AHC MS00044.jpg
Helena1842-03-19due25Paris KentuckyBlue CDS and ms rate 25. Helena AR 1842-03-19 Broberts Collection.jpg
Helena1838-01-08due25Georgetown KentuckyRed CDS ms 25Helena AR 1838-01-08 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Helena1838-02-01due25Georgetown KentuckyRed CDS, ms 25Helena AR 1838-02-01 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Helena1842-04-23due25Paris, KentuckyBlue CDS, ms 25Helena AR 1842-04-23 eBay20130720.jpg
Helena1840-03-10Due25Abingdon, VirginiaRed CDS, ms 25Helena AR 1840-03-10 Red CDS to VA eBay20140812.JPG
Helena1837-12-12(due)25Paris, KYRed CDS, ms 25 notation "River Mail" bottom left Helena AR 1837-12-12 Red CDS eBay20200127.jpg
Helena184x-03-16Due75 centsCourt of Common Pleas, Washington Co, OhioRed CDS HELENA/MAR 16/Ark ms "75"Helena 184x-03-16 Red CDs to Ohio eBay20220204.jpg
Hempstead C.H Ar.T.1837-10-28due12.5Little RockOn microfilm, no color Territorial CDS, Ark Hist Comm SMC.3.14 Edward CrossHempstead CH ArT 1837-10-22 AHC SMC.3.14 Edward Cross.jpg
Hempstead C.H. ArT1837-10-28due12.5Little Rock ArkansasBright Red CDS HEMPSTEAD C.H./OCT/28 ms 12.5 dateline Fulton Red River 1837 was in AHCHempstead ArT 1837-10-28 was in AHC on Microfilm George Kramer Coll.jpg
Hempstead C.H. ArT1837-06-07Due12.5 centsLittle Rock, ArkansasTo Col. Chester Ashley. Red CDSHempstead C.H. ArT 1837-06-07 to Chester Ashley eBay20230209.jpg
Hempstead C.H. ArT.1838-12-29Due25Petersburg, IllinoisRed Territorial CDS used 3 years after statehoodHempstead ArT. 1838-12-29 Red Terr CDS statehood use eBay20150919.JPG
Hempstead CH ArT1838-12-19DueDouble rate 37.5 centsMulberry ArkansasRed CDS Statehood use of Territorial MarkingHempstead C.H. ArT. 1838-12-19 Bob Crossman Coll.jpg
Hempstead CH ArT1837-12-02FreeFreePleasorance(?), Louisiana Red Territorial CDS, Red Handstamp FREE PM SignatureHEMPSTEAD CH Ar.T. 1837-12-02 Red CDS Red FREE to Lousiana DWeisz Stock 20180128.jpg
Hempstead CH AT1837-09-27 FREEPlaisance, LAHempstead CH AT territoitorial CDS used in Statehoodhempstead chat red 1.jpg
Hempstead CH AT183x-04-05Due25Lawrenceville, VARed CDS probably statehood useHempstead ArT 183x-04-05 Red statehood use to Virgina.jpg
Hempstead CH AT1839Due25IllinoisBold Red CDS. Statehood Use. Auction Text onlyHempstead CH Ar.T CDS 1839 red SuperbMailSale_121889_Lot9.jpg
Hempstead CH AT (originated in Boydton, VA) forwarding CDSApril 3, 1837Mailed Free by PM in VA, forwarded with no added chargeFreePetersburg, ILNutmeg Sale 93 Lot 32 12-16-2004Hempstead CH Red CDS 1838 RSiegel_Sale_906_Lot_1303.jpg
Hot Springs1838-08-19No Postal Markings Boston MassNo postal markings. Heading Hot Springs and date from inside letterHot Springs AR 1843-08-19 no pmk FL to Boston ebay 12-6-10.jpg
Huntsville1843-08-26FREEFREELitltle Rock, ArkansasArk. History Commission FilesHuntsville AR 1843-08-26 AHC MS.000066 1843-1890.jpg
Lafayette CHJune 13, 1838Due18.75 centsLittle RockTo Governor Archibald Yelllafayette ch 1838 18.75 rate .jpg
Lawrenceville1840-01-28FREE Woodsfield OhioMs town, date, PM free frank AHC SMC.3.9a Phil Costar LetterLawrenceville AR 1840-01-28 AHC SMC.3.9a Phil Costar.jpg
Lewisburg1839-04-16Paid18.75Evansville Arkansasms town name, date, rate Ark Hist Comm SMC.2.1.b Ball Family PapersLewisburg AR 1839-04-16 AHC SMC.2.1.b Ball Family Papers.jpg
Lewisburg1839-02-11Due18.75Vinyard Arkansasms town name date and rate Ark Hist Comm SMC.2.1.b Ball Family PapersLewisburg AR 1839-02-11 AHC SMC.2.1.b Ball Family Papers.jpg
