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 CSA Archer & Daley 10 cent Blues Type I(Scott 11) & Type II(Scott 12) Minimize

By the time these stamps were issued (Type I earliest use late April, 1863, Type II earliest use early May, 1863), many Arkansas CSA postoffices had been occupied, and more were lost progressively through 1863.  The Union took control of the Arkansas river in early 1863 by overrunning the fort at Arkansas Post 40 miles up the Arkansas River from its mouth into the Mississippi.  Little Rock and Fort Smith were occupied in September 1863; Pine Bluff in October 1863. 

Thus most Arkansas uses of the Engraved Archer & Daley stamps are from post offices in the Southwest portion of the state.  The CSA state government moved to Washington after Little Rock was lost.  The main CSA military position was built at Camden, a bluff city on the Ouachita river that could be resupplied by water from Louisiana.

Since these offices continued in operation to the end of the war, there are a number of covers with these two stamps extant, but the number is very small compared to uses elsewhere in the Confederacy.

New Cover added 05-22-2018 Washington Ark on Wall paper cover to San Antonio TX

 CSA Archer & Daley Engraved 10 cent Blue Type I(Scott 11) Minimize
 Originating PostofficeSorted By Originating Postoffice In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
Aberdeen, Mississippi4/7/18642 Singles of CSA #11 underpay Transmississippi Express rateArkadelphia, Arkansas 
Augusta, Georgia9/23/1864Black CDS ties strip of 4 CSA #11 on Transmississippi Expresss coverHillsboro, ArkansasAugusta GA transmiss to Hillsboro 9-23-1864 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Camden2-2-186xCDS Black ties CSA 11 single on Wallpaper CoverSan Antonio, TexasCamden 2-2-186x CSA 11 on Walpaper cover to San Antonio TX RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1649.jpg
Camden8-23-186xCDS Black ties CSA 11 single on cover made from lined paperWashington, ArkansasCamden 8-23-186x CSA 11 on lined paper cover to Washington Ark RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1652.jpg
Camden11-11-186xCDS Black ties CSA 11 single on wallpaper coverTulip, ArkansasCamden 11-11-186x CSA 11 on Wallpaper cover to Tulip Ark RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1648.jpg
Camden11-18-1863CDS Black ties CSA 11Richmond, VirginiaCamden 11-18-1863 CSA 11 to Richmond VA JKaufmann_Sale38_Lot678.jpg
Camden10-17-186xCDS Black ties CSA 11 on Wallpaper coverTuscaloosa, AlabamaCamden 10-17-186x CSA 11 to Tuscaloosa AL BRoberts Collection.jpg
Camden CDS Black ties two pair CSA 11 on Transmississippi Express coverHernando, MississippiCamden CSA 11 2-pair Transmississippi Express to Mississippi JohnFox_Sale278-79_Lot652.jpg
Camden7/7/1864Camden Black CDS ties CSA #11Pittsburg, TX -Handcarried from Georgia to Arkanas and posted in CamdenCamden 7-5-1864 CSA 11 to TX Krieger Transmiss census E75A.jpg
Camden3-x-1864CDS Black ties CSA 11 on envelope made from 1863 letterAnderson, TexasCamden 3-x-1864 CSA 11 to Anderson TX APS Richmond 2010.jpg
Camden1863-10-01Black CDS ties CSA#11Waco TexasCamden 1863-10-01 to Texas PKaufman stock 2024-03-16.jpg
Canton, Mississippi1/19/1864Black CDS ties strip of 3 + single CSA 11 on Transmississippi Express coverLake Village, ArkansasCanton Miss 1-14-1864 Transmiss Express to Lake Village ConradBuschCollection.jpg
Chambersville8-25-186xManuscript black CSA 11 not tiedTexana, TexasChambersville 8-25-186x CSA 11 to Texana TX RSiegel_Sale619_Lot184.jpg
