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 Uses of the US 1851 Adhesives from Arkansas Minimize
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 2020-08-12 Little Rock to New Orleans Blue CDS
2020-11-15 Hot Springs to New Orleans
2020-11-30 Napoleon to Virginia via Tuscumbia AL
2020-03-13 Little Rock to Ohio 185x-08-28
2022-01-17 Van Buren to Tahlequah Cherokee Nation
2022-02-02 South Bend 1853 to New Orleans
2022-12-04 Paraclifta to Buffalo NY
2023-09-08 Little Rock to KY 18530426 part of Weaver Correspondence

 1851 Adhesive 1 Cent uses Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseScott #(s) on CoverDestinationCommentsCover Image & Source
Little Rock1853-03-02#9 strip of 3Drennon Springs, KYTied by Blue Homemade CDS made by postmaster after 2-4-53 fire destroyed the POf04p04.jpg
Little Rock 9FayettevilleBlack CDS ties Scott #9-addressed to David Walker, future chair of CSA secession conventionLittle Rock US 9 on Ad flyer to Fayetteville ebay 5-24-10.jpg
Napoleon185x-05-299,11,pair of 14Bremmen GermanyNew York PAID 16 transit hand stamp June 14Napoleon 11-29-1851 9 11 & 14 pair to Germany eBay 5-10-11.jpg
New Orleans, LA1856-01-159 x 3Pine Bluff, ARBlack CDS strikes tie strip of 3 Scott #9 New Orleans 2-15-1856 Strip of 3 no 9 to Pine Bluff Nutmeg_Sale107_Lot 1785.pdf
Washington185x-10-209Eagletown, Chocktaw NationBlack CDS ties Scott #9 on cover to PP Pitchlynn1851 1 cent circular rate.jpg
Waverly1852-02-269 x 3Little Rock, ARManuscript Town Name, Strip of 3 Scott #9 not tied by pen cancels, Weaver correspondenceWaverly 2-23-1853 9x3 Omar Weaver ebaylot5540082994.pdf

 1851 Adhesives 3 cent Uses Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseScott #(s) on coverDestinationCommentsCover image & Source
?, MS forwarded to Helena185x-11-1911Charleston, MS forwarded to HelenaManuscript town names, Scott #11 tied by Helena town nameMississippi use forwarded to Helena Nutmeg_Sale128_Lot1275.jpg
Arkadelphia185x-01-20 11Lourdesboro, AlabamaBold Black CDS, Black Grid ties US 11 to lacy ladies coverArkadelphia AR 185x-01-20 ebay 20120924.jpg
Batesville185x-05-2x11aJoliet, IllinoisBlack CDS ties sheet margin copy of US 11aBatesville AR 185x-05-2X US 11a eBay 2012-07-14.jpg
Benton185x-02-1911Marion, AlabamaBlack CDS ties US 11 on yellow coverBenton AR 185x-02-19 ebay 20120924.jpg
Bentonville185x-07-2911Rolling Prairie, ARManuscript townmark, Scott 11 not tied by pen cancel to valentine type coverBentonville 7-29=185X.jpg
Big Fork1857-01-24Stamp missingParkersburg ArkansasMs town & date, AHC Shed Family SMC.16.8aBig Fork AR 1857-01-24 AHC Shed Family SMC.16.8a.jpg
Blue Mountain1855-09-0911Peru, NCManuscript town mark, Scott 11 has blue Handstamp on it1855-Blue Mountain ebay Oct 2008.jpg
Calhoun1855-12-1111Washington ARms town and date, pen cancelled 11Calhoun AR 1855-12-11 #11 pen cancelled to Washington AR Doug Weiz stock 20180814.jpg
Camden185x-09-1311New Orleans, LAGreen CDS and Green Grid-ties Scott #113c red brown camden 9-13-185x green cds.jpg
Camden1853-05-1811West Point, GAScott 11 tied by black CDS on yellow cover3c 1851 camden black town mark 5-18-1853.jpg
Camden185x-02-2211Sommerville, TNGreen CDS, Green Grid does not tie Scott 11Camden 2-22-185x Green CDS ties No 11 Amberman_NetPrice_Dec1996.jpg