Madison1838-09-24due18.75Dononabe Kentuckyms town, date and rateMadison AR 1838-09-24 eBay 2012-06-18.jpg
Miller Court House1837-11-29   All ManuscriptMiller Court House AR 1837-11-29 ms rkaufmann_sale51_lot131.jpg
Miller Court House1840-07-09Due25Plainville, Connecticutms town name and date and 25Miller C House AR 1840-07-09 25 due Dtocher_netprice_21111.jpg
Napoleon1845-10-01(Due)10Shelbyville, TennesseeTownmark and rate in ms.Napoleon Oct 1 1845 to Tennessee.jpg
Napoleon1843-08-18(Due)12.5Little Rock, ArkansasBlack CDS with manuscript date inside, manuscript 12 1/2 ratenapoleon cds 8-18-1843 rkaufmann_sale54_lot81.jpg
Napoleon1837-11-04Paid25, then 50 plus 8 pence due in EnglandBaden, GermanyEarliest Reported Foreign Mail From ArkansasNapoleon AR 1837-11-4 to Baden Germany BRoberts Collection.jpg
Napoleon1841-07-03due18 3/4Jackson, MississippiMs Town Name, Date, and RateNapoleon AR 1841-07-03 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Napoleon1838-07-29Due18.75 centsVan Buren Arkansasms town name, date, rate Ark Hist Comm DGW Leavitt SMC 10.4aNapoleon AR 1838-07-29 AHC SMC 10.4a D.G.W. Leaviltt.jpg
Napoleon1841-06-19due25Hollowell, MaineManuscript Town and date Manuscript 25Napoleon AR 1841-06-19 George Kramer Coll.jpg
New Gascony1843-11-15due10Little Rock ArkansasArk History Commission filesNew Gascony AR 1843-11-15 AHC MS00044.jpg
Old Town1841-10-24Due25Paris, KentuckyManuscript town name, date and 25 rateOldtown AR 1841-10-24 eBay 2012-08-09.jpg
Owensville1844-03-17due18 3/4Crooked, Carroll County, ArkansasMs Town Name, date and rateOwensville AR 1844-03-17 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Ozark1842-08-10Paid25Shepard's Town, Jefferson County, VirginiaMs town name, date, and rateOzark AR 1842-08-10 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Ozark1842-03-15Paid12.5Little Rock ArkansasManuscript Town and date Manuscript Paid 12.5Ozark AR 1842-03-10 George Kramer Coll.jpg
Paraclifta1838-10-13due20Greenville CH, MississippiMs town name, date, and rateParaclifta AR 1838-10-13 JPalazola Collection.jpg
Pine Bluff1838-09-30Due25 centsRussellville, KYms town name date and 25pine bluff 1838 25 rate.jpg
Pine Bluff18xx-06-28(Due)25East Winthrope, MaineReddish CDS and manuscript ratepine bluff due 25 6-28-184x.jpg
Pine Bluff1842-05-09Paid marked out10Little Rock ArArk HIstory Commission filesPine Bluff AR 1842-05-09 AHC MS00044.jpg
Pine Bluff1845-01-01 FREEWashington, D.C.Ark. History Commission FilesPine Bluff AR 1845-01-01 AHC MS00044.jpg
Pine Bluff1845-04-19due10Little Rock ArkansasArk. History Commission FilesPine Bluff AR 1845-04-19 AHC MS00044.jpg
Pine Bluff1839-01-02Due18.75St. Louis, MissouriMs town, date, rate Ark. History Commission files John Knight Papers MS000136Pine Bluff AR 1839-01-02 AHC MS000136 1822-1845.jpg
Pine Bluff184x-08-16Due25St. Louis, MissouriRed CDS, ms 25 Ark. History Commission Files John Knight MS000136Pine Bluff AR 184x-08-16 Red CDS AHC MS000136 PC1846.jpg
Pine Bluff1839-04-25Due25St. Louis, MissouriMs town, date, rate Ark. History Commission Files John Knight MS000136Pine Bluff AR 1839-04-25 AHC MS000136 FC1833-39.jpg
Pine Bluff1844-03-15Due25St. Louis, MissouriRed CDS, ms 25 Ark. History Commission files John Knight MS000136PIne Bluff AR 1844-03-15 Red CDS AHC MS000136 FC1840-44.jpg
Pine Bluff1839-06-13Paid25St. Louis MissouriMs town, date, rate Ark. History Commission files John Knight MS000136Pine Bluff AR 1839-06-13 AHC MS000136 FP 1850-79.jpg
