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 Use of CSA Adhesives to and From Arkansas Minimize

Fewer than 160 covers exist with Confederate States Adhesive stamps used from within Arkansas and less than 50 on covers addressed to Arkansas.  Beginning in early 1862 the portion of Arkansas north of the Arkansas River and the areas adjacent to the Mississippi River were progressively occupied by Union Forces.  Little Rock was occupied by September, 1863.  The Southwestern one-third of the state remained in Confederate hands to the end of the war, so the later adhesive issues were used from Post Offices in this area, but the number of surviving covers is very small.

Uses of the 1861 5 cent Green and 10 cent Blue Lithographs, while not plentiful, are still a significant portion of the known adhesive usages since many CSA post offices were available to use the stamps.  Only two covers with the 2 cent green 1862 Lithograph are know, both strips of 5 paying the 10 cent rate.  The 1862 5 cent Blue Lithograph had a lower usage that the 1861 5 cent Green.  Only 6 usages of the 1862 10 cent rose lithograph have been reported on cover from Arkansas, with a couple of them also tied on piece. Less than 10 covers with the 1862 typographed 5 cent printed by De La Rue have been reported.  The 1862 typographed 5 cent blue printed by Archer & Daly is the most commonly used CSA adhesive remaining on extant Arkansas covers. 

No examples of the 1863 2 cent Brown Red stamp have been reported used from or to Arkansas. One example on piece only of the 1863 T-E-N 10 cent blue exists; none on cover.  No examples of the 1863 10 cent Frameline are know to or from Arkansas.

The 1863 Archer & Daily 10 cent Blue Type I is not uncommon on Arkansas covers, but with far fewer than the 1862 5 cent Blue typographed, since the number of post offices in the CSA in Arkansas was much reduced before this stamp was distributed.  The 10 cent Blue Type II is much more scarce.  Three covers are know with the 1863 20 cent green adhesive from Arkansas, one of which has a pair used to pay the Transmississippi rate.

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1861 5 cents Green (Scott #1)
1861 10 cent Blue (Scott #2)
1862 2 cents Green (Scott #3), 1862 5 cents Blue (Scott #4), 1862 10 cent Rose (Scott #5)
1862 5 cents typographed, De La Rue (Scott #6) and Archer & Daley (Scott #7)

1863 10 cents Archer & Daley Types I (Scott #11) & II (Scott #12)
1863 20 cents Green (Scott #13)

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