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 Arkansas Uses of Scott #3, #4, and #5 Minimize

Three covers have been reported from and to Arkansas bearing the 1862 2 cent Green Jackson.

The number of Arkansas usages of the 5 cent Blue Jeff Davis are much smaller than the usages of the earlier 5 cent Green because the number of post offices had dropped as Union forces progressivly occupied large portions of the state.

Use of the 1862 10 cent Rose Jefferson issue from Arkansas is rare with only 6 covers, two pieces, and an Arkansas cancelled single extant.  Several more covers exist with this issue mailed into Arkansas.

Updated 2022-08-16

 CSA #3, 2 cent Green Jackson Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Camden8-13-186x CDS Black on strip of 5Falcon, Arkansasrsiegel_sale_787_lot_3611.jpg
Marshall, Texas6-15-1863Dbl Circle Black on Strip of 5Little Rock, ArkansasCSA #3 Strip of 5 Marshal Tx 6-15-1863 to Little Rock RSiegel_Sale907_Lot 2842.jpg
Washington, Arkansas3-20-186xCDS Black on Strip of 5Richmond, Arkansasrfrajolasale45lot638.jpg

 CSA #4 5 Cent Blue Davis on covers mailed from Arkansas Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Austin10-3-186x CDS Black on PairTulip, ArkansasAustin AR 186x-10-03 jkaufmann_sale137_lot353.jpg
Camden7-2x-186xCDS Black on CSA #7 plus Pen Cancelled CSA #4Mount Holly, ArkansasRSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1636.jpg
Centre Point8-18-186xRimless CDS on cover with pair CSA #4 to PP PitchlynnEagletown Choctaw NationCentre Point AR 186x-08-18 pair CSA4 to Eagletown Dean Briggs Coll.jpg
Des Arc1-16-1863CDS Black ties pair on Wallpaper CoverTexasDes Arc CSA #4 pair 1-16-1863 to Little Rock on Wallpaper BRoberts Colection.jpg
Fayetteville6-17-186xManuscript on cover pen cancelled pair john_kaufmann_sale73_lot623.jpg
Fort Smith6-24-1862Dbl Circle Black, single not tied by concentric circle target blackFayetteville, ArkansasFort Smith CSA #4 6-24-1862 single to Fayetteville BRoberts Collection.jpg
Hamburg CDS Black on pairMount Lebanon, Louisianasrumsey_sale32_lot1130 hamburg csa 4 to louisiana.jpg
Lewisville8-X-186XCDS Black does not tie pairRusk, TexasLewisville AR 186x-08-x CSA 4 pair Dean Briggs Coll.jpg
Little Rock9-13-1862Dbl Circle on cover, single stamp pen cancelled + "Due 5" ms- rate to 10c in July 1862Washington, ArkansasLittle Rock 1862-09-13 CSA #4 to Washington AR PKaugmann Stock 20240315.jpg
Little Rock6-12-1862Dbl Circle Black ties singleHickory Grove, ArkansasCSA #4 Little Rock 6-12-1862 single RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2846.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle ties single jkaufmann_sale137_lot344.jpg
Little Rock5-27-1862Dbl Circle Black single stamp cancelled with concentric ringsLadonia, TexasLittle Rock CSA #4 5-27-62 to Lone Tree TX Leonard Hartman- 9-5-09.jpg
Little Rock7-x-1862Dbl Circle Black to Military to Col. Sweets Texas CavalrySearcy, ArkansasLittle Rock 07-x-1862 CSA 4 pair to Searcy.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black on CSA 4 single off cover Little Rock CSA 4 off cover single JKaufmann_Sale22_Lot584.jpg
Little Rockx-x-1863Dble Circle Black on CSA 4 single off cover Little Rock x-x-1863 CSA 4 single off cover JKaufmann_Sale34_Lot1435.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 4 + CSA 6 on small cover with Mil. AddressLittle Rock, ArkansasLittle Rock CSA 4 + CSA 6 to Little Rock RKaufmann_Sale38_Lot19.jpg
Little Rock07-27-186xDbl Circle ties CSA 4 to piece bball_sale23_lot178 csa 4 on piece little rock jul 27.jpg
Little Rock Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 4Witlow Springs, TexasLittle Rock CSA 4 to Whitlow Springs TX RWeiss_Sale6-1994_Lot1898.jpg
Little Rock6-4-1862Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 4Spring Hill, TexasLittle Rock 6-4-1862 CSA 4 to Spring Hill TX -c JamesMonroe Collection.jpg
Pine Bluff05-12-1862Dbl Circle Black CSA 4 damaged RSiegel_Sale787_Lot3702 No Photo  
Rondo Manuscript Townmark and pen cancelled vertical pairLittle Rock, ArkansasRondo CSA #4 pair to Little Rock RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2856.jpg

