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 IW mail to and from Arkansas locations 1820-1850 Minimize

This page presents cover images for letters mailed to and from Arkansas towns via the Inland waterways between 1820 and 1851. All of these letters either have the Arkansas destination in the address or the Arkansas origin in the body of the letter.

Cover added 2015-09-22   Steamer Rodolph from Camden to New Orleans 1848

                        2020-12-11 Steamer Cora from Camden to NO 1849-02-07

    2020-12-11 Homer, Camden to NO, 1847-12-14 earliest reported Homer from Camden  

                     2020-12-11 Ouachita Packet Princeton Camden to NO 1848-02-27 

                            2021-12-05 Steamer Cora Camden to NO 1849-02-07       

 IW mail to and from Arkansas locations 1820-1850 Minimize
 Boat NameSorted By Boat Name In Ascending OrderDateOrigin/DestinationRiver(s)CommentCover Image & Source
AH Sevier, US Mail Packet Steamer1861-01-09Pine Bluff to Philadelphia PAArkansas, MississippiText only descriptionUS Mail Packet Steamer AH Sevier Pine Bluff CDS on no 26 1-9-1861 DPhillips_Sale77_Lot871.jpg
Amazon, Steamer1850Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaSteamer Amazon in red inside red boxCamden 1850 Steamer Amazon SRumsey_Sale31_Lot627.jpg
Aniswan, Packet1847-02-26Camden AR/New OrleansOuachitaSTEAM 10 black hsps ms boat nameCamden 2-26- 1847 Anisiwan packet to NO STEAM 10 ebay 3-10-11.jpg
Ansiwan, Packet1847Frenchport to New OrleansOuachtiaManuscript boat nameebay 6-29-08 Frenchport to NO Aniswan Packet 1847.jpg
Arkansas No 4 Steamer1845-05-03White River AR to Little Rock ARArkansasOval hs STEAMER/-No 4-/ARKANSASArkansas No 4 1845-12-03 White Rvr to LR SRumsey_Sale26_Lot589.jpg
Arkansas No 4 Steamer1848-12-08Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed oval hsp on FL Black STEAMArkansas Steamer No 4 1848-12-08 Camden to NO RSiegel_906_1394.jpg
Arkansas, Steamer No 41849-03-12Camden to New OrleansOuachitaRed Oval hsp in the upper left corner of the coverSteamer Arkansas No. 4 from Camden 3-12-1849 to NO APS Richmond 8-13-10.jpg
Belle Arkansas Packet1847Camden AR/New OrleansOuachitaSTEAM 10 hsps manuscript boat nameCamden 1847 Belle Arkansas packet to NO ebay 3-12-10.jpg
Chalemeto1848-12-06Champagnolle AR to New OrleansOuachitaMs "Per Chalmetto"ebay 11-2-08 Champagnole Ark per Chalemeto to NO Dec 6 1848.jpg
Chalmetto, Steamer1849-05Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaBold Red Oval on May 1847 letter from Camden to New OrleansChalmetto 1849-05 Camden to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot609.jpg
Chalmetto, Steamer1849-03Camden AR to NOOuachitaBold strike of red oval on FL Camden to New OrleansChalmetto Steamer 1849-05 Camden to NO rsiegel_sale_551_lot_1047.jpg
Chalmetto, Steamer1849-02Camden to New OrleansOuachitaRed oval tilted 45% left in B&W photoChalmetto Steamer rfrajola_sale37_lot662.jpg
Chalmetto, Steamer1849-03-13Champagnolle AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed oval upper center of cover tilted slightly right B&W photoChalmetto Steamer 1849-03-13 Champagnolle AR to NO SPB S-49 Lot 1098.jpg
Chalmetto, Steamer1849-03-12Camden Ark/New Orleans LAOuachitaBold Red Oval in upper left corner of envelope, level, ms "Chalmetto"Chalmetto Steamer 1849-03-12 Camden to NO SRumseySale57 Lot4178.jpg
