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Arkansas seceded May 6, 1861 and Joined the Confederacy on May 18, 1861.  Mail delivery from and to Arkansas during this period continued to be handled by the US Post Office Department.  The Confederate Postmaster General Reagan issued a decree on May 1 that the CSA Post Office would begin to handle all mail in the seceded states on June 1, 1861.

Letters mailed from Arkansas on May 6 through May 17 are considered to have been mailed in an Independent state, belonging neither to the United States nor the Confederate States.

Letters mailed from Arkansas on May 18 through May 31 represent letters from a Confederate state but handled by the US Post Office.

The following are covers mailed during this period that have been sold publically in the last 50 years.  I would of course like to be notifed of covers not in this list.  Please use the email entry on the main page to notify me of any additions.

2024-02-15   Osceola May 31, 1861 Last Day of Use to North Carolina
Updated 2024-02-15

 Independent State May 6-May 17, 1861 Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderOriginating Post OfficeTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
1861-05-06CarroltonManuscript Black Stirp of 6 US #24 pen cancelled not tiedBolivar, Missouri1861-05-06 Carrollton Strip of 6 No24 1st day of Independent Statehood BRoberts Collection.jpg
1861-05-06HelenaDbl Circle Black ties US #26Newark, Ohio1861-05-06 Helena on No 26 1st Day of Secession SRumsey Sale 85 Lot1945jpg.jpg
1861-05-06Little RockDbl Circle on US Star Die EnvelopeAthens, Tennessee,( auction text description)1861-05-06 Little Rock WmFox 182 Lot 21.jpg
1861-05-06SearcyCDS Black ties US Star Die EnvelopeKnoxville, TennesseeSearcy AR 1861-05-06 to Knoxville TN Emerald Ventures 2023-03-11.jpeg
1861-05-06SearcyCDS Black ties US Star DiePine Level, Alabama, Confederate States1861-05-06 Searcy on Star Die to Ala CPvol24-5 p149 1979.jpg
1861-05-07Fort SmithCDS Black ties Scott #26Crawfordsville, Georgia1861-05-07 Fort Smith on No 26 Shreves_Sale95_Lot1096.jpg
1861-05-07HelenaDbl Circle Black ties Scott #26Helena, Arkansas1861-05-07 Helena on No26 DPhillips_Sale11-4-1988_Lot663.jpg
1861-05-07 Note: this 1861 date has not been confirmedPrincetonCDS Brown ties US #26 1861-05-07 Princeton JFox_Sale138_Lot7.jpg
1861-05-08CamdenBlack CDS ties Star Die (Scott U260Alabama1861-05-08 Camden text only RSiegel_Sale 342_Lot911.jpg
1861-05-09Doaksville, Choctaw nationManuscript tiels US #26Huntington, NY1861-May 9 Doaksville on No 26 JamesMonroeCollection.jpg
1861-05-10 Van BurenCDS Black ties US Star Die 1861-05-10 Van Buren on Star Die jkaufmann_sale137_lot21.jpg
1861-05-11El DoradoCDS Black ties US star DieShelby, North Carolina1861-05-11 Eldoarado on Star Die rfrajola_sale51_lot609.jpg
1861-05-14BatesvilleCDS Black ties US Star DieNew York, New York1861-05-14 Batesville on Star Die DeanBriggsCollection.jpg
1861-05-14Mound CityManuscript Black on flag patriotic, US Scott #26 not tied by pen cancelTrenton, Arkansas1861-05-14 Mound city on Patriotic RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2514.jpg
1861-05-14WashingtonCDS Black ties US Scott #26 to Jeff Davis Medallion patrioticNew Yorik, New York1861-05-14 Washington on Jeff Davis Medallion Patriotic amhistauctionssale4lot106.jpg
1861-05-15PrincetonCDS Brown US #26 pen cancelled not tiedNew Orleans, Louisiana1861-05-15 Princeton Independent State usage to New Orleans BRoberts Collection.jpg
1861-05-16North CreekManuscript on Scott #U27 auction description no photo 1861-05-16 North Creek on Star Die JKimbrough NetPrice 12-20-10.jpg
1861-05-17Little RockDbl Circle Black, Scott #26 tied with target, CSA 10 manuscript added at destinationWadesboro, North Carolina1861-05-17 Little Rock on No 26 last day of independent state RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1540.jpg

 Confederate State May 18-May 31, 1861 Minimize
 Date MailedSorted By Date Mailed In Ascending OrderOriginating Post OfficeTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
1861-05-18El DoradoCDS Black ties US star DieVirginia1861-05-18 El Dorado on Star Die 1st Day Confed state Siegel Sale 333 Lot 1258 1968.jpg
1861-05-20SearcyCDS Black ties US Star DieKnoxville, Tennessee1861-05-20 Searcy on Star Die DeanBriggsCollection.jpg
1861-05-20Oak GroveMs town and date NOTE 1862 ms on front but no confed MarkingsTulip, Arkansas1861-05-20 Oak Grove on Star Die 1862 ms PKaufmann Stock 20240315.jpg
1861-05-22Pine BluffDbl Circle Black on Stampless with PAIDBridgeton, New Jersey1861-05-22 Pine Bluff stampless JerryPalazolCollection.jpg
1861-05-23WashingtonCDS Black ties Scott #26Norwich, Connecticut1861-05-23 Washington on No 26 to connecticut.jpg
1861-05-23CamdenCDS Black ties US Star DieCampbell's Rest , East Tennessee1861-05-23 Camden To Tenn on Star Die DavidFeldman_Sale5-14-10_Lot10096.jpg
1861-05-24Little RockDbl Circle Black on US Star Die, indicia cancelled with circle killerSouth Brooklyn, New York1861-05-24 Little Rock DavidFeldman_Sale5-14-10_Lot10098.jpg
1861-05-27AtlantaManuscript BlackNew Orleans, Louisianna1861-05-27 Atlanta AR ms U27 Jerry Wells Collection.jpg
1861-05-27Van BurenBlack CDS ties 3 cent Star DieCleveland, TennesseeVan Buren AR 1861-05-27 Confed State in US RSiegelSale1084 Lot31.jpg
1861-05-28SearcyCDS Black on back flap of cover 1861-05-18 Searcy 1st day Confederate state robert_kaufmann_sale39_lot587.jpg
1861-05-28Hot SpringsCDS Black ties US Star DieOrange County Courthouse, Virginia1861-05-28 Hot Springs to Virginia Confed State in US System BRoberts Collection.jpg
1861-05-30PrincetonCDS Brown ties Scott #26New Orleans, Louisiana1861-05-30 Princeton Brown Ink ties No 26 RKaufmann_Sale39_Lot590.jpg
1861-05-30WashingtonCDS Black ties Scott #26New Orleans, Louisiana1861-05-30 Washington on No 26 robert_kaufmann_sale39_lot590.jpg
1861-05-31Pine BluffDbl Circle Black ties US 3 cent envelopeNew Orleans, Louisiana1861-05-31 Pine Bluff Last Day in US System to New Orleans BRoberts Collection.jpg
1861-05-31SearcyCDS Black ties US Star DieKnoxville, Tennessee1861-05-31 Searcy on Star Die Last Day of USPO delivery amhistoricalauctionssale4lot105.jpg
1861-05-31OsceolaManuscript Town and May 31 date, Star Die with pen cancelMacon Depot, North CarolinaOsceola AR 1861-05-31 eBay20240209.jpg