Camden1852-07-1811New Orleans, LAGreen CDs, Green Grid ties Scott 11 to blue FLCamden Green on #11 color RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1310.jpg
Camden1852-12-511Murfresboro, ARScott 11 tied by green CDS, also on cover green Hsp "5" in circleCamden 12-5-1852 Green CDS ties No 11 ebay_5623479353.pdf
Camden185x-05-0711Washigton, ArkansasGreen CDS ties #11, addressed to Grandison RoystonCamden AR 185x-05-07 Green CDS tiesS 11 eBay20191111.jpg
Clarksville1-23-185x11Glastenburg, ConnecticutBlack CDS ties No 11 to yellow coverClarksville 1-23-185x to Connecticut eBay 7-11-11.jpg
Columbia185x-07-0711New Orleans, LARed Balloon size CDS, Scott 11 not tied by pen cancel on yellow envelope3c 1851 columbia 7-7-185x balloon townmark.jpg
Columbia185x-xx-0111Cleveland, OHRed CDS, Scott 11 tied by pen cancels3c 1851 columbia to cleveland ohio.jpg
Columbia185x-12-1511Rutland, OHRed Balloon-sized CDS ties Scott 11, also cancelled with pen cancelsColumbia Balloon cancel on US 11 to OH ebay 5-24-10.jpg
Columbia185x-05-1111New Orleans, LABrown CDS, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancelColumbia Ark 185x-05-11 no 11 to NO Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2484.jpg
Columbia185x-03-2111Union Springs, New YorkRed CDS, cork killer ties 11Columbia AR-185x-03-21 eBay 2012-08-18.jpg
Columbia185x-07-x11New Orleans, Louisiana"J.F.Robinson Attorney at Law Lake Village Ark PO Columbia, Chicot Co ARKANSAS' CCColumbia AR 185x-07-x Attrny ad US 11 BRoberts Coll.jpg
Columbia1854-12-2411New Orleans, LouisianaRed CDS COLUMBIA/DEC/24/ARK. pen cancelled #11Columbia AR 1854-12-24 Red CDS to NO eBay20191120.jpg
Columbus1854-11-2611Mount Pizgah North CarolinaManuscript town name and date (year from contents), pen cancelled #11Columbus AR 1854-11-26 eBay20130923.JPG
El Dorado1856-08-0611Trevillian's Depot, VABlack CDS ties Scott #11 w/portion of adjacent stampEl Dorado 8-6-56.jpg
El Dorado1856-06-2511Travillian's Depot, VirginiaBlack CDS ties Scott #11, ms docketing with received date in 1856El Dorado AR 1856-06-25 eBay20131007.JPG
Fair Play1857-02-1311Somersville, ALManuscript townmark, Scott 11 with partial inscription not tied by pen cancel to blue FLFair Play 2-13-1857 11a Broberts Collection.jpg
Fair Play1856-11-0811ASummersville, ALManuscript town name, torn No 11 not tied by pen cancel on blue coverFair Play 11-8-1856 11a BRoberts Collection.jpg
Fayetteville185x-08-2911Van Buren, ARBlack CDS, Black Grid does not tie #11amphilatelicbrokers_sale22_lot68 fayetteville w 11.jpg
Fayetteville185x-09-2011St Johnsbury VermontBlack CDS ties US 11 "Missent" manuscriptFayetteville AR 185x-09-20 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Fort Smith1853-09-0611 Black CDS, Scotts #11 tied by black grid.fort smith 9-6-1853 num 11 dkelleher_sale578_lot3052.jpg
Fort Smith185x-01-1311St Louis, MOBrown CDS ties Scott 11, "Teligraphic Information" in ms, sent to "National Telegraph" St Louisfort Smith 11 rfrajolasale42lot153.jpg
Fort Smith1851-12-2910New OrleansBlack CDS, Black grid ties Scott #11, New Orleans Red "ADV 1" in boxrobert_kaufmann_sale_60_lot_1354.jpg
Fort Smith185x-06-3011Raleigh, NCBlack CDS ties Scott #11Fort Smith 185x-06-30 No 11 brobertscollection.jpg
Freeo185x-04-1811New Orleans, LABlack CDS, Scott 11 not tied by pen cancel 3c 1851 freeo to new orleans 4-18-185x.jpg