Cora No 21850Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaSTEAM 10 in red circle, NO CDS ms boat nameCora 2 Camden to NO 1850 ebay20240404.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Camden AR/New OrleansOuachitaRed Oval boat name on bill of lading. Text onlyCamden 1849 Steamer Cora to NO Sothebys S-57 Lot 64 text only.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Lisbon AR to New OrleansOuachitaMs "Pr Str Cora"ebay 11-3-08 Lisbon Ark per str Cora 1849.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaSTEAMER CORA in oval in b&w photohspellman_sale25_lot19 steamer cora from camden 1849.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed ornemented oval hs on 1849 Bill of Lading from Camden to NOCora 1849 Camden to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot617.jpg
Cora, Steamer1848-01-13Camden to New OrleansOuachitaBold Red STEAMER/-.-/CORA in oval on FL datelined CamdenCora Steamer 1848-01-13 Camden to New Orleans RSiegel_906_1395.jpg
Cora, Steamer1848Camden to New OrleansOuachitaRed Oval in lower left corner of envelope B&W photoCora Steamer 1848 Camden to NO JFox_Sale271_Lot1413.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Champagnolle AR to New OrleansOuachitaOval hsp in upper right corner of envelope tilted 45%Cora Steamer 1849 Champagnolle to NO rfrajola_sale15_lot292.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Miller's Bluff AR to New OrleansOuachitaText OnlyCora Steamer 1849 Millers Bluff Ark to NO JFox_Sale271_Lot1414 no photo.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849to Pigeon Hill AROuachitaRed oval hsp upper left corner ms "Cora" at top center. Addressed to "Pigeon HIll, Ouachita River" Cora Steamer 1849 SFL to Pigeon Hill Ark ebay 8-30-09.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Union Co AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed oval lower left of letterCora Steamer 1849 Union Co Ark RKaufmann_Sale10_Lot72.jpg
Cora, Steamer1848-12-30Frenchport to New OrleansOuachitaRed Oval, date on interiorCora Steamer 1848-12-30 Frenchport to NO eBay20130511.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849-02-xOuachita Co/New OrleansOuachita Cora Steamer 1849-02 Ouachita Co to NO MBennettSale206 Lot 481.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Frenchport Ark/New Orleans LAOuachitaBold Red Oval lower left of letter, date from contentsCora Steamer 1849 Frenchport to New Orleans SPB Sale4090 Lot98.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849Camden Ark/New Orleans LaOuachitaSTEAMER/CORA oval handstamp on upper right quadrant of coverCora Steamer 1849 Camden to NO SPB4090 Lot701.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849-01-14Stacy's Landing Arkansas/New Orelans LAOuachitaBold Red Oval, Date from the contentsCora Steamer 1849-01-14 Stacys Landing AR eBay20140807.JPG
Cora, Steamer1849-02-07Camden Arkansas/New Orleans LouisianaOuachita-MississippiBold Red "CORA" oval upper left quadrant of coverCora Steamer 1849-02-07 Camden to New Orleans SRumsey Sale 94 Lot 929 20021211.jpg
Cora, Steamer1849-02-07Camden AR to New Orleans LAOuachita-MississippiRed Oval "Steamer Cora" inverted in upper right cornerCora Steamer 1849-02-07 Camden to NO eBay20211204.jpg
Corvette, Steam Boat1840Little Rock AR to New OrleansArkansasSteam Boat Corvette, Hyde & Clark Agents, Blue 3-line hs. Blue STEAM & 25 rate Corvette Steamer 1840 LR to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot619.jpg
