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 The "Star Dies" 2nd Embossed envelope issue used in Arkansas Minimize
The second US embossed envelope issue was printed and distributed first in 1860.  The 1 cent value on wrappers was not issued until October, 1861.  Since Arkansas seceded May 6, 1861, uses of the Star Die with in the US Postal System had to occur in less than a year.  Usages listed here are those seen before June 1, 1861.  Additional uses are seen within the Confederacy but with Confederate markings, so they are not listed here.

New Cover added 2020-11-06 Richmond to Ringold "Republic of Georgia"
                                2021-01-01 Hamburg to Kentucky 1861-04-11
                                2022-01-02 Mount Adams to Mississippi 1861-03-16
                                2023-02-23  Helena to New Orleans, LA 1861-03-29

 Arkansas Star Die Uses - 1 cent value Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeDate of UseDestinationCommentsCover Scan & Sources
Devalls Bluff12-12-1864Davenport, IowaUsed with 2c Black Jack to make single letter rate, mailed through MemphisDevalls Bluff 12-12-1864 use of 1c Star Die BRoberts Collection.jpg

 Arkansas Star Die Uses - 3 cent value Minimize
 Originating Post OfficeSorted By Originating Post Office In Ascending OrderDate of UseDestinationCommentsCover Scan & Source
Atlanta5-27-1861New Orleans, LouisianaManuscript Town Name & date, pen canceled 3c star die1861-05-27 Atlanta on Star Die DeanBriggsCollection.jpg
Bartholomew1861-03-19New Orleans LousiannaManuscript Town name and date, pen cancelled star dieBartholomew AR 1861-03-19 Dean Briggs Coll.jpg
Batesville5-14-1861New York, New YorkBlue CDS ties 3c star die, Independent Statehood usage1861-05-14 Batesville on Star Die DeanBriggsCollection.jpg
Black's Ferry4-28-1861Batesville, ArkansasManuscript Town Name and date tie 3c star dieBlacks Ferry 4-28-1861 to Batesville BRoberts Collection.jpg
Camden1861Tulip, ArkansasBlack CDS with indistinct date ties 3c Star Die, "1861" docketingCamden Star Die 1861 BRoberts Collection.jpg
Camden5-8-1861AlabamaIndependent Statehood, no photo1861-05-08 Camden text only RSiegel_Sale 342_Lot911.jpg
Camden5-23-1861Cambells Rest, TennesseeBlack CDS ties 3c star die, US use in Confederate state1861-05-23 Camden To Tenn on Star Die DavidFeldman_Sale5-14-10_Lot10096.jpg
Dardanelle1861-02-27New Orleans, LouisianaFaint Black CDS with ms date, indicia cancelled with pen strokesDardanelle AR 1861-02-27 eBay 20130105.jpg
El Dorado5-11-1861Shelby, North CarolinaBlack CDS ties 3c Star Die, Independent statehood1861-05-11 Eldoarado on Star Die rfrajola_sale51_lot609.jpg
El Dorado5-18-1861Faint Black CDS ties 3c star dieFaint Black CDS ties 3c star die1861-05-18 El Dorado on Star Die 1st Day Confed state.jpg
Galley Creek5-1-1861Walnut Hills, OhioManuscript Town Name and Date, pen canceled 3 c star dieGalley Creek 5-1-1861 to Ohio BRoberts Collection.jpg
Hamburg1861-04-11Perryville KentuckyBlack CDS ties star die 3cHamburg AR 1861-04-11 to KY eBay20210101.jpg
Helena1861-03-29New Orleans, LouisiannaBlack CDS ties star dieHelena AR 1861-03-29 Emerald Ventures 20230311.jpeg
Hot Springs5-28-1861Grays Court House, VirginiaBlack Balloon-size CDS ties 3c star die, CSA state in US system1861-05-28 Hot Springs to Virginia Confed State in US System BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little Rock3-17-1861Clarksville, ArkansasBlack Dbl Circle CDS, 3c Star Die cancelled with black targetLittle Rock Star Die 3-17-61 to Clarksville BRoberts Collection.jpg