 CSA #4 5 Cent Blue Davis mailed into Arkansas Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Austin, Texas CDS ties pair Little Rock, Arkansas 
Corinth, Mississippi04-01-1862CDS Black ties CSA 4, Memphis "DUE/5" HandstampHillsboro, ArkansasCorinth Miss 4-1-1862 CSA 4 to Hillsboro JKaufmann_Sale38_Lot350.jpg
Indistict CDSNot ClearBlack CDS ties Single CSA #4Alma, ArkansasIndistinct town cancel to Alma AR eBay20220816.jpg
Marshall, Texas9-19-186xDbl Circle Black Strip of 3 cancelled with Grids + ms "Due 5" 20 cent rateLittle Rockrsiegel_sale_551_lot_2586.jpg
Marshall, Texas11-22-1862Dbl Circle Black, pair cancelled by black grid+Due10 for 20c rateLittle Rock, ArkansasCSA #4 pair Marshall TX to Little Rock AZimmerman_Sale43_Lot729.jpg
Marshall, Texas11-4-186xDbl Circle Black, Pair cancelled with black grid, turned cover with US 24 insideLittle Rock, ArkansasMarshall TX CSA 4 pair to Little Rock turned cover w 24 SRumsey_Sale34_Lot2971.jpg
Marshall, Texas9-10-1862Dbl Circle Black, pair tied by black gridLittle Rock, ArkansasrSiegel_Sale927_Lot1634.jpg
Marshall,Texas11-12-1862Dbl Circle Black CSA 4 pair tied with grid on turned cover w US #26 insideLittle RockMarshall TX CSA 4 pair to Little Rock Turned cover w 26 RSiegel_Sale787_Lot3693.jpg
New Orleans LA1862-04-12Black CDS. Ties 6 copies on large commercial envelope with Corner adSearcy New Orleans LA 1862-04-12 CSA 4 x 6 to Searcy RSiegelSale1071 Lot4670.jpg
Paris, Texas8-31-1862CDS Black Pair cancelled with manuscriptLittle Rock, Arkansasrkaufman_sale71_lot136.jpg
Paris, Texasx-30-1862CDS Black, pair not tied by manuscript cancelLittle Rock, Arkansasbball_sale24_lot472 csa 4 pair paris tx to little rock aug 1862.jpg
Portersville, Tennessee5-20-186xCDS Black ties CSA 4 on cover front to Arkansas christies_roblo_gallagher_tenn_lot_455.jpg
Staceyville, North Carolina6-17-186xManuscript Black CSA 4 pair not tied by pen cancel to Arkansas Staceyville NC CSA 4 Pair to Ark RKaufmann_Sale73_Lot623.jpg

 CSA #5, 10 cent rose Jefferson Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Desarc186xCDS Black ties CSA 5 to cover front TexasDesarc CSA 5 cover front to Texas ASiegel_Sale171_Lot4371.jpg
Elmwood11-22-186xManuscript Brown, stamp not tied by brown pen cancelWebbers Falls, Cherokee Nationelmwood csa #5 nutmeg_sale162_lot3552.jpg
Fort Smith4-4-186xDbl Circle black ties stamp to piece Fort Smith 4-4-186x CSA 5 on piece RSiegel_Sale860_Lot658.jpg
Little Rock1862-07-03Dbl Circle Black ties single to cover "Charge Box 69" in ManuscriptPine Bluff, ArkansasLittle Rock 7-3-1862 CSA #5 to Pine Bluff RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2858.jpg
Little Rock9-20-1862Dbl Circle Black ties single to Wallpaper CoverMount Pleasent, TexasLittle Rock 9-20-1862 CSA 5 to Mt Pleasent Texas RSiegel_Sale1186 Lot696.jpg
Little Rock8-21-1862Dbl Circle Black ties stamp to small piece Little Rock Aug 21 1862 CSA 5 on piece srumsey_sale22_lot1728.jpg
Little Rock5-21-1863Dbl Circle Black on stamp off cover Little Rock 5-21-1863 CSA 5 single off cover RSiegel_Sale795_Lot776.jpg
Little Rock1862-09-04Dbl Circle CDS black ties CSA #5Springfield, TexasLittle Rock AR 1862-09-04 CSA #5 to Texas GLeverant Collection 2014-03-13.jpg
Little Rock1862-10-xBlack Dbl Circle-Single off cover Little Rock AR 1862-10-x CSA 5 single off cover Robert Ceo collection 20191003.jpg
Pine Bluff8-27-1862Dbl Circle Black ties stamp to cover, CAMMANN imprint on stampCamden, ArkansasPine Bluff 1862-08-27 CSA 5 w-CAMMANN imprint RSiegelSale1071 Lot4516.jpg
Van Buren7-29-186xCDS Black ties single to coverClarksville, TexasVan Buren 7-29-186x CSA 5 DeanBriggsCollection.jpg

 CSA #5, Covers mailed into Arkansas Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark and ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Alexandria, Louisiana7-3-186xCDS Red, stamp pen cancelled black not tiedLittle Rock, ArkansasAlexandria LA 7-3-186x 10c Rose to Little Rock BRoberts Collection.jpg
Corinth, Mississippi1862-04-15Black CDS ties CSA 5Batesville ArkansasCorinth MS 1862-04-15 CSA 5 to Batesville Ark JKimbrough Stock 20151010.jpg
Jackson, Mississippi8-14-186xCDS Black ties stamp to coverFayetteville, ArkansasJackson, Miss 8-14-186x 10 cent Rose to Fayetteville BRoberts Collection.jpg
Monroe, Louisiana8-1-186xCDS Black CSA 5 tied to coverChampagnolle, ArkansasMonroe LA CSA 5 to Champagnolee.jpg
Mount Pleasent, Texas11-7-186xCDS Black with ms date in center ties stamp to coverLittle Rock, Arkansasmbennett_sale230_lot1141 mt pleasent tx to lr.jpg
Williamsburg Virginia1862-04-30Black CDS ties Pair of CSA 5 AFTER REPAIRHot Springs, ArkansasWilliamsburg VA 1862-04-30 CSA 5 pair to Hot Springs Repaired RSiegelSale1071 Lot4686.jpg
Williamsburg, Virginia1862-04-30CDS Black ties pair of 10 cent rose to yellow cover BEFORE REPAIRHot Springs, ArkansasWilliamsburg VA 11-30-186x 10c rose pair to Hot Springs Regency_Sale_66_Lot1511.jpg