Columbus, Mississippi5/9/186xCDS Black ties CSA 11 single +str 3 on Transmississippi Express coverWashington, ArkansasColumbus Miss CSA 11x4 to Washington Ark Transmiss RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1655.jpg
Falls Creek, Texas12-9-1864None-CSA 11 single pen cancelledWashington, ArkansasFalls Creek TX to Washington 12-9-1864 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Fayetteville, North Carolina1/6/1864Strip of 4 CSA #11 on Transmississippi Express coverCamp Bragg, Arkansas 
Galveston, TX9/x/1864Dbl Circle Black ties CSA #11to Wharton in the field Arkansas forwarded to Shreveport, LAGalveston, TX 9-X-1864 to Whartons Corp Arkansas SRumseySale56 Lot2486.jpg
Jackson6-12-1864Manuscript Black with CSA 11 single pen cancelledClinton, LouisianaJackson 6-12-1864 CSA 11b azimmerman_sale38_lot.jpg
Jasper Co, Georgia via Nacogdoches, Texas11/29/1863Nacodoches CDS ties single CSA 11Benton, Arkansas under Union OccupationNacogdoches TX CSA 11 to Benton Ark via Camden RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1658.jpg
Jefferson, Louisiana2-7-1864CDS Red CSA 11 on back of cover not tiedWashington, ArkansasJefferson LA CSA 11 to Washington ebay 12-12-04.jpg
Little Rock6-23-1863Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 11 singleTrinity, LouisianaLittle Rock 7-23-1863 CSA 11 to Trinity LA RSiegel_Sale907_Lot2910.jpg
Macogdoches Texas1864-01-28black CDS ties CSA 11Benton ArkansasNacogdoches TX 1864-01-28 CSA 11 to Benton RSiegel_Sale988_Lot290.jpg
Magnolia3-15-186xCDS Black ties CSA 11cCamdenMagnolia 3-15-186x CSA 11 to Camden RSiegel_Sale 787_Lot4078.jpg
Marshall, Texas9-27-1864Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 11 to Ark Telegraph CoverWashington, ArkansasMarshall TX 9-27-1864 CSA 11 on Ark Telegraph cover to Washington JKaufmann_Sale38_Lot477.jpg
Monticello2-22-1864Manuscript Black CSA 11 not tied pen cancel on Wallpaper coverCamden, ArkansasMonticello 2-22-1864 CSA 11 to Camden PKaufmann Stock 20240315.jpg
Monticello8-4-1864CDS Black ties CSA 11ArkansasMonticello 8-18-64 CSA 11 Nutmeg_Sale180_Lot3605.jpg
Nacogdoches, Texas7-22-1864CDS Black ties CSA 11 to Survey map of JapanWashington, ArkansasNacogdoches TX 7-22-1864 CSA 11 to Washington RSiegel_Sale886_Lot3171.jpg
Richmond5-11-186xManuscript black CSA 11 pen cancel not tiedPittsburg, GeorgiaRichmond 5-11-186x CSA 11 to Pittsburg GA Dean Briggs Collection.jpg
Richmond, Virginia9/17/1863Single CSA #11-Kruger calls this an Official Letter at regular rateLittle Rock, Arkansas 
Shelby Springs, Alabama10/30/18634 singles, CSA #11, on Transmississippii Express coverGeneral Price's Div, Arkansas (earliest fully dated use of 40 cent rate) 
Shreveport, Louisiana9-13-1864Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 11Camden, ArkansasShreveport LA 9-13-1864 CSA 11 to Camden BRoberts Collection.jpg
Washington6-11-186xCDS Black ties CDS 11Marshall, TexasWashington AR 18x-06-11 cover front to Marshall TX eBay20140119.JPG
Washington12-2-1863CDS Black ties CSA 11 on turned coverLouisville, ArkansasWashington 12-2-186x CSA 11 to Lewisville Ark SRumsey_sale25_lot1586.jpg
Washington1864-02-21Black Bold CDS ties CSA #11Jefferson TexasWashington AR 1864-02-21 CSA 11 to TX JKimbrough 2013-09-15.JPG
WashingtonFeb 19 186x (1863 or 4 probably)Black CDS ties CSA #11 to Wall Paper CoverSan Antonio, TXWashington AR 186x-02-19 CSA 11 on Wallpaper cover to San Antonio TX RSiegel Sale 1182 Lot 488.jpg
WashingtonApril 26 186x (1863 or 4 Probably)Black Bold Washington Ark ties CSA #11 to Wall Paper CoverSan Antonio TXWashington AR 186x-04-26 CSA 11 on Wall Paper to San Antonio TX SRumsey_Sale29_Lot3832.jpg

