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 Pre 1851 covers from Kidron , Miller Court House and Park Hill Minimize
Presented below are scans of covers from Kidron,  Miller Court House, and Park Hill mailed before July 1, 1851.

 Kidron Pre 1851 Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1835-01-09Washington DCManuscript "Kidron Ark. Terr./Jan. 9" manuscript "25" (due) rateKidron 1835-01-09 SRumseySale45 Lot233.jpg
1839-05-09Liberty Missouri to Coleman Younger (outlaw ??)Manuscript "Kidron Ark,/May 9" manuscript "25" (due) rateKidron Ark 1839-05-09 due 25 to MO Nutmeg_Sale171_Lot2366.jpg
1844-01-12Alton IllinoisManuscript "Kidron Cher Nat./Jan 12..44" Manuscript "Free J Hitchcock PM"Kidron CN 1844-01-12 ChristiesRL19901010.jpg
1847-03-30Van Buren, ArkansasManuscript "Kidron/Mar 30" manuscript "5" (due) rateKidron 1847-03-30 due 5 Broberts Coll.jpg
1847-08-25St Johnsburg VermontManuscript "Free (PM Signature) at Kidron Cher. Nat," Also Red CDS from Indistinct townKidron 1847-08-25 NutmegSale174 Lot2472.jpg
184x-04-xNot ShownManuscript "Kidron Cher. N./April" Manuscript "Paid 10" rateKidron CN 184x-04-x rkaufman_sale71_lot157.jpg

 Miller Court House Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1824-06-24Not ClearManuscript "Miller C.H.A.T./June 24" Manuscript "25"(due) rateMiller C.H.A.T 1824-06-24 hrharmer_sale2914_lot364.jpg
1825-10-15Little Rock Ark TerritoryManuscript "Miller C.H. Ark Ty./Oct 15th 1824" Ms "on Service" Ms "37 1/2" to Gov George IzardMiller CH Ark T 1825-10-15 RSiegel_Sale_906_Lot_1321.pdf
1826-08-05Littel Rock A.T.Manuscript "Miller CH/Augst 5th" Manuscript "37 1/2" (due) rate to Chester AshleyMiller CH 1826-08-05 37.pdf
1826-11-25Little Rock Ark. Terry.Manuscript "Miller C/Nov 25th" Manuscript "Free Postmaster M.C.H." to Chester AsheleyMiller CH 1826-11-25 Free DPhillips_Sale9251982_Lot37.jpg
1837-11-29TennesseeManuscript "Miller CH Ark/29th Nov 1837" ms "25" rateMiller Courthouse 1837 Geroge Kramer exhibit.jpg

 Park HIll Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1842-04-21Washington DCManuscript "Park Hill Cher.Nation/April 21/42" ms "Free, PM signaturePark Hill CN 1842-04-21 ChristiesRL19901010 Lot198.jpg
1843-06-01Cherokee Cherokee NationMailed March 2, forwarded from Park Hill June 1 25 due plus 6 1/4 fwrd feePark Hill AR 1843-06-01 SRumseySale55 Lot216.jpg
1846-05-30London, England ("County of Norfolk, Old England")Manuscript "Park Hill C.N./May 30/46" ms "Paid 12" ratePark Hill CN 1846-05-30 to London England JMilgram Collection 5-9-11.jpg
1847-01-23Not ShownManuscript "Park Hill C.N./Jan 23rd/47" ms "5" ratePark Hill CN 1847-01-23 azimmerman_sale34_lot233.jpg
184x-01-09Evansville ArkansasManuscript "Park Hill C.N./Jany 9th" ms "5" (due) ratePark Hill CN 184x-01-09 ChirstiesRL19901010 Lot199.jpg
184x-02-12Washington DCManuscript "Park Hill C.N./Feb 12" ms "25" ratePark HIll CN 184x-02-12 ms 25 to Washington RSiegel399_Lot124.jpg
184x-05-19Washington DC (from auction description)Manuscript "Park Hill Cher.Nation/May 19" ms "25" ratePark HIll CN 184x-05-19 ms 25 to washington dc azimmerman_sale34_lot234.jpg