Freeo185x-05-2211New Orleans, LATwo strikes of black CDS, Scott #11 tied by black gridFreeo 185x-05-22 No 11 to NO Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2487.jpg
Gaines Landing1853-11-0311Louisville, KentuckyManuscript town name and date, pen cancelled 11Gaines Landing AR 1853-11-03 LHarris Stock.jpg
Grand Lake1857-04-1111New OrleansBlack CDS ties Scott #11Grand Lake No 11 4-11-1857.jpg
Grand Lake1852-11-2311Briscoe Run, VirginiaBlack CDS ties Scott #11Grand Lake AR 1852-11-23 No 11 to Virginia Schyler Rumsey_Sale47_Lot106.jpg
Grand Lake185711Not StatedBlack CDS ties #11. Auction Text OnlyGrand Lake No 11 1857 no picture DPhillips_Sale77_Lot1194.jpg
Graves185x-03-0611Washington, ARManuscript town name, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancels.Graves 4-6-1853 No 11 PBansner_NetPrice_1-11-2002.jpg
Greenock185x-05-1511OhioManuscript town name, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancelGreenock 185x-05-15 No 11 Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2491.jpg
Helena1852-02-2111Columbia, TNBlack CDS ties Scott 11 to a blue folded letter3c 1851 helena 2-21-1852.jpg
Helena1856-07-0111West Point, NYBlack CDS ties Scott #11Helena 1856 to Westpoint NY Stephen Taylor 5-29-08.JPG
Helena1852-09-0911Basttetorne(?), VTBlack CDS ties Scott #11helena sept 1852 11 ghendershott_sale6_lot739.jpg
Helena185x-X-0311Memphis, TNBlack CDS ties Scott #11Helena x-3-185x No 11 Amberman_NetPrice_1996.jpg
Hickman's Bend185x-4-2711Osceola, ARManuscript town name, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancelHickmans Bend 4-27-185x No 11 to Osceola DTocher_NetPrice_2112011.jpg
Holly Point1857-05-1611Chicago, IlinoisManuscript town, year from contentsHolly Point AR 1857-05-16 LHarris Stock 20130914.JPG
Hot Springs185x-08-1611 w marginWarren, ArkansasBold Black CDS ties US 11 with marginHot Springs AR 185x-08-16 US 11w margin ebay 20120924.jpg
Hot Springs185x-06-1211New Orleans LouisianaBlack CDS ties #11Hot Springs AR 185x-06-12 eBay20201115.jpg
Jackson4-26-185x#11, 3c Nesbitt envelopePhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaOnly such combination I have seen from Arkansascombo 1st embossed + 2nd adhesive 3c jackson.jpg
Jacksonport185x-06-0611Greenville, KYBlack Balloon-size CDS ties Scott 11 on torn cover3c 1851 jacksonport 6-1-185x balloon cancel.jpg
Kingston185x-X-XPair 11San Francisco, CaliforniaBlack CDS ties pair of 11 on yellow cover. 6 cent transcontinental rateKingston AR 185x-x-x pair 11 to California eBay 2012-09-10.jpg
Little Rock1852-09-2310Williamsburg, PAScott 10 tied by blue grid, Blue CDS3c orange brown little rock 9-23-1851.jpg
Little Rock185x-09-0511ArkadelphiaScott 11 tied by Blue CDS on blue lined paper folded letter3c red brown little rock 9-15-1.jpg
Little Rock1853-02-0811Drennon Springs, KYScott 11 on cover mailed 4 days after PO fire in Little Rock destroyed the town CDSf04p04.jpg
Little Rock185x-04-1611New York, NYBlue CDS ties Scott #11 on white cover3c red brown little rock 4-16-185x.jpg
Little Rock 11Arkadelphia, ARBlack CDS ties Scott 11 with 'gash on sholder" variety3c red brown little rock to arkadelphia gash on sholder.jpg
Little Rock1853-04-2611Drennon Springs, KYBlue CDS w/o date clich/Scott #11 not tied by blue grid, part of Weaver correspondence after fireLittle Rock 5-26-1853 3c 11 ebay_5544093799r.pdf
