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Next to Little Rock, Helena has the most CSA stampless covers extant. 22 different covers have been sold/reported.  Those I have images of are presented below.  The PAID 5 handstamp appears on only 3, plus two covers with this handstamp uprated to 10 manuscript.  Why the Helena postmaster never used a 10 handstamp is unknown.  Helena was occupied by the Union on July 15, 1862.  The reason so many Helena covers still exist when many other Arkansas towns are either unique or have only 2-3 covers is that much of the Helena correspondence was to Carroll, Hoy in New Orleans, and the covers were recovered from thier legenday cover cache.

Updaded 5/13/2011

 Arkansas CSA Stampless Covers "H" Minimize
 Post OfficeSorted By Post Office In Ascending OrderDate MailedMarkingsDestinationCover Link
HamburgNovember 13, 1861PAID HSP 10 ManuscriptLake Village, Arkansasrkaufman_sale71_lot82.jpg
HamburgAug 9, 186x changed to Aug 15 by manuscriptDue 10 manuscriptMonticelloHamburg 8-15-186x Due 10 ms John Kimbrough Net Price.jpg
HamptonSeptember 20, 1862Paid 10 manuscriptGreenwood, Louisiana first sold Gary Hendershott Sale 18, Lot 10Hampton AR 1862-09-20 Paid 10 Trish Kaufman Stock 2018-03-26.jpg
HarrisburgMarch 9, 1862Paid 5 ManuscriptGreenville, Mississippighendershott_sale22_lot84 harrisburg paid 5 3-1862.jpg
Helena June 5, 1861PAID Hsp 5 HspOsceola, Arkansas 
HelenaJune X 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Louisianajpalazolo Helena-junexx1861-paid 10.jpg
HelenaJune 5, 1861PAID Hsp 5 Hsp uprated 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaRSiegel_Sale940_Lot230 Helena Paid 5 reval 10 star die 6-5-61.jpg
HelenaJune 10, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaHelena AR 1861-06-10 PAID Hsp 10 ms Sotheby_Parke_Bernet_Sale14_Lot2121.jpg
HelenaJune 15, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaHelena AR 1861-06-15 PAID 10 to NO RSeigel Sale1151 Lot1854.jpg
HelenaJune 20, 1861PAID Hsp 5 HspMemphis, Tennesseerkaufman_sale71_lot84 PAID 5 6-20-61.jpg
HelenaJuly 14, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptMontgomery, Alabama forwarded with 5 dueTrish Kaufmann Net 1-16-08 July 14 1861.jpg
HelenaAugust X, 1861PAID Hsp 5 HspSencetoba, Mississippiharmer-schau_sale2-6-07_lot2859 paid 5 8-x-61.jpg
HelenaAugust 7, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Louisianajkaufmann_sale137_lot46 Aug 7 1861.jpg
HelenaAugust 10, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Louisianajmolesworth 1999 np paid hsp 10 ms 8-10-61.jpg
HelenaSeptember X, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaHelena Sept x 1861 PAID Hsp 10 ms John Kimbrough Net Price.jpg
HelenaSeptember 7, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Louisianarsiegel_sale797_lot3053 paid hsp 10 ms 9-7-1.jpg
HelenaNovember 18, 1861PAID Hsp 10 Manuscript Helena AR 1861-11-18 PAID Hsp 10 ms eBay20151014.jpg
HelenaDecember 7, 1861PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptPalmer Springs, VirginiaHelena 1861-12-04 Rsiegel_sale_850_lot_5101 PAID 10.JPG
Helena1861-12-07PAID Hsp, 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Louisianasrumsey_sale19_lot629 helena paid 10 dec 7 18.jpg
HelenaJanuary 11, 1862PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaRKaufmann_sale64_lot190 PAID 10 ms 1-11-62.jpg
HelenaJanuary 18, 1862PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, Lousianarkaufman_sale71_lot85 PAID 10 ms 1-18-62.jpg
HelenaJanuary 24, 1862PAID Hsp 10 Manuscript C.C. King Corner cardNew Orleans, Louisianajkaufmann_sale137_lot44 CP King cc 1-24-62.jpg
HelenaJanuary 31, 1862PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptNew Orleans, LouisianaHelena AR 1862-01-31 PAID Hsp 10 ms Sotheby_Parke_Bernet_Sale14_Lot2122.jpg
HelenaFebruary 8, 1862PAID Hsp 10 Manuscript dphillips_sale80_lot292 helena paid hsp 10 ms 2-8-1.jpg
HelenaApril 3, 1862PAID Hsp 10 ManuscriptOlympia, Washington Territoryrsiegel_Sale927_Lot1550 Helena Paid HSP 10 ms 4-3-1862.jpg
HelenaJuly 31, 1861PAID Hsp 5 Hsp Patriotic cover jkaufman_sale62_lot389 helena paid 5 hsp 7-21-61.jpg
HelenaSeptember 14 1862PAID Hsp 10 ms BlackNew Orleans, LouisianaHelena Paid Hsp 10 ms 9-14-1861 RSiegel_Sale960_Lot2885.jpg
HelenaUnclearBlack CDS, Paid manuscriptFort Mills, South CarolinaHelena Paid No Rate CP30-2 1982 p54.jpg
HelenaOctober 30, 1861Black Dbl Circle CDS Black PAID Hsp, manusript "10"New Orleans, LouisianaHelena 10-30-1861 PAID HSP 10 Ms JWalker Collection 6-12-11.jpg
Helena1861-12-04Dbl Circle CDS "HELENA/DEC/4/1861/ARK" Hdsp "PAID" ms "10" Helena AR 1861-12-04 PAID 10 Rsiegel_sale_850_lot_5101.JPG
HiberniaAugust 10, 186xPaid 10 Manuscript on US Envelope (U27)Fredericksburg, Virginiarsiegel_sale747_lot663 hibernia paid 10 ms.jpg
HIllsboroOctober 12, 1861PAID Hsp 5 (circle) HspBentonville, ArkansasHillsboro AR 1861-10-12 PAID 5 RSeigelSale1063 Lot2164.jpg
HillsboroFebruary 17, 1862PAID Hsp 5 (circle) HspClarksville, ArkansasJKaufman_Sale37_Lot660 Hillsboro PAID 5 2-17-62.jpg
HillsboroMarch 1, 1862PAID Hsp 5 (circle) HspClarksville, ArkansasROSwald NP Hillsboro PAID 5 3-1-1862.jpg
HillsboroNovember 9, 186xPAID Hsp 10 (circle) HspBentonville, ArkansasBRoberts Collection Hillsboro PAID 10 November 9.jpg
Hillsboro1862-04-23Black CDS, Black PAID 5 in CircleFort Pillow, TennesseeHillsboro AR 1862-04-23 to Tenn PKaufmann Stock 2024-03-15.jpg
Hix's FerryAugust 21, 1861PAID (oval) Hsp 5 ManuscriptMonticello, ArkansasRegency_Sale58_Lot1812 Hixs Ferry PAID 5 8-21-1861.JPG
Hix's Ferry PAID (oval) 5 manuscript Patriotic CoverArkansaschristies_sale6350_lot395 patriotic Hixs Ferry.JPG
Hot SpringsAugust 13, 1861Paid 5 Manuscript Patriotic CoverAnderson, TexasRKaufman_Sale71_Lot88 Hot Springs Paid 5 ms.jpg