PIne Bluff1845-06-04PAIDnot statedChoctaw Agency ArkansasBlack CDS black PAID, ms "Charge box 9"Pine Bluff AR 1845-06-04 Black CDS Black PAID to Choctaw Agency eBay20140603.JPG
Pine Bluff184x-06-28Due25MaineRed CDS ms 25pine bluff due 25 6-28-184x.jpg
Pine Bluff1840-02-13Due10Little Rock ArkansasBlack CDS ms 10 Ark Hist Comm MS.00135 Lorenzo GibsonPine Bluff AR 1840-02-13 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Pine Bluff1842-08-20due18.75Rock Port ArkansasCDS color not know Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonPine Bluff AR 1842-08-20 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Pine Bluff1845-02-08Due18.75Rock Port ArkansasCDS color not known Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonPine Bluff AR 1845-02-08 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Pine Bluff1844-11-09PAID25Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaBlack CDS PINE BLUFF/NOV/9/Ark. Hdsp PAID ms 25Pine Bluff AR 1844-11-09 Paid 25 eBay20200316.jpg
Plum Bayou1844-01-07Due6 centsLittle RockTo Gov Archibald Yell. 6 cent rate is rare in Arkansas, dist <30 milesplum bayou 6-rate 1843.jpg
Raymond1843-12-02Free Rock Port Arkansasms town name date rate Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonRaymond AR 1843-12-02 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Richland1840-03-07due25Tuscumbia, Alabamams town name, date, and rateRichland AR 1840-03-07 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Rock Port1839-03-29FreePostmaster FrankLittle Rock Arkansasms town name date rate Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonRock Port AR 1839-03-29 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Rock Port1839-08-20FreePostmaster FrankLittle Rockms town name date rate Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonRock Port AR 1839-08-20 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Rock Port1839-10-29FreePostmaster FrankLittle Rockms town name date rate Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonRock Port AR 1839-10-29 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Rock Port1840-01-14FreePostmaster FrankLittle Rock ms town name date rate Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonRock Port AR 1840-01-14 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Rock Port1840-07-19FreePostmaster FrankLittle Rock Arkansasms town name date rate Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonRock Port AR 1840-07-19 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Saint Francis1840-12-07Paid10Memphis, TennesseeMs town name, date and rate. 10 cent rate is scarce from ArkansasSt Fancis 12-7-1840 Paid 10 eBay 5-1-11.jpg
Saint Francis1843-10-11Due25Green Bay, WisconsinMs Town Name, Date, RateSaint Francis AR 1843-10-11 to Wisc eBay20210424.jpg
Saint Marys1841-03-10Paid50 (2x 25c inland to port)Lyon FranceTown name and date on reverse of envelope. In French. Hand carried to Louisville Ky mailed Mar 24 then via NY and Le HarveSt Marys AR 1841-03-10 to France via Louisville KY BRoberts Coll.jpg
Scotia1838-06-22Due25Middletown ConnecticutMs town name, date, and rateScotia AR 1838-06-22 DPhillipsSale99 Lot187.jpg
Spring Hill1837-01-03Due25 centsPittsburg, IL spring hill 1837 25 rate.jpg
Spring Hill1841-11-09Due25 centsWashington, DC 1841-11-09 Spring Hill 25 due to Washington DC.jpg