Little Rock1853-05-2711Drennon Springs, KYBlack CDS ties Scott #11, part of Weaver correspondence after fire.Little Rock 5-27-53 OR Weaver cover.jpg
Little Rock185x-01-1011ArkadelphiaBlack CDS, Scott #11 not tied by black gridLittle Rock 1-10-185x Nutmeg_Sale93_Lot27.pdf
Little Rock1851-10-410 CDS, Scott #10 tied by grid handstampLittle Rock 1851-10-4 No 10 rkaufmann_privatesale1988_lot258.jpg
Little Rock185x-08-1111Newburyport, Massachusetts Little Rock 8-11-185x No 11 to Mass eBay 9-10-11.jpg
Little Rock1852-01-1511AWashington ArkansasBlue CDS ties 11A to cover to Grandison RoystonLittle Rock AR 1852-01-15 US 11 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock1852-02-1511Van Buren ArkansasBlue CDS, US No 11 tied by Blue Target cancelLittle Rock AR 1852-02-15 Blue CDS eBay20140423.jpg
Little Rock1851-10-2410Van Buren ArkansasBlue CDS, US 10 tied with blue gridLittle Rock AR 1851-10-24 US 10 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock1851-09-1610Rock Port ArkansasCDS grid cancel on 10 Very early use of 10 Ark Hist Comm MG.00135 Lorenzo GibsonLittle Rock AR 1851-09-16 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Little Rock1856-06-1011 PairPilot Hill ArkansasBlack Year-Dated CDS, pair of #11 tied by pen cancel on legal size envelope fragmentLittle Rock AR 1856-06-10 Pair of #11to Pilot Hill AR eBay20160810.jpg
Little Rock1853-07-0811Washington ArkansasBlue CDS, US 11 not tied by blue grid, to Grandison RoystonLittle Rock AR 1853-07-08 US 11 to Grandison Royston Washington AR eBay20160827.jpg
Little Rock1859#11Not GivenAuction Text onlyLittle Rock AR 1859 #11 Rusco Cat 24 1989 S18.jpg
Little Rock185x-02-1511Bowling Green Kentucky Forwarded to Louoisvile, KentuckyBlue CDS LITTLE ROCK/FEB/15/Ark. Green CDS BOWLING GREEN/MAR/21/KY. Hndstmp FORWARDED and 5 in circleLittle Rock AR 185x-02-18 #11 to Bowling Green KY Fwrd Louiville eBay20191120.jpg
Little Rock185x-08-2811Brecksville OhioLarge top margin single tied by black CDSLittle Rock AR 185x-08-28 to OH eBay20200313.jpg
Little Rock1853-04-2111ANew Orleans, LouisianaBluie CDS Ms date written inside Blue cork killerLittle Rock AR 1853-04-21 to NO eBay20200812.jpg
Little Rock1853-04-2611ADrennon Springs, KYPart of the Weaver CorrespondenceLittle Rock AR 1853-04-26 to KY Weaver Correspondence HRHarmer Sale Oct42023 Lot 24.jpg
Magnolia185x-08-2111Rockford, ALScott 11 tied by Black Balloon CDS3c red brown Magnolia 9-11-185x balloon cancel.jpg
Maguires Store185x-08-1111Temperningville(?), PAManuscript town name, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancelMaguires Store 185x-08-11 No 11 Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2512.jpg
Maysville1856-03-3111Van Buren, ARManuscript Town Name, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancelMaysville 3-31-1856 RSiegel_Sale996_Lot3147.jpg
Memphis, TN 11 & 15La Grange, ARScott 11 & 15 tied by black grids on Nesbitt envelopeebay 7-13-08 Memphis to La Grange 11 & 15 on cover overall.jpg
Mount Ida1856-02-1311Washington, ARManuscript townmark, Scott 11 not tied by pen cancels3c 1851 mount ida 2-13-1856 to washington.jpg
Napoleon185x-X-2711 x 3 Black CDS ties vertical strip of 3 of Scott #11 with inscriptionNapoleon x-27-185x No 11x3 RSiegel_Sale289_Lot182.jpg