Little RockUnknownNew Orleans, LouisianaBlack Dbl Circle CDS, 3c star die canceled with target handstampLittle Rock Star Die use no date BRoberts Colletion.jpg
Little Rock05-06-1861Athens, Tennessee1st Day of Independent Statehood-No Photo1861-05-06 Little Rock text only ghendershott_sale56_lot50.jpg
Little Rock5-24-1861South Brooklyn, New YorkDbl Circle Black CDS, black target ties 3c star die, CSA state usage1861-05-24 Little Rock DavidFeldman_Sale5-14-10_Lot10098.jpg
Little Rock1861-03-16New Orleans LAScott U26 text onlyLittle Rock AR 1861-03-16 U26 star die to NO SPB4090 Lot1490.jpg
Memphis, Tennessee3-25-1861Fort Smith, ArkansasBlack CDS ties 3c Star Die, "STEAM" handstamp + ms "2"Memphis 3-25-1861 3c Star Die to Ft Smith DPhillips_Sale22_Lot844.jpg
Monticello1860-12-19New Orleans, LouisianaBlack CDS ties 3 cent star dieMonticello AR 1860-12-19 LHarris Stock.jpg
Mount Adams 1861-03-16Marion, MississippiMs Town name Ms "March 16" pen cancelled star dieMount Adams AR 1861-03-16 eBay 20220102.jpg
North Creek5-16-1861New Orleans, LouisianaManuscript markings, Independent Statehood1861-05-16 North Creek on Star Die JKimbrough NetPrice 12-20-10.jpg
Ozan10-16-18xxScuffletown, South CarolinaManuscript Town Name and date tie 3c star dieOzan AR 1860-10-16.JPG
PlantersUnknownNew Orleans, LouisianaManuscript Town Name, pen canceled star dieplanters ms on star die nutmeg_sale162_lot1074.jpg
Richmond1861-04-19New Orleans, LouisianaBlack CDS ties 3c star dieRichm--- 4-19-1861 DTocher_NetPrice_2112011.jpg
Richmond1861-03-29Ringold, Republic of GeorgiaBlack CDS ties star die 3cRichmond AR 1861-03-29 to Rep of Georgia eBay20201106.jpg
Riggsville1861-01-27Henderson Mill, TennesseeManuscript very faint Town Name and date, uncancelled 3c star dieRiggsville 1-27-1861 Star Die BRoberts Collection.jpg
Rondo1861-02-21New Orleans LousiannaManuscript Town name and date, pen cancelled star dieRondo AR 1861-02-21 Dean Briggs Coll.jpg
Searcy5-6-61Alabama1st Day of Independent Statehood, Black CDS ties 3c Star Die1861-05-06 Searcy on Star Die to Ala CPvol24-5 p149 1979.jpg
Searcy1861-05-20Knoxville, TennesseeBlack CDS ties 3c star die, US usage in CSA state1861-05-20 Searcy AR U26 to Knoxville David Snow Coll.jpg
Searcy1861-05-31Knoxville, TennesseeBlack CDS ties 3c star die, Last Day of Arkansas in the US Postal System1861-05-31 Searcy on Star Die Last Day of USPO delivery amhistoricalauctionssale4lot105.jpg
Searcy1861-04-29Pine Level, AlabamaBold CDS ties U26Searcy AR 1861-04-29 to Alabama text only JKaufmann_20_Lot528.jpg
Searcy1861-02-xPine Level Alabama to Confederate AlabamaSearcy AR 1861-02-x to Confederate Alabama eBay20150919.JPG
Searcy1861-03-xPine Level, AlabamaBlack CDS ties 3c Star Die to Confederate AlabamaSearcy AR 1861-03-x to Confederate Alabama eBay20151026.jpg
Searcy1861-04-10Pine Level AlabamaBold Black CDS with APR. ties star dieSearcy AR 1861-04-10 to Pine Level AL eBay20160810.jpg
Searcy1861-04-29Knoxville, TennesseeSame correspondence as May 20. CDS ties star dieSearcy AR 1861-04-29 David Snow Coll. 20200514.jpg
UnknownUnknownHelena, ArkansasStar Die with indecia cancelled with grid, "Simons" packetboat manuscript docketingstar die per simons.jpg
Van Buren12-11-1860Washington, D.C.Black CDS ties 3c star dieVan Buren 12-11-1860 ebay 6-27-10.jpg
Van Buren5-10-1861Not StatedBlack CDS ties 3c Star Die, Independent Statehood use1861-05-10 Van Buren on Star Die jkaufmann_sale137_lot21.jpg