Duroc, Steamer1848Camden Arkansas/New Orleans LousianaOuachitaBill of Lading "Per Duroc" Date from interior. No Postal Markings.Duroc Steamer 1848 Camden to New Orleans eBay20141124.JPG
Edna, Steamer1849-03Frenchport AR to New OrleansOuachitaBold straight Line hsp on small FLEdna Steamer 1849-03 Frenchport AR to NO rsiegel_sale_551_lot_1060.jpg
Edna, Steamer1847-04Frenchport AR to New OrleansOuachitaSt Line Black STEAMER EDNA also large black 10Edna Steamer 1847-04 Frenchport AR to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot654.jpg
Edna, Steamer1847Frenchport AR to New OrleansOuachitaTwo strikes italic STEAMER EDNA ms "per stbt Edna"Edna Steamer 1847 Frenchport AR to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot656.jpg
Edna, Steamer1847-05Camden to New OrleansOuachitaBlack Straight Line STEAMER EDNA bold strike B&W phootEdna Steamer Camden AR 1847-05 to NO SPB S-49 Lot1189.jpg
Homer1848Camden to New OrleansOuachitaExcellent strike described but Text OnlyHomer 1848 Camden to NO no photo HSpellman_Sale25_Lot42.jpg
Homer1848Camden to New OrleansOuachitaFine Red Strike described but text onlyHomer 1848 Camden to NO no photo HSpellman_Sale27_Lot374.jpg
Homer1848-01-xCamden to New OrleansOuachitaHOMER bold Hsp in black and white photoHomer 1848-01 Camden AR to NO SPB S-49 Lot1297.jpg
Homer1848-01Pleasent Hill AR to New OrleansOuachitaHOMER hsp STEAM and 10 hsps in black and white photoHomer 1848-01 Pleasent Hill to NO SPB S-49 Lot1296.jpg
Homer1848-02-03Camden AR to New OrleansOuachita Homer 1848-02-03 Camden to NO SRumseySale57 Lot4182.jpg
Homer1848"Ouachita Co" AR to New OrleansOuachitaBold HOMER hsp in b&w pictureHomer-Ouachita Co 1848 JFox_Sale270_Lot1419.jpg
Homer1848Camden to New OrleansOuachitaHOMER hsp in b&w photoHomer 1848 Camden AR to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot686.jpg
Homer1848-01-03Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaHOMER red Hsp, black STEAM & 10rfrajola_sale17_lot152.jpg
Homer1848Freeport AR to New OrleansOuachitaBold stln in red on 1848 bill of lading from Freeport to NOHomer Freeport 1848 rfrajolasale11lot345.jpg
Homer1848Buck Hills AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed strt ln on 1848 bill of lading from Buck Hill to NOHomer 1848 Buck HIlls AR to NO rfrajolasale12lot170.jpg
Homer1848-01Camden to New OrleansOuachitaBold Red Str Line on VF coverHomer 1848-01 Camden to NO rsiegel_sale_551_lot_1073.jpg
Homer1848-08-19Union Co ArkansasOuachitaBold Red HOMER on bill of lading, no postal markingsHomer 1848-08-19 Union Co Ark JPalazolo Coll 20130914.JPG
Homer1848Camden/New OrleansOuachitaBold blurry Hsp upper center of coverHomer 1848 Camden to NO MBennettSale206 Lot542.jpg
Homer1848-02-xCamden/New OrleansOuachitaBold Hsp level in upper middle of coverHomer 1848-02 Camden to NO MBennettSale206 Lot543.jpg
Homer1848Camden/New OrleansOuachitaRed straight line on bill of ladingHomer 1848 Camden to NO SRumseySale13 Lot285.jpg
Homer1847-12-14Camden Arkansas/New Orleans LouisianaOuachita-MississippiBold Red HOMER handstampHomer 1847-12-14 to New Orleans SRumsey Sale 94 Lot 930 20201211.jpg
Isabel, Steamer to Waterfront Plant Arkansas RiverArkansasBlue STEAMER //ISABEL in corner rounded rectangle with design between Steamer & IsabelIsabel Steamer RfrajolaWebSite-Isabell.jpg
Medora1849Champagnolle AR to New OrleansOuachitams "Medora"ebay 12-22-08 Champanolle to NO 1849 Steamer Medora ms.jpg