Napoleon185x-09-1411Monongahela, PABlack CDS ties Scott #11Napoleon9-14-185x Amberman_NetPrice_Dec1996.jpg
Napoleon1856-07-0211Danville, KentuckyBlack CDS ties No 11 on yellow coverNapoleon 7-2-1856 No 11 eBay 10-2-11.jpg
Napoleon185x-05-299,11, pair of 14. Missing 2nd pair for 44c rateBremmen GermanyNew York PAID 16 transit handstamp (red)Napoleon 11-29-1851 9 11 & 14 pair to Germany eBay 5-10-11.jpg
Napoleon185x-09-2411Bardstown, KentuckyBlack CDS SON on US 11 on small coverNapoleon AR 185x-09-24 US 11 eBay 20130317.jpg
Napoleon1857-03-0811AScottsville, Virginia "via Huntsville"Large Black CDS ties 11A on yellow coverNapoleon AR 1857-03-08 to Alabama via Huntsville eBay20160427.jpg
Napoleon185x-x-x11 or 11ABrickland VirginiaBlack smeary CDS ties Scott 11 or 11ANapoleon AR 185x to Virginia eBay20190211.jpg
Napoleon1854-02-0311Scottsville, Virginia "via Tuscumbia, AL"Black CDS ties #11Napoleon AR 1854-02-03 via Tuscumbia AL to VA eBay20201130.jpg
Nashville185x-04-0211Mill Bayou, ARBlurry blue CDS ties Scott #11N-lle 4-2-185x No 11 to Mill Bayou ebay 12-31-10.jpg
New Gascony1852-06-1011Little Rock, ArkansasManuscript Town Name & Date, pen cancelled 11, year from enclosureNew Gascony AR 1852-06-10 eBay 20120926.jpg
New Orleans, LA185x-06-1211 x 2Helena, ARBlack CDS ties pair of Scott #11New Orleans 6-12-185x pair No 11 to Helena eBay 4-10-11.jpg
Oakland Grove185x-02-2611Greensburg, NJManuscript Town Name, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancelOakland Grove 2-26-5x ms.jpg
Osceola185x11 Text-only description from 1971 auction catalogOsceola AR 185x US 11 text only RSiegel399_Lot44.jpg
Paracliffta185x-02-1011Washington, ARManuscript Town Name ties Scott #11Paraclifta 185x-02-10 Nutmeg_Sale134_Lot2520.jpg
Paraclifta1856-01-1811AWashington ARMs town and date tie 11A to coverParaclifta 1856-01-18 US 11A to Washington AR Doug Weiz Stock 2018-08-14.jpg
Paraclifta1851-07-2410Buffalo, New YorkMs town,Ms "Paid by Stamp", date from letter interior, Scott #10 badly damaged, very early stamp use in ArkansasParaclifta 1851-7-24 to New York eBay20221204.jpg
Pine Bluff1852-2-2310New Orleans, LAScott #10 tied by black grid3c orange brown pine bluff 2-23-1852.jpg
Pine Bluff185x-02-0511 Grid ties Scott 11bball_sale32_lot197 pine bluff with number 11.jpg
Pine Bluff1852-03-1310New Orleans, LABlack CDS, Scott #10 tied by Black Grid, portion of adjacent stampPine Bluff 3-13-1852 No10 to NO ebay 4-13-10.jpg
Pine Bluff1856-11-1311Hickory Withe TennesseeBlack CDS ties US 11 on white envelope. Date from writing on backPine Bluff AR 1856-11-13 US 11 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Pine Bluff185x-06-1611Waymart PennsylvaniaBold Black CDS ties #11 on yellow coverPine Bluff AR 185x-06-16 eBay 10-2-11.jpg
Princeton1856-04-0611New Orleans, LAManuscript townmark, Scott 11 not tied by pen cancel3c 1851 princeton 4-16-1856 to new orleans.jpg
Princeton185x-01-0611 or 11ANew Orleans, LouisianaPen Cancel Town Name, Date and cancelPrinceton AR 185x-01-06 to NO eBay20151108.jpg
Rock Port1856-02-0111Little Rock ArkansasUS 11 pencancelled with dollar signRock Port AR 1856-02-01 US 11 AHC MG.00135 Lorenzo Gibson.jpg
Roseville185x-07-0911Little Rock, ARManuscript townmark, Scott 11 not tied by pen cancels3c 1851 roseville 7-9-185x to little rock.jpg
