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 2005 Reserve Grand-Frame 7-Confederate State Minimize
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1Advertised in Little Rockf07p01.jpg
2Stampless: Little Rock Paid 25 ms; Old Town Paid 5 msf07p02.jpg
3Stampless: Osceola Paid 5 ms; Pine Bluff PAID 10 Hsp on turned coverf07p03.jpg
4Stampless: Pine Bluff PAID Hsp 80 c ms, highest rated Confederate cover reported from Arkansasf07p04.jpg
5Stampless: Searcy PAID 10 hsp; Van Buren PAID no ratef07p05.jpg
6Stampless: Eudora Paid 5 ms on US stationary; Luda Paid 10 on US Stationaryf07p06.jpg
7Arkansas troops in Kentuckyf07p07.jpg
8Correspondence to Confederate officers in the fieldf07p08.jpg
9National Adhesives-5 cent Green (Scott #1): DeValls Bluff, Camden, Augustaf07p09.jpg
10National Adhesives- 10 cent Blue (Scott #2): Little Rock, Letter to Indian Territoryf07p10.jpg
11National Adhesives-5 cent Blue (Scott #4):Fayetteville, Des Arcf07p11.jpg
12National Adhesives-10 cent rose (Scott #5) used to Arkansas from Louisiana and Mississippif07p12.jpg
13National Adhesives-5 cent blue (Scott #7):Little Rock, to Lewisvillef07p13.jpg
14National Adhesives-10 cent blue (Scott #11): Little Rock cover turned in Alabamaf07p14.jpg
15National Adhesives-10 cent blue (Scott #'s 11 & 12)f07p15.jpg
1640 cent Transmississippi rate: Georgia to Hillsboro. A jewel of the exhibitf07p16.jpg