Medora1849Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaMs "Medora" STEAM 10 and NO CDS. Text onlyMedora Camden to NO 1849 no photo HSpellman_Sale25_Lot175.jpg
Medora, SB1849-04-09Union County AR to New OrleansOuachitams "by the SB Medora"Medora Steamer849-04-09 Union County.jpg
Monroe, Steamer1848Union Co AR to New OrleansOuachitams "Stmr Monroe"Monroe Steamer Union County 1848.jpg
Mustang, S. Boat1848-12-15Napoleon Ark/Arkansas Post ArkArkansasall in manuscript Ark Hist Comm Refeld Family SupplementNapoleon AR 1848-12-15 AHC MS000419 Refeld Family Suppl Dec 1848.jpg
Not given1844Union County AR/New OrleansOuachitaBlue STEAM handstamp, 18.75 ms rateUnion County 18.75 plus STEAM to NO Nutmeg_Sale174_Lot2167.jpg
Osceola, From Steamer1850-06New Orleans to Camden AROuachitaRed Dbl Line oval clear strikeOsceola Steamer 1850-06 NO to Camden rsiegel_sale_551_lot_1128.jpg
Osceola, Steamer1850New Orleans/Columbia ARMississippi bball_sale47_lot89 steamer osceola 1850 fl no to columbia.jpg
Osceola, Steamer1850-12-xColumbia AR to New OrleansMississippiFROM STEAMER OSCEOLA in oval, STEAM 10 and NO CDSFrom Steamer Osceola 1850-12 Columbia to NO SPB S-49 Lot1499.jpg
Princeton1849-02-xCamden AR to New OrleansOuachitaBold Red Boxed "PRINCETON" in B&W photoPrinceton from Camden SPB S-49 Lot1552.jpg
Princeton1849-02-xUnion County AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed "PRINCETON" in box ion FL, superb strikePrinceton 1849-02 Union Co AR to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot768.jpg
Princeton1849-02-09Ouachita Co AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed curved "PRINCETON" in boldly struck boxPrinceton 1849-02-09 Ouachita Co to NO RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1230.jpg
Princeton1849-01-10Union Co Ark/New OrleansOuachitaBold Red rectanglePrinceton 1849-01-10 Union Co Ark to NO ChristiesRL19901010 Lot1035.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet1848-01-29Camden to New OrleansOuachitaOuachita Packet/Princeton hsp in b&w photoPrinceton Ouachita Packet 1848-01-29 Camden to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot773.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet1848-02-27El Dorado AR to New OrleansOuachitaBlue OUACHITA PACKET/PRINCETON, Black STEAM, 10, NO CDSPrinceton Ouachita Packet 1848 El Dorado AR to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot771.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet1848-03-28Camden AR to New OrleansOuachita"Ouachita Packet/PRINCETON" in Blue Hsp, "Princeton" msPrinceton from Camden 1848 Regency Aug 2011.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet1848Champagnolle AR to New OrleansOuachitablue hs on 1848 folded bill of ladingPrinceton, Ouachita Packet Chamagnolle AR to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot775.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet1848Buck Hills AR to NOOuachitacotton bale illustrated blue hs on 1848 FLPrinceton Ouachita Packet 1849 Buck Hills to NO rfrajolasale58lot226.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet1848Camden to New OrleansOuachitaOUACHITA PACKET/PRINCETON hsp vertically on left of FL "per Princeton" ms Black 10 hspPrinceton Ouachita Packet 1848 Camden to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot772.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet 1848Camden to New OrleansOuachitaOld english letters OUACHITA PACKET/PRINCETON top right of cover ms PrincetonPrinceton, Ouachita Packet 1848 Camden to NO SRumsey_Sale26_Lot774.jpg