Russellville185x-05-07#11Little Rock, ArkansasPen cancelled 11 not tied to yellowish coverRusselville AR 185x-05-07 US 11 eBay20170402.jpg
Searcy1854-06-1111Valley Grove, ARBlack CDS ties Scott #11Searcy Ark 6-11-1854 No 11 to Valley Grove Ark ebay 11-23-09.jpg
South Bend1853-06-1011 or 11A, PairNew Orelans, LouisianaMs Town and month & day (year from letter heading) pen cancelled stampsSouth Bend AR 1853-06-10 pair of 3c eBay20220202.jpg
Sub Rosa1856-04-1711ABoonville ArkansasMs Town name, date, pen cancelled 11A Ark HIst Comm William Perkins MS.000211Sub Rosa AR 1856-04-17 AHC William Perkins MS.000211.jpg
Taylor's Creek1857-01-2511Lehi, ArkansasManuscript Town name, date and pen cancelled #11 on blue FLTaylors Creek AR 1857-01-25 eBay20151222.jpg
Taylor's Landing185x-03-1111Little Rock ArkansasMs town name & date, pen cancelled 11. Ark Hist Comm Lincoln Knox MS.000187Taylor's Landing AR 185x-03-11 AHC MS.000187 Lincoln Knox.jpg
Trott's Mills1857-04-0611Church Grove, Knox Co, TennesseeMs town name and date, docketing has 1857, tied pen cancelled No 11Trotts Mills AR 1857-04-06 US 11 to Tenn eBay20141011.JPG
Tulip185x-06-2311Unionville, SCManuscript town name, Scott #11 not tied by pen cancelTulip 6-23-185x PBansner_NetPrice_12-10-2010.jpg
Tulip185x-08-X11Clarksville, VirginiaBalloon-sized Black CDS ties # 11Tulip AR 185x-08-X eBay 20121017.jpg
Tulip1850s11North CarolinaBlack CDS ties US #11Tulip AR Black CDS ties US 11 Sunbelt Covers & Stamps Sale 26 Lot 47 1995.jpg
Van Buren185x-04-0911Prescott, MABlack CDS and Black Grid cancels Scott 113c 1851 van buren 4-9-185x to prescott mass.jpg
Van Buren185x-12-0311Carlise, KYBlack CDS, Scott 11 tied by grid, Dry Goods CC, "U & LRR" manscript noteAd cover from Van Buren w 11 from Rod Kelly 5-4-08-2.jpg
Van Buren185x-02-1011Tahlequah, Cherokee NationBlack CDS does not tie the stamp, stamp applied over CDS with pen cancelVan Buren AR 185x-02-10 to Talhequah CN ebay20220117.jpg
Van Buren185x-01-2011Temperanceville, PennsylvaniaBalloon sized Black CDS with date in manuscriptVan Buren AR 185x- eBay20240325.jpg
Washington1853-07-0111New Orleans,LABlack CDS ties Scott #11Washington #11 7-1-1853 to NO ebay 2-19-10.jpg
Washington4-24-185x11Charleston, South CarolinaBlack CDS ties No 11 on brown coverWashington 4-24-185x eBay 10-16-11.jpg
West Point185x-06-2511Dresden, TNManuscript Town Name ties Scott #11West Point 6-25-185x No 11 to Tennessee ebay 4-29-10.jpg
Yellvllle185x-06-1511TennesseeManuscript Town name, date, pen cancelled #11 on blue envelopeYellville AR 185x-06-15 eBay20151213.jpg

 1851 Adhesives 10 cent uses Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseScott #(s) on CoverDestinationCommentsCover Image & Source
Memphis, TN 11,15La Grange, ARScott 11 & 15 tied by black Grids on Nesbitt envelopeebay 7-13-08 Memphis to La Grange 11 & 15 on cover overall.jpg
Napoleon185x-05-299, 11, pair of 14Bremmen GermanyNew York PAID 16 transit hand stamp in redNapoleon 11-29-1851 9 11 & 14 pair to Germany eBay 5-10-11.jpg
Santa Cruz, CA185x-10-0315Little Rock, ARBlack CDS ties Scott #15rsiegel_sale_646_lot_450.jpg
Washington 1858-01-2415Carvales, Oregon TerritoryWashington CDS ties US 15 on gray folded letterWashington AR 1858-01-24 US#15 to Oregon Territory RKelly Collection.jpg