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Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation and Fort Washita, Choctaw Nation, were two of the most important Indian Nation forts.  Fort Gibson was about 60 miles north and east of Fort Smith, near the present town of Muskogee OK.  The Fort area was occupied by the army in 1824 making it the oldest military establishment in Indian Territory. The extant covers from Fort Gibson after July 1, 1851 is small compared to the mail volume previous to this (see the companion page under pre-1851 period).

Fort Washita was a bit over 100 miles straight north of present day Dallas Texas, just over the Texas border in the Indian Nations. The Fort was built in 1842, occupied by Confederate forces at the beginning of the war, and never reoccupied by federal forces after the war.

 Fort Gibson Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1851-09-27Fort Smith, Arkansas(auction text) Black CDS matching black PAID 3Fort Gibson Ark 1851-09-27 PAID 3 RSiegel Sale 802A-3079.pdf
185x-01-04Baltimore MarylandBlack CDS FORT GIBSON/JAN /4/ARK ties Scott #11 or 11A on orange coverFort Gibson Ark 185x-01-04 rfrajolasale42lot252.jpg
185x-03-10New York, New York to Mission House Creek AgencyBlack CDS FORT GIBSON/MAR /10/ARK ties Scott #11 or 11A on orange coverFort Gibson Ark 185x-03-10 No 11 Amberman-NetPrice_Dec1996.jpg
185x-04-12Maysville Arkansas to Stand WatieBlack CDS FORT GIBSON/APR /12/ARK ties 3c Nesbitt envelopeFort Gibson Ark 185x-04-12 to Maysville AR SRumseySale45 Lot229.jpg
185x-05-25Tahlequah CN(auction text) Black CDS ties Scott #26 on yellow coverFort Gibson Ark 185x-05-25 No 26 no photo DKelleher_Sale578_Lot3212.jpg
185x-05-30Fort Gibson then forwarded to Levenworth KansasRed CDS OSO Texas, Black CDS FORT GIBSON/JUN 24/ARK pen cancelled Scott 26 or 26AOSO TX 185x-05-30 fwd Fort Gibson 06-24 RSeigel Sale 1182 Lot 71.jpg
185x-09-24New York, New York to Presbyterian Board of MissionsBlack CDS FORT GIBSON/SEP /24/ARK manuscript Paid 3, hdsp black PAIDFort Gibson Ark 185x-09-24 Paid 3 RSiegel_Sale_906_Lot_1297.jpg
185x-11-12Tahlequah CNBlack CDS FORT GIBSON/NOV /12/ARK ties Scott #26 or 26A on orange coverFort Gibson Ark 185x-11-12 rfrajolasale42lot253.jpg
Not ClearSan Francisco CaliforniaBlack CDS with FORT and G visable, possibly Fort Gibson ties 10c Green Scott 31//35Possibly Fort Gibson on 10c green to California Regency Jan 2013.jpg

 Fort Washita Minimize
 DateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderDestinationDescriptionCover Scan & Source
1851-10-09Fort Washita CN from New Orleans to Lt C W Leaar via Little RockRed CDS NEW ORLEANS/OCT/9 black grid ties Scott #10New Orleans LA 1851-10-09 to Ft Washita via Little Rock eBay20181123.jpg
1851-10-27Fort Washita CN from New Orleans to Lt C W Leaar via Little RockRed CDS NEW ORLEANS/OCT/27/5 penalty rate markingNew Orleans 185x-10-27 to Fort Washita via LR Lear Correspond BRoberts Collection.jpg
1852-01-26New Orleans, Louisiana "via Little Rock" to Lt C.W. LearManuscript "Fort Washita CN/Jan 26 1852" black grid cancells Scott 11, New Orleans CDS, Snowshovel and carrier hndsps ms "Forwd 5:Fort Washita 1852-01-26 Forwarding letter to NO Lear Correspondence SRumsy Sale 94 Lot 890.jpg
1852-03-08Not ShownManuscript "Fort Washita CN/8th Mar 1852" pen cancelled Scott 11 or 11AFort Washita CN 1852-03-08 No 10 DKelleher_Sale578_L0t3246.jpg
1852-04-05Not ShownManuscript "Fort Washita CN/Apr 5th 1852" ms "5" penalty rateFort Washita CN 1852-04-05 GManning 1981-11-21 Lot 1223.jpg
1852-06-08New York, New York to Mission HouseManuscript "Fort Washita CN/June 28th 1852" pen cancelled Scott 11 or 11A on blue coverFort Washita CN 1852-06-28 RSeigel 1144Lot152.jpg
1853-11-14New York, New York to Mission HouseBlack CDS FORT WASHITA/NOV/14/ARK cork killer cancels Scott 11 or 11AFort Washita Ark 1853-11-14 RSiegel Sale1144Lot153.jpg
1854-12-11Not Show, to PP PitchlynnBlack CDS FORT WASHITA/DEC/11/ARK black Hsp 5 due penalty rateFort Washita Ark 1854-12-11 Hsp 5 DPhillipsSale79 Lot168.jpg
1855-08-08Choctaw Agency ArkansasBlack CDS FORT WASHITA/AUG//ARK ties Scott 11 or 11A ms "Paid" on leftFort Washita Ark 1855-08-08 No 11 JMilgram Collection 5-8-11.jpg
1857-02-23Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Fort Washita/Feb 23 57" pen cancelled Scott #11 or 11AFort Washita 1857-02-23 No 11 DKelleher_Sale578_Lot3248.jpg
185x-02-12Andover MassachusettsBlack CDS FORT WASHITA/FEB/12/ARK ties Scott 11 or 11AFort Washita Ark 185x-02-12 DKelleher_Sale20120812.jpg
185x-03-xChoctaw Agency ArkansasBlack CDS FORT WASHITA/MAR//ARK ties Scott 11 or 11AFort Washita 185x-03-x rfrajolasale42lot258.jpg
185x-05-23Not ClearBlack CDS FORT WASHITA/MAY/23/ARK ties Scott 11 or 11A, 2nd strike of CDSFort Washita 185x-05-23 No 11 rsiegel_sale745_lot.jpg
185x-06-05Gainesville, TexasBlack CDS FORT WASHITA/JUN/5/ARK ties 2 singles Scott 26 or 26A ms "Ft Arbuckle CN" lower leftFort Washita Ark 185x-06-05 2x26 RSiegel_906_1299.jpg
185x-07-20Washington DCManuscript "Fort Washita/July 20" pen cancelled 3c Nesbitt envelopeFort Washita 185x-07-20 rfrajolasale40lot100.jpg
185x-10-20(auction text) Indiana(auction text) Manuscript Fort Washita C.N/Oct 20" US 11 tied with blue grid(?)Fort Washita CN 185x-10-20 US 11 to Indiana text only RSiegel399_Lot113.jpg
185x-12-01Washington DC to PP PitchlynnManuscript "Fort Washita/Dec 1st" pen cancelled 3c Nesbitt envelopeFort Washita 185x-12-01 SRumseySale58 Lot297.jpg