Princeton, Ouachita Packet1848-02-27Camden Arkansas/New Orleans LouisianaOuachita-MississippiBlue Smeary Handstamp, ms "Princeton" lower leftOuachita Packet Princeton 1848-02-27 Camden to NO SRumsey Sale 94 Lot 934 20201211.jpg
Ridgley, Steamer1848Camden AR to New OrleansOuachtiams Boat Nameebay 7-19-08 Steam Boat Ridgley Camden 1848.jpg
Rodolph1848Camden Arkansas/New Orleans LouisianaOuachitaMs "Rodolph" Bill of Lading. No postal markings.Rodolph Steamer 1848 Camden to NO eBay20141124.JPG
Rodolph1848Camden Ark/New OrleansOuachitaBill of Lading, dates from the interiorRodolph Steamer 1848 Camden to New Orleans eBay20150922.JPG
Rodolph, Steamer1842New Orleans to Springhill, Ark via Shreveport LARedLegal document sent by river to Shreveport, then overland to Springhill. Text onlyRodolph Steamer 1842 NO To Shreveport to Springhill Ark SPB4090 Lot55 text only.jpg
Saline, Steamer1842-03to Parker's Landing OuachitaOuachitaLarge Oval STEAMER/-.-/SALINESaline Steamer 1842-03 to Parkers Landing Ouachita SPB S-49 Lot1615.jpg
Shamrock, Steamer1851-02Pine Bluff AR to New OrleansArkansas, MississippiFancy filigree surrounds boat name, obscured by New Orleans CDS. Also STEAM/10 in circleSteamer Shamrock 1851-02 Pine Bluff to NO SPB S-49 Lot1628.jpg
Storm, Steamer1849Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaPaid 20 to Dentzel agent, text onlyCamden 1849 Steamer Storm to NO Paid 20 Dentzel agent RSiegel_Sale297_Lot65.jpg
Storm, Steamer1850-12-17Camden to New OrleansOuachitaRed Steamer Storm in Oval, red STEAM 10 in circle, Red NO CDSCamden 1850-12-17 Steamer Storm to NO Steam 10 eBay 20121125.jpg
Storm, Steamer Ouachita Co AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed STEAM 10 & NO CDS, ms "Storm"Ouachita Co Ark to NO w Steam 10 HSP Storm ebay 4-29-10.jpg
Storm, Steamer1851-03-31Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed Oval FROM STEAMER STORM + WAY/11/CENTS plus New Orleans Red CDSStorm From Steamer 1851-03-31 Camden to NO 1851.jpg
Sultana1848-08-01Natchez, MS to Spencer Academy, Choctaw Nation ARMississippiRed Negative hs on 1848 FL, dated on the steamer, "STEAM"hs, "20"rate crossed out, marked "10 Due"Sultana Steamer 1848 to Choctaw nation rfrajolasale39lot466.jpg
Warrior, SB Camden AR to New OrleansOuachitams "SB Warrior"Warrior Steamer from Camden ebay 7-13-08.jpg
Warrior, Steamer1849Frenchport AR/New OrleansOuachitaSteamer Warrior outlined letter, red oval hs on 1849 Bill of Lading Frenchport to NOWarrior Steamer1849 Frenchport to NO rfrajolasale35lot194.jpg
Warrior, Steamer1849-03-17Camden AR to New OleansOuachitaRed Oval on SFL. Text onlyCamden 1849-03-17 Steamer Warrior to NO Kover King 1984-04-30 Lot 2081 text only.jpg
Warrior, Steamer1849Frenchport AR to New OrelansOuachitaRed STEAMER/-.-/WARRIOR in oval upper middle of cover, FL datelined 1849Warrior Steamer 1849 Frenchport AR to NO SRumsey_Sale31_Lot678.jpg
Warrior, Steamer1849Camden to New OrleansOuachitaOval STEAMER/-.-/WARRIOR upper left of envelope in B&W photoWarrior Steamer Camden 1849 JFox_Sale270_Lot1441.jpg
Warrior, Steamer1849-01-16Washita County AR to New OrleansOuachitaRed oval with boat name in lower left of cover, no other markingsWarrior Steamer 1849-01-16 from Washita Co RfrajolaWebSite.jpg