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 Little Rock Shield 7-21-1831 Minimize

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The Little Rock Shield was first used in September, 1830.
  Examples are known used until June, 1832. 

The Postmaster at the time was Dr. John T. Fulton,
He was appointed February 8, 1830 and served until December, 1831.
He was appointed again in August, 1835.

The 37 reported examples of the Little Rock Shield are shown in the table to the right..

Illustrations have been collected from auction catalogs, exhibits, and covers scanned directly  Recently, I was able to add 4 scans from correspondence archived at the Univ. of Arkansas in Little Rock Center for Arkansas History and Culture Library (01-25-2021)

The first usage, on September 9, 1830, is the "Type 1" with the shield contained in a square "box". A second strike of the Type 1 is known 7 days later on September 16, 1830.

Either the results were not pleasing to Dr. Fulton, or the device broke.  After Sept 16, 1830,
all reported usages are missing the upper square.

All strikes are in black except for the use on Sept 30, 1830 which was done with red ink. However, this is only from an auction description-the letter containing this has not been seen by me.

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Updated 2021-01-25.

 Covers containing the Little Rock Shield 1830-1832 Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderRateDestinationCommentCover Image & Source
1830-09-0918.75Saint Louis, MissouriEarliest example of Shield Type I, on cover front.1830-09-09 Shield Type 1 RSiegelSale1088 Lot 78.jpg
1830-09-16Paid 25New York, New York2nd of two known Type 1 shields and only full cover1830-09-16 Sheld Type I LHarris Stock 20150329.jpg
1830-09-3025 (due)Saint Louis, MissouriFrom the Auction description in 1968 "Perfectly struck Red Tombstone on neat folded rebacked front1830-09-30 Struck in Red RSiegelSale326 Lot249.jpg
1830-10-0712.5 (Due)Washington, ArkansasTo Chester Ashley, later Senator from Arkansas1830-10-7 RChamplain 8-14-11.jpg
1830-10-0750 cents due (ms Double)Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaType 2 Shield, very nice strike, Part of the Toland Correspondence UALR Center For Arkansas History & Culture Library. Sent by Wm Woodruff.Little Rock shield 1830-10-07 UALR Center for Ark History Library 20210125.jpg
1830-11-11FreeHuntington, ConnecticutBeautiful stirke. Sold in 2012, first time since 19521830-11-11 DKelleher_Sale632_Lot11.jpg
1831-01-13FREEWashington, DC RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1212.jpg
1831-02-1725 (due)Basonville, Missouri18.75 rate changed to 25RSiegel_Sale906_Lot1315 Feb171831.jpg
1831-02-1725 cents (due)Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaType 2 Shield, very light strike, Part of the Toland Correspondence UALR Center For Arkansas History & Culture Library. Sent by Wm WoodruffLittle Rock shield 1831-02-17 UALR Center for Ark History Library 20210125.jpg
1831-02-2312.5 (due)Batesville, ArkansasSuperb Strike1831-2-23 JMilgram Collection 5-9-11.jpg
1831-03-1050 (marked Double, regular rate 25)Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaFaded strike1831-3-10 shreve_sale6-6-97_lot586 mar.jpg
1831-04-1425 cents (due)Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaType 2 Shield, medium strike, Part of the Toland Correspondence UALR Center For Arkansas History & Culture Library. Sent by Wm Woodruff.Little Rock shield 1831-04-14 UALR Center For Ark History Library 20210125.jpg
1831-05-0125 duePrinceton (the University)Shield looks slightly different than others. Possibly John Fox Fake1831-05-01 to Princeton NJ RSiegelSale708 Lot5.jpg
1831-05-0525 (due)New York, New YorkOne of three Shield covers known mailed on May 5, 1831. One of the best strikes5-5-1831 to New York City SRumsey_Sale39_Lot6.jpg
1831-05-0525 (due)Techumseh, Michigan TerritoryOne of 3 Shield covers known mailed 5-5-1831RSiegel_Sale906_Lot1314 May51831.jpg
1831-05-0525 (due)Braintree, MassachusettsOne of 3 Shield covers known mailed 5-5-1831srumsey_sale17_lot888 may51831.jpg
1831-05-1925 (due)Cincinnati, Ohio 1831-5-19 Due 25 to Cincinnati JMilgarm Collection 5-8-11.jpg
1831-07-0725 (due)Latarius, MississippiConsidered the finest strikeShuyler_Rumsey_Sale4_Lot675 Jul71831.jpg
1831-07-21  Cut Square, so no rate or destination knownlrshieldcutsquare_jul211831.jpg
1831-07-28PAID 50 Not seen since 1954, John Fox sale 3/5/1954-1 of 2 PAID covers1831-07-28 paid 50 JFox_Sale3-5-1954_Lot14.jpg
1831-08-25FreeWashington, DCOnly cover with two strikes of the Shieldlrshield_aug251831.jpg
1831-09-0850 (due) + 25 due for forwardingFayetteville, North Carolina forwarded to Charlotte, NC RSiegel_Sale906_Lot1316 Sep81831.jpg
1831-09-2250 (due)Lincolnton, North Carolina amphilatelicbroakers_sale25_lot65 lr shield 9-22-1831 50 cents due.jpg
1831-09-2950 (Due)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rfrajola_sale32_lot40 sep291831.jpg
1831-10-2018.75Nashville, TennesseeInk has burned through face of the cover in several places1831-10-20 Shuyler_Rumsey_Sale26_Lot513.jpg
1831-11-24FreeWashington, DCto Senator Johnson of Iowarfrajola_sale26_lot1049.jpg
1831-12-01On Piece so no rateNot knownPiece cut triangular around the shield1831-12-01 on small piece eBay20131121.JPG
1831-12-2225 (Due)New York, New YorkOne of the finest strikes1831-12-22 LR Shield RFrajolaSale4 Lot 5.jpg
1832-01-05FreeWashington, DCTo the War Department1832-1-5 RSiegel_Sale906_Lot1312.jpg
1832-03-2225 (due) + 10 (due) for forwardingFrankfort, Kentucky forwarded to Long Ridge, Kentucky venturastampconetsale1988 mar221832.jpg
1832-04-0575 due115 Nassau Street New York, NYBlack, well struck, first sold in 2018 at this sale1832-04-03 75 cent rat Cherrystone Sale 318 Lot 1 2018-03-20.jpg
1832-04-1225 (due)Chapel Hill, North CarolinaHas 1997 PF certificateRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1213.jpg
1832-05-1025 (due)Albany, New YorkLast sold in 1956. This Image from the Smithsonian Collectionsmithsonian_may101832.jpg
1832-05-1025 (Due)Cincinnati, Ohio 1832-05-10 to Cincy OH RSiegel_Sale960_Lot2136.jpg
1832-05-1725 cents (due)Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaType 2 Shield, very light strike, Part of the Toland Correspondence UALR Center For Arkansas History & Culture Library. Sent by Wm Woodward.Little Rock shield 1832-05-17 UALR Center for Ark History Library 20210125.jpg
1832-05-2450 PaidPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaOne of two PAID Shield covers. To the Mint in Philadlephia1832-05-24 RSiegel Sale1082 Lot 301.jpg
1832-06-2125 (Due)New York, New YorkThe Last Reported Shield Usage.rkaufmann_sale60_lot_1137.jpg