 CSA Archer & Daley engraved 10 cent Blue Type II(Scott #12) Minimize
 Originating PostofficeSorted By Originating Postoffice In Ascending OrderDate of UseTown Mark & ColorDestinationCover Scan & Source
?, Georgia9/23/186xCDS Black ties CSA 12 strip of 4 to Transmississippi coverHillsboro, ArkansasGeorgia 9-23-6x CSA 12 x 4 to Hillsboro Ark Transmiss rfrajolasale45lot672.jpg
Camden CDS Black ties two pair CSA #12 on Transmississippi Express CoverHernando, MississippiCamden CSA 11 2-pair Transmississippi Express to Mississippi JohnFox_Sale278-79_Lot652.jpg
Camden186x-03-05Black CDS ties CSA#12Anderson TexasCamden 186x-03-05 PKaufmann Stock 20240315.jpeg
Clear Point5-22-1863Manuscript black on CSA 11 on cover Clear Point 5-22-1863 ms cancel on cover.jpg
Columbus, Mississippi8/20/1864Black CDS ties strip of 4 CSA 12 on Transmississippi Expresss coverWashington, ArkansasColumbus Miss 8-20-1864 CSA 12 x 4 to Washington TME wallpaper RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1657.jpg
Magnolia10-8-186xCDS Black on CSA 12 Block of 4 off cover Magnolia CSA 12 10-8-186x Block of 4 off cover RSiegel_Sale810_Lot2057.jpg
Magnolia11/9/186xCDS Balloon Black ties CSA 12 to cover front, interior has TransmissCamden, Arkansas_to_boozer_la_magnolia ark_twoside CSA 12 nutmeg_sale7-28-05.jpg
Marlbrook3-29-186xManuscript Black CSA 12 matching pen cancel does not tieBuena Vista, ArkansasMarlbrook 3-29-186x CSA 12 to Buena Vista Dean Briggs Collection.jpg
Monticello10-x-186xCDS Black ties CSA 12 pairHillsboro, ArkansasMonticello pair CSA12 to Hillsboro BRoberts Collection.jpg
Monticello2-22-1864Manuscript Black CSA 12 pen cancel not tied Monticello 2-22-1864 CSA 12 RKaufmann_Sale47_Lot549.jpg
Napoleon Unknown-ties CSA 12 on cover frwded from Washington "Please send by mail rider"Fulton, ArkansasNapoleon CSA 12 to Fulton Ark JFox_Sale258-9_Lot731 No Photo.jpg
Not Stated None-CSA 12 tied to cover by pen cancelWashington, ArkansasCSA 11 mailed to Washington Ark rkaufman_sale71_lot135.jpg
Pine Bluffx-25-1863Dbl Circle Black ties CSA 12 singleBenton, ArkansasPine Bluff x-25-186x to Benton SRumsey_Sale25_Lot1592_Large.JPG
Richmond, Virginiax/9/186xCDS Black ties CSA 12 single + strip of 3 to Transmississippi Express CoverLewisvilleRichmond Va CSA 12 x 4 to Lewisville Ark Transmiss RSiegel_Sale_927_Lot_1656.jpg
Rockingham, Georgia10/15/18644 singles CSA #12Lewisville, Arkansas "via Brandon or Meridian, Miss" 
Shreveport, Louisiana10/x/1863CDS Black ties CSA 12c on Louisiana Relief Committee coverCamden, ArkansasShreveport CSA 12c to Camden 10-x-63 RSiegel_Sale988_Lot291.jpg
Unknown CSA 12 tied by pen cancel "per courier via Lewisville"Washington, ArkansasUnknown CSA 12 to Washington via Lewisville PKaufmann stock 20240315.jpg
Walnut186xManuscript town nameParis, TexasWalnut Hill AR 186x CSA 12 to Texas eBay 2012-08-18.jpg
Washington4-8-186xCDS Black ties CSA 12b single to wall paper coverSan Antonio, TexasRSiegel_Sale_940_Lot_539 Washington to San Antonio Wallpaper.jpg
Washington CDS Black ties CSA 12 to Wallpaper CoverSan Antonio, TexasWashington CSA 12 Wallpaper Cover to San Antonio TX RSiegel_Sale452_Lot1173.jpg
Washington2-21-1864CDS Black ties CSA 12 to military addressCamden, ArkansasWashington 2-21-1864 to Camden JKaufmann_Sale38_Lot679.jpg
Washington3-x-186xCDS Black ties CSA 12 on cover to TexasChamber's Creek, TexasWashington 3-x-186x CSA 12 to Chambers Creek TX RSiegel_Sale787_Lot4150.jpg
Washington10-21-186xCDS Black ties CSA 12c w/EW Black Express Paid $1.00Hillsboro, ArkansasWashington 10-21-186x CSA 12c EWBlack xpress $1 RSiegel_Sale988_Lot283.jpg