Spring Hill1844-07-30 FREE/A Russ PM WCHHelenaRuss was PM in Washington, about 15 miles from SpringhillSpring Hill AR-1844 JPalazolo Collection.jpg
Spring HIll1844-07-19Due25Lawrenceville, Virginiams Townname, date, and rateSpring Hill 1844-07-19 eBay 2012-02-19.jpg
Spring HIll1836-07-19Due25Pulasburg, Illinoisms Townname, date, and ratespring hill 1836-07-19 jack molesworthy net price 1.jpg
Spring HIll1839Due25Not StatedAuction Text "Commercial Letter" 
Spring Hill1836-08-16due25Petersburg, Illinoisms town name date rateSpring Hill AR 1836-08-15 eBay20141119.JPG
Spring Hill1844-01-01FREEFREERed Plains, North Carolinams town name, date, and freeSpring HIll AR 1844-01-01 KPitt Stock 20151010.jpg
Spring Hill1838-03-01DueMailed from Boydton Virginia Free, then 25 due forwarding rateOriginally Washington Arkansas, but forwarded to Petersburg IllinoisMailed by PM in Boydton to Washington, forwarded to Illinois with 25 cents duespring hill 1838 25 forwarding on free.jpg
Springhill1837-01-03FREEFREEMecklenburg, VirginiaMs Town name and FreeSpringhill AR 1837-01-03.JPG
SumpterSeptember 14, 1839FreeFreeMaron, MississippiManuscript townmark and "Free, PM" markingsSumpter 9-14-1839 PM Free DTocher_NetPrice_2112011.jpg
Union Court House1844-07-25Due37.5 centsLittle RockDouble Weight, all in msunion ch 1844 37.5 rate.jpg
Union Court House1840-07-09Due25Plainville, Connecticutms town name date and rateUnion Court House 1840 to Conn.jpg
Van Buren1844-03-04(due)10Fort Gibson ArkansasManuscript Town, Date, rate. to Gov P.M. ButlerVan Buren AR 1844-03-04 to FT Gibson Ark eBay20200612.jpg
Van Buren1838-12-01Due25Lynchburg, VirginiaMs Town name, rate and date on folded letter to Capt Richard PerkinsVan Buren AR 1838-12-01 to VA eBAy20220124.jpg
Warren18xx-05-11Due25Not GivenAuction Text OnlyWarren 5-11-18xx 25 ms ASiegel_Sale157_Lot189.jpg
Washington1840-09-28Due6 centsColumbus6 cent rate is rare from Arkansas, <30 miles between POswashington 6-rate 1840.jpg
Washington1844-01-23PAID10 centsArkadelphiaCover turned and sent back to Washington due 10washington 1844 10 cent turned cover.jpg
Washington1844-03-12Due25 centsSaline County, MORed CDS, ms Black "25"washington 1844 red cds 25 rate.jpg
Washington1840-12-25Due10Not shownBlack CDS and Black 10 HspWashington AR 1840-12-25 10 HSP Kover King 143 Lot 126.jpg
Washington1845-01-28Due40Clark County, Arkansas4x 10 cents rate for 30-60 miles, court document, Red CDS ms rate, date from contentsWashington 4 x 10 rate 1845 CWinters Coll.jpg
Washington1843-09-12 FREELittle Rock ArkansasArk History Commission filesWashington AR 1843-09-12 AHC MS00044.jpg
Washington 1844-11-02due12.5Little Rock ArkansasArk History Commission filesWashington AR 1844-11-02 AHC MS00044.jpg
Washington1844-12-14 FREEWashington, D.C.Ark. History Commission FilesWashington AR 1844-12-14 AHC MS00044.jpg
Washington1845-07-22 FreeLittle Rock, ArkansasArk. History Commission FilesWashington AR 1845-07-22 AHC MS00044.jpg
Washington1839-07-31Not statedNot statedNew Oreans LousianaAuction Text Only 
Washington1844-03-11PAID50Havana CubaManuscript town name, Red PAID ms 50. ENA in circle handstamp in black 
Washington forwarding letter from Schuzlas Lake New Jersey1845-03-29Due25 + 25 more for forwardingForwarded to Lebanon KentuckyBlack Washington CDS ms ratesWashington 3-29-1845 Frwd 25+25 HSpellman_Sale53_Lot45.jpg
Zebulon1845-01-24Due25KentuckyArk Hist Comm MS.000324 White-Wilson-Miller papersZebulon AR 1845-01-24 AHC MS.000324 Wilson-White-Miller.jpg